Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 18

Good morning! Last week, TheDeepDark asked our readers to suggest news sources that we might overlook in our Morning Reads. Thank you for the suggestions! I try to keep up with different dailies from across Georgia, but it’s easy to miss some of the great resources we have. One intrepid reader noted that too many

Morning Reads for Friday, June 14, 2019

And you thought Izzy was horrid?  Dig this.  Truist Field? Let the well-deserved mockery begin. Alum snags top job at GaTech.  Yesterday was National Seeksucker Day. Virginia school buys food truck to feed students during summer break. Yes, your toaster is really spying on you. I keep telling’ ya. …Not taking it anymore… Shameful, indeed.


From the AJC For the past 10 months, electric scooter riders have been allowed to flout the city of Atlanta’s code by riding on sidewalks and in other areas designated for pedestrians. But that leniency ended this week. Atlanta Police officers have begun warning people who use scooters to get around town that they risk being fined