Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 19

Good morning! Today is the last day of the Trump presidency. Here are the results of the final poll of the Trump presidency. Major takeaways: While 43% of Americans give Trump a positive approval rating, most Republicans think he’s still pretty great, and only 21% of Republicans polled believe Joe Biden legitimately won the presidential

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 12

Good morning! Today is the second day of the 2021 Legislative Session. …and the upcoming session probably won’t be boring, what with the pandemic and elections and the budget (oh my!). More on the inevitable debate about access to absentee voting. Governor Kemp in his own words on the 2020 elections, the 2021 runoffs, and

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 5

It’s runoff day! Finally! We made it! If you are reading this site and haven’t voted yet, or aren’t sure where to vote, first please leave a note in the comments to let us know how you found this little corner of the #gapol-iverse. Then, get yourself to the My Voter Page so you can

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 29

Good morning! We’re in the home stretch. You’re probably about out of leftovers, so you may want to run to the store. I know you’re not planning a big party, RIGHT? Details on the formal ethics charges that the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission filed against former House Majority Whip and current Court of Appeals Judge

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 22

Good morning! There were clear skies throughout Georgia last night. Did you see the Great Conjunction? Meanwhile… Last last night, Congress approved a $900 billion COVID relief bill. Congress also approved upgrading the Jimmy Carter Historic Sites in and around Plains, Georgia, to National Park status. I’m not entirely sure what a Substack is –

Afternoon Reads for Tuesday, December 15

Good afternoon! I hope you enjoyed lunch. NPR can tell you how full the hospitals are in your county, your mom’s county, your friend’s county, your child’s county. All the counties! (And parishes.) Now that the Electoral College is settled (and it is settled, even here in Georgia, despite yesterday’s Electoral cosplay), more rank &

Afternoon Reads for Tuesday, December 8

Good afternoon! I started loading these up early this morning, but life. 1 in 20 Georgians has had COVID. More updated COVID numbers for Georgia, and bad news for the Georgia Senators who were forced to share air with Giuliani at last Thursday’s hearing. The inside baseball behind the the pushback the Trump election crusaders

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 1

Good morning! I hope that wherever you are in Georgia this morning, you’re toasty. Or, toasted, depending on what time of day you are reading this. The list of potential Biden appointees from Georgia includes some names you’re undoubtedly familiar with, and a few you may not know as well. Here’s one rundown. A large

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 24

Good morning! If you are not normally the person who cooks the turkey, but you are cooking the turkey this year, don’t forget to move the turkey from the freezer to the fridge today. Just – trust me. Third verse, pretty much the same as the first: time for another recount! (Spoiler alert: it won’t