Flip the Flippin GOPers

Ok folks, it’s been a blast. The ‘never, ever, ever, blessed ever and I mean I’m serious never Trump’ movement is dead! Thankfully!!! Donald J. Trump ran an unconventional outsider campaign against both major political parties, those who fund them and their media partners in crime. Using this unique never before tried strategy, he won

Battle for Voters Continues in the Third District

The race to replace Congressman Lynn Westmoreland continued apace on Wednesday, with the Drew Ferguson campaign announcing another endorsement, and the Mike Crane campaign announcing a rally featuring Senator Ted Cruz. Ferguson’s endorsement comes from former Governor Sonny Perdue, who said the candidate will stand for Georgia values. “As Governor, it was a pleasure working

Atlantans to Vote on Being Ninth Most-Taxed City in U.S.

“Shall an additional 0.4 percent sales tax be collected in the City of Atlanta for 5 years for the purpose of transportation improvements and congestion reduction?” That’s the TSPLOST measure the Atlanta City Council approved 13-to-1 on Monday. ATLiens are also set to consider an additional half-penny sales tax increase for MARTA in November meaning

In a Panel Discussion, Governor Deal Highlights Criminal Justice Reform Efforts

Governor Nathan Deal had the opportunity to showcase his efforts to reform the criminal justice system in Georgia at a Republican National Convention panel discussion between him and Republican Governors Mary Fallin of Oklahoma and Matt Bevin of Kentucky. After becoming governor in 2011, Governor Deal has pushed for reform during each legislative session, with

State Rep. Beth Beskin Endorses Candidates in Fulton County Judicial Races

State Rep. Beth Beskin (R- Atlanta) has announced endorsements in two Fulton County Superior Court judicial races. She has thrown in her lot with former Fulton County Magistrate Sterling Eaves and current Magistrate Gary Alembik. Both will be candidates in the July 26th general election runoffs. Judicial races are nonpartisan so the candidates will appear

Morning Reads — July 20th

47 years ago today — “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” Donald Trump was officially nominated as the Republican candidate for President of the United States. No defections from Peach State delegates as GAGOP Chair John Padgett announces 42 Georgia delegate votes for Trump. Not everybody is happy. But

Fannin Co. journalist arrest draws FBI inquiry

The ongoing saga of the arrest and jailing of the editor of the Fannin Focus and his attorney has apparently drawn the interest of the FBI. The original case against both, Mark Thomason and his attorney, was dismissed late last week but various news sources are reporting the FBI is talking to many people involved