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Morning Reads for Friday, May 29,2020

Gov. Kemp lifts more restrictions; media tantrums continue. Keep an eye on the Douglas County election results.  Popcorn required. Looking forward to fall. Ministry of Truth. “Work together.”  What a novel concept. More space news. Or something. (Why headlines matter.) New scary Tech Word of the Day: Deepfake. Is it time to leave Twitter? Tally

Sakrison Signs Term Limit Pledge – Gets Attacked Anyway

Incompetence from a well intentioned group, or a grifting operation supporting one candidate while pretending to be an “independent” expenditure committee? In the case of U.S. Term Limits and the race for Georgia House District 71, it could be either. Maybe both. As is custom, interest groups spend the time between qualifying and an election

Columbus Candidate for District Attorney Arrested on Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

Arrest warrants, both felony and misdemeanor, have been issued for Columbus attorney Mark Jones who is challenging current District Attorney Julia Slater. Jones turned himself in today, going live on Facebook sporting a bulletproof vest because “as we know, the police are trigger happy these days and I don’t want to get shot.” Over the

Reads for Tuesday, May 26

Good afternoon! Time is a flat circle. If you live anywhere near the coast, you should be preparing for hurricane season now, because buying supplies and evacuating are different in the era of COVID-19 than they ever were in years past. More on how – and why – to prepare early. If you think you’ll

Pence, Kemp and Loeffler Going to Waffle House Today

The Vice President, Governor, Georgia’s junior Senator and Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia are getting lunch at Waffle House HQ in Norcross today. A statement from Sen. Kelly Loeffler said the group will have a roundtable discussing how to safely reopen Georgia’s economy. Loeffler added: “The vice president is no stranger to Georgia, and this visit

Morning Reads for Friday, May 22, 2020

So funny. Can’t breathe. Painful, in more ways than one. Be patient, young padawan. And so it begins  And they wonder why people don’t trust the government. Know the rules for your phone. If you have a finely honed skill, why not make some dough with it? Surprisingly spot-on. Cake or death?  Cake, Please. Do