Morning Reads for Friday, December 14, 2018

And the traffic proves it!   Long-time favorite Parson’s is closing. Religious liberty in the news again. (If you move here, you’ll be forced to have an opinion.) The camera doesn’t lie. “gullible slack-jawed yokels”  Talking toasters. For real. Peace in Korea in our time. No Christmas Party for you!  For those rooting for Twitter to

Rep. Buddy Carter Voted No on Farm Bill

Rep. Buddy Carter (R, GA-1) voted against the “Farm Bill,” officially the Agriculture Improvement Act, yesterday. Rep. Carter felt that the bill was not adequate in providing crop assistance to blueberry farmers in Georgia. Rep. Carter had spent months in negotiation this assistance for them. The bill passed despite his no vote. Rep. Carter: “I certainly

Morning Reads – Thursday, December 13, 2018

Peaches Another business headed to the Peach State  Healthcare costs are higher in Georgia More on the Gasaway election  Using an ancestry site solved a murder case in Georgia 2 universities get poor scores for campus speech Stacey Abrams’ next move draws a ‘stay tuned’ Jimmy Carter Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential Campaign Is Going To Wear

Secretary of State-Elect Brad Raffensperger Announces Transition Team

A press release was issued announcing Secretary of State-elect Brad Raffensperger’s transition team. Jordan Fuchs, former campaign manager for Secretary-elect Raffensperger, will be leading the charge as Transition Director. The following will be serving on the transition board (in alphabetical order) Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker Charles W. Buffington, Jr. Donna Sant Former Sandy Springs

General Assembly Aims To Remake Healthcare Delivery Model

This week’s Courier Herald column: While most of Georgia is preparing for holidays, Georgia’s legislators are preparing for the 2019 meeting of the Georgia General Assembly which begins next month.  They are meeting this week in Athens for the “Biennial”, an orientation for new members and an overview of selected topics and policy issues which