Author: Lawton Sack

Cagle Releases Two New TV Ads for Governor’s Race

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, the Republican frontrunner for Governor, released two new TV ads this weekend. The first ad, entitled “Hand,” focuses on Cagle’s efforts to “transform Georgia’s education system.” Cagle states: “Education is the great equalizer. My public school education allowed me to find great success despite a tough upbringing, and I want to

Cagle Campaign Also Responds to Tippins Ad

Brian Robinson, Communications Adviser for the Cagle Campaign, provided the following response to Clay Tippins’ most recent ad: “No wonder this guy is in fifth place and polling below 5 percent. If Clay Tippins is talking about strip clubs and the Revolutionary War, it’s because he can’t talk about his record of working for a

Hill Campaign Disgusted by Tippins Ad

From Cody Hall, Communications Director for the Hunter Hill campaign: “This ad is disgusting and Clay Tippins should be ashamed of himself. Benedict Arnold betrayed his countrymen to the British and was a traitor to our nation. Hunter Hill led men in battle on three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan to defend America and

Sen. Shafer Responds to Exoneration by State Senate

Sen. David Shafer’s campaign released released the following statements from Sen. Shafer and his attorney in response to today’s report from the Georgia Senate. The report dismisses the allegations made against him based upon an independent investigation that found “a lack of credible evidence to support the allegations.” A copy of the Senate’s letter to Sen.

Cagle Releases New TV Ad for Gubernatorial Campaign

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has released a new TV ad for his gubernatorial campaign that is part of a $4.5 million media buy. The ad will air via broadcast, cable, and satellite across the Albany, Atlanta, Augusta, Chattanooga, Columbus, Jacksonville, Macon, Savannah, and Tallahassee media markets. The ad is entitled “Difference” and touts “Cagle’s partnership with Gov.