Morning Reads for Friday, July 1, 2016

Have a safe and fun Independence Day, y’all! Only some of you will get this. Wondering if he knows any Rocky Horror quotes… Give him his money back. Now. What could go wrong? That gun. Oh, that gun. It was.. well.. special. Everything is awful. Surely the EU whiners will ignore this inconvenient truth. No

Which Political Party Will Shape Georgia’s Future? — Republicans But Only If They Choose to Govern Well

The AJC’s Political Insider article yesterday, Kasim Reed to Democrats: Demographics alone won’t turn Georgia, also contains a message for the Georgia Republican Party in this time of political turmoil – govern well and expand your base or your days are numbered. Both political parties in Georgia are far too dependent on differing racial, religious,

Five Thirty Eight Model: Trump Wins Georgia, But Clinton Wins Nationally in a Landslide

Nate Silver, who runs the popular polling / prediction site, developed a forecasting model that correctly picked the outcome of the 2012 presidential election. Now, he is out with the 2016 version, which is based on the one used in 2012, but has been improved, notably by splitting the model into three separate forecasts,

Morning Reads — June 30

If you crush a marshmallow bunny, it looks like Kim Jung-Un. Anyway, Jessica is moving and is not able to do the Morning Reads. I’m filling in. Let’s get down to business. Jawja “Several plastic one-gallon vodka bottles were found on the ground, deputies said, while black power rifles, shotguns and pistols were found in