Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 25

Good morning! President Trump spoke to the Boy Scouts of America yesterday at their quadrennial Jamboree. It’s easy to find commentary on his remarks (that ran the gamut from yacht orgies to the size of the inauguration crowd to the possibility of firing Tom Price to the “war on Christmas”) so here’s a link to

Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 18

Good morning! I survived ten days in the Cascadian Subduction Zone, yay! The Atlanta City Council unanimously approved funding for a comprehensive plan to address homelessness. There’s a new candidate for Insurance Commissioner. Here are seven off-the-menu items to try next time you’re in Atlanta. Delta is ready for a Twitter take-down when you are,

Morning Reads for Independence Day

In honor of Independence Day, and because I’m writing these on July 3, let’s take a deep dive into Georgia music history with Kelly Hogan and The Jody Grind (yes, that’s Mike Mills on mandolin): What, y’all thought I’d give you a crying eagle? Are your pets terrified of fireworks? David Tennant to the rescue!

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 27

Good morning! It’s kind of a slow week. So far… GOPers less than enthusiastic about the healthcare bill. Savannah-based Gulfstream turns 50. FOrmer Delta CEO Richard Anderson is Amtrak’s new CEO. Morehouse College alum (and valedictorian) Harold Martin, Jr., was named interim president of the historically-black, all-male college. European grocery behemoth Lidl (it rhymes with

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 20

All together now: ONE DAY MORE! Regardless of today’s outcome, the GOP is remiss in CD6 (and elsewhere) if they dismiss “an army of mostly white, suburban working mothers who had until now lived politically somnambulant lives.” Yes, there’s a lot to unpack in this article. Travel and tourism business leaders in Savannah aren’t happy

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 13

One week until the CD6 runoff! Meanwhile, maybe it’s time to call an end to this whole American experiment and just make Dolly Parton Queen of America. Listen to Dolly’s cover of Brandi Carlile’s masterpiece “The Story”¬†and try to tell me I’m wrong. She’s seventy-one years old, she’s nailing those high notes, and she remains