Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 15

Good morning! We are more than two weeks into summer and I hope you are enjoying it to the (vaccinated) fullest. (P.S., you should wear sunscreen, too.) It’s Election Day in Georgia! Well, it is in two House districts. HD 34 in Cobb has the potential to flip to Democratic control. Oh, and there’s that

Midday Reads for Tuesday, June 8

Hello! I was on vacation last week and let me tell you, these vaccines are a miracle. Hot Vax Summer, indeed. Billboard drama in Valdosta! I must admit: when I read that the group suing the billboard company is called “Georgians for the Impeachment of Brian Kemp,” I 100% assumed it was a GOP/kraken-type group

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 25

Good morning! Today is an auspicious day: it is my 19th wedding anniversary, it is my parents’ 47th wedding anniversary. I hope this is a good day for you, too. The 2021 hurricane season is expected to be a doozy; accordingly, President Biden has already allocated $1 billion in disaster relief funds. There are myriad

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 18

Good morning! It’s a great day in Georgia. Dr. Fauci spoke to Emory grads this weekend and his remarks included discussion about how the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the results of generations of systemic racism in the healthcare system. The latest in the awful saga of the Golden Ray: fire and (more) pollution. Representative Barry Fleming was

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 11

Good morning! Don’t panic! Kemp’s signing the repeal of Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law yesterday is a “birthday gift to Ahmad Arbery.” Most of the Georgia mass vaccination sites are set to wind down — but not until after you’ve hopefully had the chance to get your kids age 12+ vaccinated! Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 27

Good morning! Spring is in full bloom, and the preliminary census numbers are in! At least part of why Kelly Loeffler lost the Senate runoff is because rural white Republicans stayed home on Runoff Day. The Stone Mountain Park CEO announced changes to how the Confederacy is commemorated at the Park — and why these

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 20

Good morning! Apparently, today’s date is one with some significance to a certain population. Walter Mondale, the Vice President who forged a true partnership with President Jimmy Carter, died yesterday at age 93.  EPA scientist knew that ethylene oxide was a health threat, and that the air in communities across the US — including four

Daily Reads for Tuesday, April 13

Today’s must-read story: this completely bonkers account of the bonkers shenanigans involving the bonkers high school football program at Valdosta High School. If you read the phrase, “Georgia High School Association,” realize that you’re reading it in the New York Times, then you either involuntarily hold your breath or roll your eyes – enjoy! Governor

Midday Reads for Tuesday, April 6

Hello there! It’s probably best that I was delayed in writing this post this morning since had I not waited, I could not share this breaking #gapol news: Scorpion Stings Frog! State Representative Erick Allen is running for Lieutenant Governor! I admit, I’m awfully fond of my fellow Cobb County representative. You know who else

Sine Die Eve Reads for March 30, 2021

Good afternoon! Tomorrow is Sine Die. Today is quiet – or at least, it appears to be. Most of the hot House & Senate conference committee action today is happening behind-the-scenes. No Wild Adventures for Governor Kemp this week. What political fallout can we expect from the passage of SB 202? The citizens’ arrest overhaul