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Board of Regents Wastes Resources on KSU Kneeling Investigation

At a time when there should be celebration of Kennesaw State’s first trip to the FCS football playoffs this weekend against Samford University, the focus has instead shifted to debate over cheerleaders not standing on the field during the national anthem. The Georgia Board of Regents (BOR) issued a report (posted at Insider Advantage) outlining the findings

Bridge Your Thanksgiving Divide

This week’s Courier Herald column: A few years ago, social media was flooded by an orchestrated wave of stories telling us how to talk to our families about Obamacare during the holidays. “Us” in this case mostly meant pajama wearing millennials sipping fair trade coffee to ensure that a full message of enlightened smugness was

Federal Criminal Justice Reform, Judiciary and Gubernatorial Prospects?

Last Thursday we spoke with 9th District Congressman Doug Collins as part of our bi-weekly interview for WJRB/WJUL’s Mountain Mornings radio show. Among other topics we asked him about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ reaction to his proposed criminal justice reform legislation – the Redemption Act. While skeptical about most reform attempts, the AG had a

So Long, Georgia Dome

In case you missed it, the Georgia Dome entered into the history books as gravity brought down the house. Literally. Here’s a video I took of the implosion earlier this morning. So long, #GeorgiaDome. A post shared by Nathan A. Smith (@natsmith9) on Nov 20, 2017 at 4:45am PST