Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 4

Good morning! Today is the first day of (virtual) school for many children in my area; their district, Marietta City Schools, announced that at least 5 staffers tested positive for COVID-19. Earlier this summer, MCS Superintendent Grand Rivera was clear that unless we have widespread testing and contact tracing in Georgia, schools could not safely

Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 28

Good morning! Here’s your periodic reminder that while you should wear a mask, you should not wear the kind of mask that has valves (unless you are alone, working in your dusty attic or cleaning a chicken house). They are so useless against preventing the spread of COVID-19 that even Disney has banned them. Anyway:

Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 21

Good morning! Everything will be okay. A national perspective on Governor Kemp’s head-knocking with Mayor Bottoms, in which he wields a lawsuit, rather than a chainsaw. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo met with Mayor Van Johnson yesterday in Savannah. GHSA officially delayed the start of Georgia’s high school football season, in part because of a

Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 14

Good morning! Here’s a link to the handy COVID-19 Event Risk Predictor built by some of the smarties over at the North Avenue Trade School. Let’s say you want to attend an event with 25 other people in Chatham County. There’s a 76% chance someone there will have the COVID. Party on, Wayne; party on,

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 30

Good morning! Point of personal privilege: 20 years ago today, my husband and I went on our first date. What does yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling on Louisiana’s abortion law mean for Georgia’s abortion law (which, it is critical to note, has not gone into effect)? Governor Kemp will tour the state to urge Georgians to wear

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 23

Good morning! “We are worse off than when we started,” stated the Mayor of Savannah as the city considers mandatory masking in response to a continue uptick in COVID-19 diagnoses. Throughout Georgia, poultry and agriculture workers may be the most at risk for COVID-19 outbreaks. The House version of the maternal mortality bill moved forward

Morning Reads for Primary Day, June 9, 2020

Primary Day is here! If you plan on voting today, don’t forget your face mask, water, sunscreen, hand sanitizer – and your patience. It’s… a bit of a mess out there. Here are ongoing updates from the AJC. Is this the year Georgia flips? Not to purple, mind you, but true blue? Cyan, cerulean, navy

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 2

Good morning. Here’s a song. Are playdates safe? The state issued guidance – not guidelines – for schools as they prepare their plans to reopen this fall. Many health experts maintain that racism is as valid a health concern as COVID-19. The DOL requested an exemption from state budget cuts. Most of the protestors arrested

Reads for Tuesday, May 26

Good afternoon! Time is a flat circle. If you live anywhere near the coast, you should be preparing for hurricane season now, because buying supplies and evacuating are different in the era of COVID-19 than they ever were in years past. More on how – and why – to prepare early. If you think you’ll