Georgia Senate Rating Moved To “Safe Republican”

Larry Sabato has looked into his crystal ball and determined that Senator Johnny Isakson’s race should be rated as “safe Republican” – the highest ranking in Sabato’s arsenal indicating that Isakson is likely to return to Washington. From his post-debate email this morning: In Georgia, Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) always looked more secure than McCain,

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 27

Good morning! Have you recovered from the debate and/or the Saints game? Both were bigly big league. A lawsuit claims that Dalton’s carpet manufacturers polluted drinking water in Alabama. Former Judicial Qualifications Commission investigator and current JQC board member Richard Hyde testified before the Georgia House Study Committee on JQC Reform last week. This story will undoubtedly continue

On Today’s Morning Edition, Georgia Got Something To Say

This morning, NPR’s Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep broadcasted from WABE’s studios in Atlanta. Georgia has emerged as a “rapidly changing” state, and NPR came here because they consider Georgia to be one of the “Divided States of America.” One of the families they featured today includes the Arno family of Lawrenceville. (Here are links

Vote NO on Amendment 2 – Against the children, for the $tripper$

Georgians have four proposed Constitutional amendment questions on their November ballots this November. I’ve already belabored the point of voting NO on Amendment 3 regarding the dissolution of the Judicial Qualifications Commission, but there is another of equal importance: Amendment 2 for the Safe Harbor Act. What it will do: The Amendment will allow the state