Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 14

Good morning! Canada eclipsed Georgia as the #1 spot to make movies. Augusta’s take on the proposed I-14. GA SoS office can’t figure out how to use the sum function in Excel; primary results still not official. Why the Braves are, apparently, team Kemp. (They’re also Team Many Other Candidates.) Georgia taxpayers aren’t on the

Talk Of I-14 Grows – But Still Just Talk

This week’s Courier Herald column: Roughly 25 miles of Texas interstate highway has started making a stir in social media in Georgia and Alabama. Interstate 14 currently runs between Fort Hood and Belton Texas, just north of the Austin metro area. A few students from Georgia and Alabama operating at the “Youth Infrastructure Coalition” have

Happy (Belated) Birthday Irish Pat

I miss some of our contributors’ birthdays when they happen on weekends.  I try to minimize my social media usage and attempt to be a real person now in an effort to feign sanity.   And….it appears I missed Pat Malone’s birthday yesterday.  Y’all know him as “Irish Pat”. Pat is “retired”, and yet, not so

Monday Morning Reads — August 13

Happy Monday, everyone! Approximately 15 white supremacists held a “Unite the Right” anniversary demonstration in Washington DC, while hundreds of counter protesters lined the streets. Needless to say, the whole situation was somewhat bizarre. A stolen plane, a grieving family, and major questions about airplane security. Bonus: Watch a commercial plane fly in loops. Could Georgia

Former 10th Congressional Candidate Arrested on Murder Charges

On Wednesday, 30 year-old Kellie Lynn Collins was arrested by the McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office for the murder of 41 year-old Curt Jason Cain, according to the Daily Mail. Ms. Collins dropped out of the race for “personal reasons” and was not on the ballot.  Apparently, deputies found the body during a well-being check after

David Ralston on Local Education Control: Disingenuous, A Hypocrite, Or….

Figuring out Speaker David Ralston’s political philosophy is like putting together a puzzle but the pieces don’t match the picture on the box. Case in point on education.In May “the way it should be” done is by having  local school boards sort out their allotment of money. After all, the decent Speaker from Blue Ridge

“I’ll Never Drink in Dalton GA Again…”

According to the Daily Citizen, a Democratic Congressional Candidate for Georgia’s 14th District was arrested in September of last year and found guilty on Monday of DUI. Steven Lamar Foster was driving home from dinner with his wife, Elizabeth, when the couple was pulled over by Whitfield County Sheriff’s Deputies. Mr. Foster’s wife commented more

Friday Morning Reads — August 10

Is it me, or has this week dragged on? Regardless, I know I’ll see you wild animals at the bars tonight.   Yesterday, Vice President Pence outlined the Administration’s plan for Space Force. I demand Moon colonization. The Georgia Democratic Party and its top officials called on Brian Kemp to resign from his post as

Atlanta Charter School to Retain Pledge

After a day full of talk about the Pledge of Allegiance at the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School (ANCS), Lia Santos, Governing Board Chair, issued the following statement clarifying the issue: “Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School has and will continue to provide students with an opportunity to recite the Pledge of Allegiance each school day. In the