Guest Op-Ed: Former U.S. Rep. Scott Klug

The following is a guest op-ed from Former U.S. Representative Scott Klug (R-WI). Rep. Klug hosts a podcast called Lost in the Middle. He will release a new episode this week highlighting the importance of swing voters in Georgia. TICKET SPLITTING IN GEORGIA I grew up in a mixed household. My mom, Irish, Catholic, daughter

Let’s Cancel This Year’s War On The War On Christmas

Courier Herald column from the week of November 21st: Let’s cancel this year’s war on the war on Christmas.  Seriously. The social media posts have long become trite, and have always been misguided and largely unnecessary.  They range from the rather benign “In my house we observe Christmas” to calls to boycott retailers for using

Debt Downgrade A Too Subtle Warning Of What Is To Come

Courier Herald column for the week of August 6th: The research firm Fitch Ratings downgraded the quality of the United States debt last week.  They’re arguably the lesser known of the three main agencies that assign letter grades to denote the likelihood a bond issuer will repay their debt.  A grade of AAA implies unimpeachable