Cagle Would Campaign for ATL World Cup Hosting, Abrams and Kemp Have Reservations

GeorgiaPol likes to break hard news for our readers and we’re doing so here. I asked all three candidates for Governor the following questions: “The Unified bid won the right to stage the 2026 World Cup. As governor, would [s/he] back Atlanta’s effort to be one of the host cities? Does [s/he] have any plans

Biden Endorses Abrams

My very close friend Joey B. is now officially unofficially running for prez (or is it unofficially officially) having endorsed Stacey Abrams. In a statement released by the Abrams campaign this morning, the former Vice President said: Stacey Abrams is a bold leader who knows what it will take to get results for Georgians. She

Morning Reads for June 20

GSU Wide Receiver headlines All American Team list.  SCOGA says airport shops don’t need to pay ClayCo property taxes. SCOGA: HELP WANTED! (Even Irish Can Apply)  Buy Jimmy’s shoes for a good cause! While on the topic of Carter, he was able to get a physician in Plains for the first time in years. Cong.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 19

Good morning! Here’s how the Georgia’s three gubernatorial candidates feel about the continuing immigration (and humanitarian) crisis within our borders. Trump is steadfast with his immigration message – but even the Mooch is like, “Bro, chill!” Bless their hearts. Georgia is losing the battle against invasive plants – and it’s way beyond just kudzu. Pro tip: if

Jamie Dupree Finds A New Voice

Those of you who listen to WSB in Atlanta may remember newscasts with Washington updates from Jamie Dupree.  Jamie lost his voice in the spring of 2016 due to a medical condition called “Tongue Protrusion Dystonia”.  The condition leaves, as he explains in this blog entry from last December, him with a strained, strangled voice. 

A Lesson On Distracted Driving

This week’s Courier Herald column: Sunday was Father’s Day, and I spent the morning giving my niece a driving lesson. She’s been doing quite well, and is almost ready for her driver’s test next month – even if her mother and grandmother are not. She’s not terribly interested in politics at her age, but she

Monday Morning Reads – June 18

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a relaxing weekend. As silly as this sounds, I agree with that video game addiction is real. Know your fireworks law. Also, don’t be a jerk on July 4th. Jackson Street Bridge has long been a meeting ground for suburban whites and tacky tourists. Now they’ll have a