There Are No Loopholes, Only Laws

David Ralston is getting another thrashing for being both an attorney and Georgia’s Speaker of the House. Under Georgia law, legislators who are also attorneys will notify Judges that their legislative duties take precedence over trials and other judicial proceedings. (Nota bene that phrase, ‘under Georgia law.’) It was noted in the original article in

Cong. Lewis Goes to the Oscars

Who knew Congressman John Lewis was such a cineaste? Atlanta’s celebrity-congressman will be one of the eight “recognized talents” to present the nominees in the Best Picture category. The Academy didn’t say which movies will be introduced by whom but I’m sure you can guess the one for Cong. Lewis. “Wow! What an honor! sniff

Morning Reads for Friday, February 22, 2019

Popcorn, please. Ahhh, you can smell the transparency… Not The Onion. What would Madame Defarge say? Relax The microphone isn’t there to spy, Big Brother said. The old ways are the best ways. Not The Onion. $4,367.70 to print a brief.  South Georgia is so proud. Record-breaking zoom-zoom. Not The Onion. You, too, can name

SB 131- Georgia Major Airport Authority Act

On Wednesday, Senate Bill 131 was introduced by Senator Burt Jones (R-Jackson) to create a state authority to oversee the now-Atlanta controlled Hartsfield-Jackson airport. Atlanta touts the Hartsfield-Jackson airport as Georgia’s largest economic asset, with an estimated regional impact of $64 billion and 448,696 jobs. In December 2018, a Senate study committee led by Senator

Allison to head State AFP

On Monday the Americans for Prosperity announced that Stephen Allison is the new Director for the State of Georgia. Allison, a Blairsville attorney, is the former District 8 State Representative and the former co-host of Mountain Mornings on WJRB 95.1/WJUL 97.7 in Young Harris. Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is driving long-term solutions to the country’s

GA Film Industry Ready For The Next Level

This week’s Courier Herald column: The easiest way to kill success is to take it for granted.  The growth in Georgia’s entertainment industry has been an unqualified success.  Georgia’s leaders are taking steps to quantify where the industry currently stands in the state, as well as to prepare to anchor the industry for years to