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Guest Post: How Pelosi’s Visit Proves that Everyone Has a Stake in the US-Taiwan Partnership

This post was submitted for publication by Elliot Wang, Director-General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Atlanta. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to go to Taiwan wasn’t crazy or foolish. There’s a reason that 26 Republican Senators reached across the aisle to show support for someone long-considered their political adversary.  Pelosi’s visit highlights that it’s more than

Mid-Morning Reads for Friday, July 15, 2022

Too bad none of that money came from Georgians. We are all special in our own way. The sadness deepens. X-wing they are not, but closer they are. Ice cream that doesn’t melt. If you’re going to compare people to tacos, at least have the courtesy to allow them to choose the type of taco

Morning Reads for Friday, July 8, 2022

Start planning your road trips now. Great Georgian. Read between the lines. Peasants. You will be surveilled. Whether you like it or not. Coming soon… Excellent paper on the Good Ol’ Days in Higher Ed when the jousting of university personnel was entertaining, inspirational, and (gasp!) educational. Honestly, ESPN is not known to have the

Morning Reads for Friday, July 1, 2022

RIP Casey Motter #ChopOn SCAD joins the name-dropping club. What is it about Southern Men Who Write Books? Why do we love them so? 512 year old shark discovered in Northern Atlantic. Another discovery – WWL Navy destroyer is now world’s deepest wreckage. No wonder he plays for gumbo. WWII Army vet remembers his time.

Morning Reads for Friday, June 24, 2022

Gov. Brian Kemp to give sworn recorded statement in Fulton County’s investigation of former President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn Georgia elections in 2020. Rep. (?) Marjorie Greene denies asking for pardon from White House after January 6, 2021 riot, despite story from White House aide. Sen. Jon Ossoff calls for investigation of Pulaski State

We’re The Hypocrites, Not Herschel Walker

Do you have any regrets or mistakes you’ve made in your personal life? How about as a parent? Hopefully, everyone answered yes to both of those questions. It means you are human and aware of your actions. Many within the left-leaning media across the country and in Georgia have demonstrated they aren’t and are in

Morning Reads for Friday, June 17, 2022

It will never happen. Becoming Mos Eisley, they are. Rearranging the deck chairs… A fabulous idea. Yes, the study of economics is hard. But it doesn’t lie, no matter what your politics tell you. No, it’s not a movie. Everything is awful. I Want To Believe. Your milage may vary. Hummingbirds aren’t just for old

Morning Reads for Friday, June 10, 2022

Don’t mess with Texas. Alright. Alright. Alright. For those that like memes. And somewhere in that warehouse is a cigarette-smoking man, plotting something. Because it is a script from a cult leader. Who knew? Cephalopods are the key to adding an Invisibility Cloak to our arsenal of survival skills. Inflation is the new black. Or