Happy Birthday Teri

Facebook tells me it is the birthday of our favorite Junior Leaguer turned City Councilwoman turned political writer Teri Anulewicz.  She’s the one of us that reads the New York Times and Listens to NPR to come up with Tuesday’s Morning Reads.  She does this sometimes while ironing her children’s shoelaces or sending thank you

An interview with a 7th Congressional District Candidate

Shane Hazel, who bills himself as a limited government Republican, filed the necessary paperwork this week to challenge Congressman Rob Woodall for the privilege of representing Georgia’s 7 Congressional District. Hazel, a native of Gwinnett County, is married with 3 young children and resides in Cumming. A Marine Corps veteran he is employed as a

The Georgia Connection to Charlottesville Violence

Let’s talk about Alex Michael Ramos, State Sen. Michael Williams, and violence. Ramos is the guy on the far right of the now-famous picture of the III% Security Force with Williams at an anti-sharia protest at Piedmont Park in June. He was also recorded at the Charlottesville rally beating counterprotesters. Ramos attacked Deandre Harris with others.

August 16th’s Morning Reads

2017: When it became controversial for Republicans to denounce Nazis in America. Wither the Party of Reagan. “Bash the Fash” by Oi Polloi. Stacey Abrams: You know what is a totally practical idea that is in no way grandstanding? Removing the Stone Mountain carvings.  Decatur (the real one) wants in on that action, too! Maybe

Express lanes on I-75 south off to a good start

If you’ve traveled south of Atlanta on I-75 recently you may have noticed (and if you are me, been considerably confused by) two new reversible express lanes that run about 12 miles through Clayton and Henry counties. Depending on traffic conditions, driving in these lanes costs somewhere between $0.10 and $0.90 per mile. Apparently commuters