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Guest Post: How Pelosi’s Visit Proves that Everyone Has a Stake in the US-Taiwan Partnership

This post was submitted for publication by Elliot Wang, Director-General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Atlanta. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to go to Taiwan wasn’t crazy or foolish. There’s a reason that 26 Republican Senators reached across the aisle to show support for someone long-considered their political adversary.  Pelosi’s visit highlights that it’s more than

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 26

Good morning! I hope yours is wonderful. The Georgia legislature is set to have massive turnover: 50 of races for the General Assembly’s 236 seats don’t have an incumbent on the ballot (and it’s not impossible that an incumbent or three will lose their primaries). This means that the House and Senate are in store

Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 29

Good morning! Today is Legislative Day 37. Times are… weird. Submitted for your consideration: Yesterday, as the Senate Finance Committee considered the tax cut that passed the House earlier in the session, they lobbed a last-minute change to the (arguably very successful) state film tax credit. The big, transformative mental health bill (that has been

Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 8

Good morning! Today is the second day of qualifying to run for elected office. Here’s a recap of Day 1. A House committee approved legislation that will cut state income taxes by $1 billion. MTG got herself in (yet another) Twitter fight where she was (yet again) proven wrong. A bipartisan bill that would formalize

Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 1

Take a moment to learn about the traditions and the magnificent costumes of the Mardi Gras Indians. (And yes, Mardi Gras 2014 was absolutely miserable.) Meanwhile, if you’re not in New Orleans, the great world continues to spin. A whole lot of Atlanta drivers just had a chill run down their spine. It will be

Morning Reads for Tuesday, February 22

Good morning! If you say you are from Atlanta, are you sure about that? Jury deliberations are underway in the federal hate crimes trial of the three men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arberry. Yesterday would have been John Lewis’ 82nd birthday, and on that day the John and Lillian Miles Lewis Foundation was announced with

Morning Reads for Tuesday, February 8

Good morning! Today is Day 13 of the 2022 legislative session. It’s also Unofficial Cobb County Week: yesterday, the House voted on the enabling legislation for two new cities, and later this week, the House will tackle the maps. Godspeed to us all! A judge ruled yesterday that Governor Kemp’s “leadership fund” will offer a

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 25

Good morning! Today is Day 6 of the 2022 Legislative Session. Over in the Senate, things are getting a little bit wacky as a group of powerful Senators hopes to completely undermine public health in Georgia in what would be a big win for measles and polio by ridding our public schools of their current

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 4

Good morning! It’s 2022. If you aren’t vaccinated, please consider the vaccine. If you’re vaccinated but have held off on getting boosted, don’t delay. And good news: everyone age 12 and up is now eligible for a booster 6 months after their second dose! See, COVID is no joke, and this omicron variant is ragingly