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Afternoon Reads for Tuesday, October 19

Good afternoon! After a very successful weekend at Truist Park, the Atlanta Braves are in Los Angeles where their streak will – hopefully! – continue! Staff turnover continues at the DA’s office in Macon-Bibb. Details on the role the Port of Savannah will play in helping to alleviate global supply chain issues. An app from

Morning Reads for Friday, October, 15, 2021

Finally we’ll know who we play Saturday. This gives me the sadz. “Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.” Joy & Rapture. Katie the Editor. Bad form, indeed. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Just not what you think. Told you he is a droid. Good. Spend all that money on something useful. If you’re a guitarist (or

GA-6 Fundraising – Jake Evans and Meagan Hanson

GA-6 Republican candidates Jake Evans and Meagan Hanson released fundraising numbers for the third quarter today. Jake Evans is reporting raising over $907,000 ($500k personal loan) with $836,000 cash on hand. Meagan Hanson is reporting over $300,000 raised, which does not include any personal loans. 3rd quarter reports for Rep. Lucy McBath, Harold Earls, and

Morning Reads – October 14, 2021

Peaches Judge dismisses Fulton County ballot review case in Georgia No filming in Georgia? TV, film workers union says nationwide strike to start Monday Georgia Board of Regents approves changes to its post-tenure review guidelines Port of Savannah looks to feds for help unclogging jam Supply chain issues impacting businesses here in Georgia and beyond

Meagan Hanson Enters NRCC’s Young Guns Program

Meagan Hanson, Republican candidate in GA-6, joins fellow Republican candidates Jake Evans (GA-6) and Rich McCormick (GA-7) as one of thirty-two candidates nationwide named as part of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Guns program. Candidates enter the program as “On the Radar” candidates and can progress to full Young Gun status when they meet

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 12

Good morning! It’s always a good day to make sure your voter registration is up-to-date! It’s been more than two years, and the wreck of the Golden Ray is finally — finally! — about to be cleared from the St. Simons Sound. From the New York Post, everything you never knew you wanted to know

A Few Words About Educators In Their Communities

Last week’s Courier Herald column: I’ve spent much of the summer outside of Metro Atlanta.  “Work From Home” is now more fully understood as “Work From Anywhere” and I’ve been long overdue to connect with the other Georgia. “Other Georgia” is where I grew up, before Atlanta grew to the point of encompassing my rural

Morning Reads for Friday, October 8, 2021

Hey, it’s still the morning. So what are you doing this afternoon at 4:37 pm? If you’re into Stranger Things, there’s a party for that. Well, it is a state agency. Garbage in, garbage out. Honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. A rowdy pub song is in order. As it should

Lunchtime Reads for Tuesday, October 5

Good afternoon! It was a rainy night in Georgia. At the People’s House, will good fences really make good neighbors? (Seriously – read the poem. You probably need more culture as it is. Discuss your interpretation in the comments.) It’s only Tuesday but it has already been a rough week for Facebook. At last night’s