Georgia Continues to Lead the Way on the National Stage

According to an article by Politico, Congresswoman Karen Handel (R-Ga.) made a presentation to House GOP leaders behind closed doors on Wednesday morning. The presentation covered how she won a highly contested race against Democrat Jon Ossoff last summer and how incumbents and newbies alike can beat opposition in the upcoming mid-term elections. “Be prepared

Capitol Takes A Snow Day…Mostly

Update: The Governor has announced that most state offices will remain closed Thursday due to the amount of ice on the ground and the fact that temps won’t rise above freezing until sometime tomorrow. This photo of the Capitol in the morning snow was sent to us by Rep Karen Mathiak (R-Griffin), with the photo

Morning Reads with a Timely and Urgent Reminder

Hey Taco BellThe Illuminati is not a frivolous subject — Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) January 9, 2018 “Long Haired Country Boy” by Charlie Daniels  How Georgia Gillmore fed and funded the Civil Rights Movement. GSU legend (and every basketball fan’s favorite) RJ Hunter signed with the Rockets.  Jimmy Carter’s right hand is art….apparently.  Maybe Fulton County

Washington Post Columnist: Lying Sen. Perdue Should Resign

I mean….I’m not sure what you’d expect when a clown gets in bed with a buffoon… Jennifer Rubin writes: There is no honor among anti-immigrant advocates and liars, I suppose. After dutifully lying on behalf of the president regarding his abhorrent language (“****hole countries”), Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) were outed by

Political Power Play on the PSC

Stan Wise, Chairman of Georgia’s Public Service Commission, is stepping down as of February. Resigning means the Governor will appoint somebody to fill the vacancy, and the AJC’s Political Insiders have taken special notice of the calendar: “The timing of Wise’ announcement is far from accidental. Qualifying for the May primaries is in March. Also,