Author: Nathan

Anti-Ralston Delegates Lose Floor Fight

A resolution to force the Georgia Republican Party to weigh-in on a Georgia House of Representatives matter did not make it to the floor this weekend. Part of what made the convention longer was debate on the semantics of Rule 3 of the convention rules. The resolution was not submitted on time according to the

#GAGOP Round-up: Down To The Wire

This should be a fun convention. I won’t be in attendance as I will be spending this weekend with my son Lucas, but I know others will enjoy what I can imagine will be a fun ride of yelling out points of order and general grumpiness for not being recognized by the convention chair to

Hitatchi Automotive Systems To Expand In Walton County

We got a press release this morning from Governor Brian Kemp’s office about Hitatchi Automotive Systems expanding in Walton County. Atlanta, GA –┬áToday Governor Brian P. Kemp announced that┬áHitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc., a Tier 1 supplier of world-class products to the global automotive market, is planning to create 100 jobs and invest at least

Governor Brian Kemp Continues To Build Administration

Now that the fun ride of the legislative session is over, Governor Brian Kemp can focus on continuing to assemble his executive branch team through appointments. Governor Kemp appointed Lynne Riley to become Georgia’s first female treasurer. Riley previously served in the Georgia House of Representatives before being appointed by former Governor Nathan Deal to

Stacey Abrams Opts Out of 2020 Senate Run

Well, it’s the end of April, and Stacey Abrams has finally made a decision. No, not that she has to decided to accept the fact that she’s not Governor. No, former Leader Abrams has decided against a Senate bid in 2020. So, with Ms. Abrams out of the Senate race (but not necessarily out of

Morning Reads for Monday, April 15th

(un)Happy Tax Day! I finished mine a couple of weeks ago, and my tax bill has me kinda like… May the odds be ever in your favor. Here: Tiger wins the Masters Speaking of the Masters, I saw “a few” people griping on social media about the local Atlanta CBS affiliate breaking in during Masters

#GAGOP District Convention Thread

It’s here! District Convention. Be in line before 10a if you’re a delegate or alternate and prepare for people griping about resolutions. That’s pretty much it. Y’all discuss among yourselves about what y’all see going on in the conventions. I’ll be at the 7th District Convention. Maybe Will Kremer will share his popcorn…

Morning Reads for Wednesday, April 3rd

Happy post-Sine Die! We’ll probably need a few days to figure out what happened last night. What does IT and legislating have in common? “Oh, don’t worry…we’ll fix it in the next release.” *ba da bum* (In all seriousness, thank you to our legislators, staffers, and the state patrol who worked long hours to transact