Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 10

Good morning! Here’s a delightful profile of Taqueria del Sol’s chef Eddie Hernandez (including the secret ingredient in the chain’s addictive and perfect cheese dip). Meanwhile, what has the south done to arroz con pollo? MADE IT EVEN MORE AWESOME, that’s what. Fun fact: we are a big chicken & rice family. Scott Peacock’s recipe,

Mid-Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 3

Good morning! Here’s a recipe. I’m a little obsessed with Alon Shaya’s recipes right now, and that cauliflower is on tonight’s menu at my house. Data collected in the 1940 census was used to help identify Americans of Japanese ancestry who were forcibly moved to internment camps during WWII. The rate that rents are increasing

Morning Reads for LD 39 (Tuesday, March 27)

Good morning! Governor Zell Miller returns to the Capitol today to lie in repose. We need Carrie Mathison. Meanwhile, the WiFi at ATL is still down. Because that is such awesome, fast, reliable WiFi, it is surely missed by all who travel through the airport. Linda Brown – her father was the Brown in Brown

Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 20

Spring is here! The latest on the Austin bombings. A devastating and fascinating report on what race – not class – means for outcomes if you’re a black boy. Several voter advocacy groups are concerned with the latest iteration of Georgia’s voting machine legislation. Trump’s budget includes massive cuts to TIGER grants and other essential

Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 13

Good morning! It’s about time the Brunch Bill passed. Oh, wait – it’s passed before! Maybe this time, it’ll be signed. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: anyone who thinks that the ability to order a Bloody Mary before noon on a Sunday morning is what will drive one into the chasm

Second Breakfast Reads for Tuesday, March 6

It’s day 2 of Qualifying, and all the cool kids are like: ::refresh:: ::refresh:: ::refresh:: Governor Deal signed Georgia’s first comprehensive adoption overhaul legislation in decades. That Sam Nunberg. Bless his heart. Bless him. Georgia’s deadly flu epidemic is trending downward. Will losing Paul Ryan’s support result in a tariff compromise? Villagers in northern Sumatra

Morning Reads for Tuesday, February 27

Good morning! Last night in Cobb County, we talked about transit (spoiler alert: people want it to expand in Cobb.) The Marietta School Superintendent makes his stance clear on the March 14 school walkout. Concordia College, a HBCU in Selma, Alabama, will close. “The art of the trade, how the sausage gets made… click, boom!

Morning Reads for Tuesday, February 20

Good morning! “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” is 50 years old! Here he is persuading (the initially prickly) Senator Joe Pastore (D-RI) why it is so important to fund educational public television: The St. Simons Land Trust received an anonymous $1 million donation. President Carter discusses his fears during his wife Rosalynn’s “very serious” surgery this weekend.

Morning Reads for Mardi Gras 2018

Happy Mardi Gras! Here’s your soundtrack for today. Pro bono publico. Columbus native, Clark Atlanta alum, and the High Museum’s Driskell Prize winner Amy Sherald painted former First Lady Michelle Obama’s official portrait. Here’s an in-depth interview with Sherald. The Trump budget plan includes money for the Port of Savannah. Is it enough? The flu