Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 16

Good morning! It’s cold. In 1946, a teenaged Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote what is thought to be his only letter to the editors of the Atlanta Constitution. At yesterday’s MLK Day service, Ebenezer Baptist Church’s Senior Pastor Rev. Raphael Warnock called on the president to “repent” his “volcanic eruption of hate speech spewing out

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 9

Oh. Well, then. Meanwhile, it’s Special Election Day! Georgians living in SD 17 and HD 111 vote today to determine who they’ll send to the General Assembly to fill the seats vacated by former Senator Rick Jeffares and former Representative Brian Strickland; Strickland is one of the candidates for SD 17. For your consideration: The

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 19

Good morning! Something is rotten in the county of Paulding. Like, it genuinely stinks. A breakdown of the Atlanta airport snafu/cluster/communications debacle. The ACLU contends that Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-West Point) “illegally” blocked people on Facebook. Longtime Cobb Chamber CEO David Connell retired yesterday. A critic’s review of the new Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 12

Good morning! Happy birthday, Baker County! The PSC moved the date of their Plant Vogtle decision from February to next Thursday. You can watch the live hearing here. Jeff Bezos to the white courtesy phone, please. A Los Angeles-based developer has a massive plan for The Gulch in downtown Atlanta. If you’re flying out of

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 5

Good morning! It’s Runoff Day in many cities and districts in Georgia. This opossum is my spirit animal. (And of course it happened at a Cash’s.) Many Teavana stores might not be closing, after all – at least, not the ones in Simon malls. Respect mah authoritah! The “apostrophe catastrophe” isn’t the fault of smartphones.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 28

Good morning! It’s Giving Tuesday. Former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin endorsed Mary Norwood yesterday. It’s like Mutual of Omaha at a Savannah park, what with all the drama involving turtles, ducks, geese, well-meaning residents in kayaks, and a “new critter gnawing on the park’s trees.” Will the United States be ready for the 2020 Census?