Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 23

Good morning! Here is the latest on last night’s bombing at Manchester Arena.


Savannah Has Big Plans For Canal District

The Savannah City Council hopes to include a $41.5 million revitalization project in their next SPLOST referendum, and it’s of the scale that is best described as transformative:

The proposed Canal District around the planned arena west of downtown is expected to feature a 55-acre park with lakes, walking and biking paths, and athletic fields, said urban designer Christian Sottile of Sottile & Sottile. The Springfield Canal would also be widened to improve drainage and accommodate recreational boating. A plaza similar to the Savannah Riverwalk would line the widened canal east of the arena site at Gwinnett Street and Stiles Avenue, south of the proposed park. Road improvements would also be made to better accommodate bicyclists, pedestrians and vehicles, and provide improved connections to downtown.

“We’re not just thinking of the the arena as being in a bubble, but we’re thinking of how the arena is knitted into a neighborhood,” Sottile said.

The arena, which will cost at least $140 million, will hold 9,300 people and will be used for events including hockey, basketball, boxing, and concerts. The existing arena will be demolished, and the city will need to find a new home for the street sweepers (the machines – not, like, people with brooms, so slow your roll, Emily Litella) that currently occupy the site of the new arena.

Savannah’s City Council deserves credit not just for moving forward on their existing SPLOST projects like the arena, but for continuing with the process of transforming and revitalizing what will very likely become an engine for long-term economic development in Georgia’s first city.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 16

If you live in Senate District 32, it’s Election Day! Again! Make sure to vote in the special election runoff.

Amanda Williams Cleared of Felony Charges

Remember Amanda Williams?

She’s the former Chief Judge of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit, but most Georgians beyond the Golden Isles learned of her existence along with the rest of the country when This American Life devoted an episode to her in early 2011. By November of that year, the JQC was involved; according to the Fulton County Daily Report:

Among other things, the charges accused Williams of rude, abusive and insulting language to defendants in drug court, giving favorable treatment in court to her daughter, a lawyer, and sentencing a man to two weeks in jail for challenging the results of a drug test. She was also accused of revoking a woman’s custody of her children without a hearing.

In January 2012, she stepped down, ending the JQC investigation.

In 2015, she was indicted by a Fulton County grand jury for making false statements and violating her oath of office, and faced a possible prison sentence and disbarment. Last Thursday, those charges were dropped.

Williams is currently practicing law in Brunswick.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 9

Good morning! The St. George community is under mandatory evacuation as the Okefenokee wildfires continue to rage.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 2

Good morning!

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 25

Good morning!

All I know, I learned from telly! What to think and what to buy. I was pretty smart already, But now I’m really, really smart, very very smart.

That’s right, it’s from Matilda the Musical! We saw it this past weekend and it was terrific. Why would you think I was talking about POTUS?

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 18

Today is Tax Day, and it’s also Election Day for CD6.

Yesterday, a stretch of I-20 just east of Atlanta buckled, and I-85 isn’t set to reopen until June 15.

They say things come in threes, is what I’m getting at.


A Kay By Any Other Name…

Since former state Senator Judson Hill resigned his1 seat when he qualified to run for Congress, Senate District 32 seat needs to be filled with a special election. While this race hasn’t drawn the media attention of the CD6 scrum, the special election for State Senate 32 is special in its own way2.

Allegations bubbled that one candidate, Kay Kirkpatrick, changed her name prior to qualifying. It’s been reported that she signed a security deed as “Kay Haltom” on February 14 of this year, then qualified to run for the state senate as “Kay Kirkpatrick.” Coincidentally, “Haltom” is the last name of Dr. Kirkpatrick’s husband, so for the purposes of this post, I’ll refer to it as her “married name.”

One of the other candidates in the District 6 race3 has sought to make hay out of this, and a formal hearing to determine Dr. Kirkpatrick’s “qualifications to remain on the list of electors” is scheduled for Friday. It is possible that registering to vote using one name and signing a legal document using her married name could result in removing Dr. Kirkpatrick from the ballot – although that outcome is slightly less likely than a flock of black swans riding unicorns showing up at the State Capitol.    Continue reading “A Kay By Any Other Name…”

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 11

Good morning! Start your day with this story from Australia, and marvel that it didn’t happen in Florida.