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Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 11

Good morning! Don’t panic! Kemp’s signing the repeal of Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law yesterday is a “birthday gift to Ahmad Arbery.” Most of the Georgia mass vaccination sites are set to wind down — but not until after you’ve hopefully had the chance to get your kids age 12+ vaccinated! Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor

Rhetoric and Tweets Do Not A Fighter Make

Wouldn’t Yoda be proud of me? Yesterday was May 4th. As it happens, this post relates to Hollywood as well as Georgia politics.  Before reading this post I want you to watch a scene from Quintin Tarantino’s most recent film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I bet you’re wondering how Brad Pitt treating Bruce

Morning Reads for Monday, May 3, 2021

Happy Monday, friends! House explodes in north Georgia, killing 2 Mental health a challenge for Georgia college students, providers UGA academics fight climate change through Drawdown Georgia Other states pass Georgia in school choice Georgia restaurants can begin to apply for a much-needed financial boost Columbus, Georgia airport gets new flights to Texas, North Carolina

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 27

Good morning! Spring is in full bloom, and the preliminary census numbers are in! At least part of why Kelly Loeffler lost the Senate runoff is because rural white Republicans stayed home on Runoff Day. The Stone Mountain Park CEO announced changes to how the Confederacy is commemorated at the Park — and why these

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 20

Good morning! Apparently, today’s date is one with some significance to a certain population. Walter Mondale, the Vice President who forged a true partnership with President Jimmy Carter, died yesterday at age 93.  EPA scientist knew that ethylene oxide was a health threat, and that the air in communities across the US — including four

The Oblivious .06% of Catoosa County

Saturday was a busy day in Georgia politics. It was county convention day. I arrived at the Walker County Civic Center feeling hopeful that the party was on a restorative path after months of infighting and desertions. It seemed like the events surrounding the Election Integrity Act of 2021 had become the issue that would

Mid-Morning Reads for Monday, April 19, 2021

Happy Monday! Otters at Georgia Aquarium test positive for Covid-19 Georgia’s Abrams navigates voting law fight with eye on 2022 Georgia GOP committees vote to censure Kemp, Raffensperger Georgia Natural Gas invites community to recycle electronics at Lenox Square on Earth Day, April 22 Unemployment claims rising in Georgia, contrary to national trend Georgia 2022:

Daily Reads for Tuesday, April 13

Today’s must-read story: this completely bonkers account of the bonkers shenanigans involving the bonkers high school football program at Valdosta High School. If you read the phrase, “Georgia High School Association,” realize that you’re reading it in the New York Times, then you either involuntarily hold your breath or roll your eyes – enjoy! Governor