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Morning Reads for Friday, May 25, 2018

Ex-mayor Reed’s PCard Golden Ticket. Location. Location. Location. If you’re the only person in the ATL who isn’t in the Hamilton Lottery, here’s how to get it. “I don’t think journalists should talk about whom they’re voting for.“ RIP Tom Wolfe. Oh, dear. UK has a Bias Incident Response Team. If you ask your toaster

Randy Evans Confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg

Randy Evans, longtime attorney and GOP activist/strategist/consultant, just took to Facebook to announce his much-awaited confirmation as U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg. Congratulations and best of luck to Randy! U.S. Senator David Perdue: “As a lifelong Georgian, Randy Evans has served his state and country with distinction in both the public and private sectors. He understands

Cobb’s Blue Tide is Rising

Following the 2016 elections, I found cold comfort in the knowledge that at least Trump lost Cobb County. I wrote at the time: TL;DR: Clinton won Cobb, it’s a big deal, the Cobb County Republican Party is remiss if they don’t have a serious come-to-Jesus conversation when the national celebrations subside, and the Cobb Democrats are remiss if they

Sen. Perdue Introduces Justice Grant for Court of Appeals Confirmation

Sen. David Perdue introduced Georgia Supreme Court Justice Britt Grant, President Trump’s nominee to serve on the Atlanta-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in her confirmation hearing. Transcript of Sen. Perdue’s introduction: “I’m happy to be here today to introduce a very impressive and highly-qualified Georgian who

Cagle on “Kemp’s Career of Incompetence”

The gloves are off less than 24 hours after the Republican primary for Georgia Governor ended last night. A press release issued a few minutes ago by the Cagle campaign states that Cagle will spend “the next nine weeks talking with Georgians about his conservative vision for Georgia and contrasting his record of conservative accomplishments

The Democratic Ballot Will Look Like Georgia. The Republican Ballot….Not So Much.

Even with four positions without an anticipated nominee, it’s safe to say the Democratic ticket will be more representative of Georgia than the Republicans. By quite a margin. I’m not making a judgement in any way about this, just providing the information. Every Republican nominee will be white and nine will be men. Democrats will

Morning Reads With a Post-Victory Glow

All my candidates won and all yours lost! “The Loser Wins” by Atmosphere Jimmy: GIVE TRUMP A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!  I want that to happen simply because no one would know what they think about the prize. Y’all: Can the universe handle season two of Mama June’s show? I don’t think so.  Unhappy birthday Morrissey!

Election Day Thread

We are under 4 hours until the polls close today. If you haven’t voted yet, I hope you will definitely do so. This thread is for talking about elections in Georgia from statewide to congressional to local. Got some predictions? Share them here so that you can brag (or groan) later on. Want to talk until

Morning Reads for Primary Day, Tuesday, May 22

Good morning! Y’all are in luck, because I have special double-secret probation access to a preview of the likely GOP runoff. Did you vote? Here are down-ballot races to watch, as well as how several top-ticket candidates are making their final pitches to voters. Here’s a look at what’s likely to influence voter this go-round.

Sign Duty

For a lot of campaigns, the end will come tomorrow.  For tonight, there is sign duty.  And then waiting. The polls close in 24 hours. The following is a re-post of my column from July 31st, 2012.  I thought some of you may need something about nothing to read while you wait. I’ll note that