AFL-CIO Endorses Abrams’ Gubernatorial Bid

Perhaps the most important institution in Georgia Democratic Party politics, the Georgia AFL-CIO, endorsed Stacey Abrams as Georgia’s next governor. Most importantly for now, Abrams rival in the primary, Stacey Evans, has far fewer paths to victory. GA AFL-CIO president Charlie Fleming said of the Abrams’ endorsement: “I have already seen Stacey Abrams’ leadership in

“Undecided” Leads the 2018 Republican Gubernatorial Primary Race

There’s a new Landmark/Rosetta Stone poll out this morning in the race for Georgia governor — at least on the Republican side. If Undecided is your candidate, you’re in luck. Second place is convincingly occupied by current Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle. As Greg Bluestein notes in his article over at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the race amongst

Morning Reads for Friday, October 20, 2017

The deal Atlanta Housing Authority forgot about. Oops. Zell retires from public life. I know firsthand how hard this is. Make your Halloween plans now! Watch this to the end. Heroes in California (language alert). What will we learn on October 26? Nothing to see here, move along. As I tell my kids, find out

Georgia Delivers For Amazon

The state of Georgia has delivered it’s pitch to Amazon for HQ2, which was due today. Never to let any opportunity past to Always Be Closing, Georgia used the delivery itself as part of it’s sales pitch, as shown in the video below: You can find more about how Georgia stacks up against the competition

KSU Protest Led by State Representative.

State Representative Earl Ehrhart (R-Powder Springs) is assigned to the committee that determines which public universities in Georgia get tax dollars.  Recently, an open records request uncovered Ehrhart used his position to pressure the President of Kennesaw State University to act in favor of his personal bias.  Ehrhart was apparently offended by the KSU cheerleaders’