Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 19

Good morning! Here’s how the Georgia’s three gubernatorial candidates feel about the continuing immigration (and humanitarian) crisis within our borders. Trump is steadfast with his immigration message – but even the Mooch is like, “Bro, chill!” Bless their hearts. Georgia is losing the battle against invasive plants – and it’s way beyond just kudzu. Pro tip: if

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 12

Good morning! I’m back. It’s primary day in several states. Here’s how Maine’s ranked choice voting works. A new book, written by a Georgian, makes the case that Jimmy Carter is our nation’s most underrated one-term President. A decision regarding the decades-long GA-FL-AL water wars might come this summer. What could it mean for Georgia’s

Cobb’s Blue Tide is Rising

Following the 2016 elections, I found cold comfort in the knowledge that at least Trump lost Cobb County. I wrote at the time: TL;DR: Clinton won Cobb, it’s a big deal, the Cobb County Republican Party is remiss if they don’t have a serious come-to-Jesus conversation when the national celebrations subside, and the Cobb Democrats are remiss if they

Morning Reads for Primary Day, Tuesday, May 22

Good morning! Y’all are in luck, because I have special double-secret probation access to a preview of the likely GOP runoff. Did you vote? Here are down-ballot races to watch, as well as how several top-ticket candidates are making their final pitches to voters. Here’s a look at what’s likely to influence voter this go-round.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 15

Good morning! If today’s Morning Reads seem a little heavy on the NYT, that’s because, well, they are. The Grey Lady recently covered everything from how Georgia State is an engine for upward economic mobility for minority students, to SCTV, goths at Disney, and since the Tuesday Reads are a reflection of what interests me,

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 8

Good morning! If you only click on one of these links, click on this New Yorker piece about Officer Patrick Skinner, a Savannah native who joined the Savannah Police Department following a career with the CIA. Meanwhile… It’s veto day in Georgia! When we hear about Apalachicola’s oysters, it’s typically either on menu, of in

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 1

Good morning! That jangling sound you hear is my charm bracelet; James Avery died yesterday. He was 96 years old. Most Georgians give Delta, Amazon, and Governor Deal a thumbs-up. Will he, or won’t he? Governor Deal will start signing – and vetoing – legislation this week. Fort Frederica has its first archaeological digs in

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 24

Good morning! Today’s the deadline to register to vote in the May 22 primary. Several statewide candidates, including one named Stacey, attended the NAACP candidate’s forum in Savannah this past weekend. There was horror in Toronto yesterday. The City of Atlanta engaged two former Georgia AGs for open records cases. Public servants – teachers, first responders,