Handel Releases #GA6 Ad About Ossoff’s Mistruths

Karen Handel has released a new ad entitled “Caught” that alleges Ossoff has been misleading voters about his experience and Karen Handel.

Handel campaign spokeswoman Kate Constantini:
“The 6th District needs someone who has the experience and the record of success to be an effective representative in Congress. Dangerous liberal Jon Ossoff has neither. Instead he chose to lie to the people of the 6th District, padding his resume and misrepresenting his credentials. That’s not someone Georgia families can trust.”

Handel Campaign Responds to New Ossoff #GA6 Ad

Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff released a new ad yesterday entitled “Wasting.” Ossoff states that he does not have time in the 30-second ad to list out all the areas that both parties are wasting money and instead directs them to his website to view his list that could save $16 billion. He does quickly highlight three areas in the ad: Eliminating Medicare fraud, consolidating federal data centers, and redoing the government’s mobile device contracts.

The Handel campaign issued a response to one idea from Ossoff’s website of expanding joint basing at the Department of Defense. The response can be seen after the break.

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Ossoff Releases Two Ads in #GA6

Jon Ossoff has released two ads in the GA-6 congressional runoff election over the last week. They both push cutting wasteful spending and prioritizing high-tech and bio-tech research.

Ossoff states in this ad that both parties in Congress are wasting money and the deficits are holding back the economy. He lays out his three-point plan:

  • Cut wasteful spending
  • Reduce the deficit
  • Prioritize high-tech and bio-tech research

Ossoff highlights the connection between private, such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Universities and tech schools, and public organizations (entrepreneurs) that bolster Atlanta’s economy. He plans to keep Atlanta’s economy growing by:

  • Cutting wasteful spending
  • Prioritizing high-tech and bio-tech research

New Handel Ad in #GA-6 Race

Karen Handel has released a new ad entitled “Home.” She states in the ad that she has been involved in Georgia’s 6th District for almost 25 years, during which time she served as Fulton County Commission Chair, Chamber President, and Georgia Secretary of State. She states that it would be a privilege to serve the people of the District, people she considers more as friends than constituents.

Senate District 32 Runoff TOMORROW

Democrat Christine Triebsch will face Republican Kay Kirkpatrick in the Senate District 32 runoff tomorrow, May 16, 2017, to replace former state Senator Judson Hill. Polls will be open in the District, which covers parts of Cobb and Fulton counties, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Sec. of State Brian Kemp stated in a press release: “The runoff in state Senate District 32 is tomorrow, not June 20, 2017 when Karen Handel faces Jon Ossoff in the highly publicized 6th Congressional District runoff. Although the dates can be confusing, I am encouraging all eligible voters to go to the polls and ensure their voice is heard in both of these contests.”

Sec. Kemp shared some pointers about tomorrow’s election:

  • Voters can use the Secretary of State’s “My Voter Page” or install the “GA SOS” app to find out if they are eligible to vote tomorrow.
  • Irregularities or election issues can be shared to the SOS office via the “Stop Voter Fraud” website or by calling 877-725-9797.
  • Photography is prohibited in a polling place when voting is underway unless the poll manager gives approval, which is often provided for limited media coverage. It is illegal to take pictures of a ballot or voting equipment.


NRCC Ad: Out-Of-Touch Ossoff – #GA6

The National Republican Congressional Committee has released a new ad entitled “Out-Of-Touch Ossoff: Jon and Nancy.” The ad ties GA-6 Democratic Candidate Jon Ossoff to his “numerous connections to Nancy Pelosi and national Democrats, and for accepting millions of dollars from them for his campaign.”

NRCC Communications Director Matt Gorman:

“Despite calculated moves to the middle in a Republican District, Jon Ossoff’s core values remain the same. Make no mistake: Ossoff is already beholden to Pelosi and would support her liberal agenda in Congress. The NRCC will continue to remind voters through Election Day that although he is playing political games in order to get elected, Jon Ossoff does not and will not represent the values of the 6th District voters.”

Medical Cannabis Bill Signed by Gov. Deal

Rep. Allen Peake issued the following press release after the signing of SB 16, which increased those eligible for medical cannabis:

State Representative Allen Peake (R-Macon) announced that Senate Bill 16 was signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. SB 16, which was sponsored in the House by Rep. Peake, will expand Georgia’s medical cannabis oil program by adding six illnesses to the list of qualifying medical conditions to allow those patients to legally possess a maximum of 20 fluid ounces of cannabis oil with a maximum of 5 percent THC in Georgia.

“With Governor Deal’s signature today, Georgia’s medical cannabis program takes another positive step forward,” said Rep. Peake. “As of today, 1,738 citizens and 354 doctors are registered with Georgia’s Low THC Oil Registry program, and I’m confident that the addition of six conditions to this very successful program will allow even more hurting Georgians with debilitating illnesses to have a ray of hope for a better quality of life. I’m grateful to my colleagues, Speaker David Ralston and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle for their continued support in getting this bill to Gov. Deal’s desk. My hope is that in 2018 we can fill the gaping hole that still remains and provide legal access to medical cannabis oil here in our state with a safe, lab tested product produced within our own borders. The job will not be finished until we accomplish this task.”

SB 16 will add the following illnesses to the list of qualifying medical conditions to be able to legally possess cannabis oil in Georgia: Tourette’s syndrome when diagnosed as severe; autism spectrum disorder when the patient is at least 18-years-old and severe autism when the patient is under 18-years-old; Epidermolysis Bullosa; Alzheimer’s disease when diagnosed as severe or end stage; AIDS when diagnosed as severe or end stage; peripheral neuropathy when diagnosed as severe or end stage; and hospice patients that have been authorized by their physicians to use medical cannabis oil.

SB 16 will also allow reciprocity of medical cannabis registration cards issued by other states if the medical cannabis oil meets Georgia’s legal standards, so long as the individual has not been present in the state longer than 45 days. In addition, SB 16 will remove the eligibility requirement that individuals must reside within the State of Georgia for at least one year to qualify for the registry, thus permitting individuals to immediately use cannabis oil upon moving to Georgia. Furthermore, SB 16 will require physicians to semiannually report certain information, including THC levels used in treatment.