Daily Reads for Tuesday, April 13

Today’s must-read story: this completely bonkers account of the bonkers shenanigans involving the bonkers high school football program at Valdosta High School. If you read the phrase, “Georgia High School Association,” realize that you’re reading it in the New York Times, then you either involuntarily hold your breath or roll your eyes – enjoy! Governor

Morning Reads – Thursday, April 8, 2021

Peaches “No, Georgia’s voting laws are not like Colorado’s” Georgia boycott postponed until meeting with corporate executives It was a group decision at the Masters. The Lawyer Behind Georgia’s New Anti-Voting Law Duncan blames Guiliani. Savannah Mayor is unsure if he’ll enforce the whole shebang. We’re back on the deficient bridge conversation. Fani Willis isn’t

Mid-Morning Reads for Not Par 3 Day

Happy Wednesday! It’s the first full week of April, so y’all all know there’s this little ol’ tournamint happening over in my hometown. Today is Wednesday, which is traditionally the Par 3 Contest, but not today. That was well worth documenting in today’s Reads, but here’s to hoping for its return next year. Today is

Even After Elections Georgia Remains Political And Economic Ground Zero

This week’s Courier Herald column: Georgia is once again the epicenter of national politics.  The vehicle of choice this time is a bill to codify changes to Georgia’s voting laws.  An objective observer would find it important to delineate the word “codify” because many of the procedures used during the 2020 elections were done outside

Midday Reads for Tuesday, April 6

Hello there! It’s probably best that I was delayed in writing this post this morning since had I not waited, I could not share this breaking #gapol news: Scorpion Stings Frog! State Representative Erick Allen is running for Lieutenant Governor! I admit, I’m awfully fond of my fellow Cobb County representative. You know who else

Georgia Has Won this Round of the Water Wars

The Supreme Court has ruled 9-0 that Florida failed to show that additional water flow from Georgia would save its struggling oyster industry, thus ending one of the more infamous disputes in the Water Wars saga that has been raging since the 1990s. The opinion, written by Justice Amy Coney Barrett, notes that Florida did