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Morning Reads for Friday, February 19th

Good morning, y’all. I’m in for Ginny today. Pitchers and catchers reported yesterday, so spring is right around the corner. Here Governor Kemp announced four state-ran COVID-19 vaccination sites Gwinnett County Public School administrators are urging school board officials to limit public comment period during meetings Secretary of State and State Election Board send another

Governor Kemp On Ruthless Podcast To Talk About Elections; GAGOP Releases Elections Reform Proposals

Update: The episode is live now. Give it a listen. Governor Kemp’s interview starts at about 48 minutes. (Strong language warning, so maybe don’t listen in the car with the kiddos.) We noticed that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp will be on the Ruthless Podcast (dropping Tuesday) talking about Georgia elections. (via @ComfortablySmug over on Twitter)

Secretary of State Opens Probe of Former President Trump

A headline from Reuters has flashed across earlier today saying that the Georgia Secretary of State’s office will be launching an investigation of former President Donald Trump and efforts to overturn the election results in Georgia: “The Secretary of State’s office investigates complaints it receives,” said Walter Jones, a spokesman for the Secretary of State’s

A Few Thoughts On Social Media

Social media has certainly changed how we interact with one another. It’s been a blessing for allowing people to connect over long distances–even more so during a pandemic. It’s also been a curse by allowing people across the political to spread disinformation. Social media platforms started to crackdown on accounts that violated their terms of

They Burned Down The House–And We Let Them

I am a Republican, but QAnon and other radical conspiracies that have been mainstreamed by President Donald Trump do not reflect my values. I am a conservative, but those who stormed the Capitol in reaction of the formal process of tallying electoral votes do not represent me. I am disgusted by those who claim to

Secretary of State’s Office Opens Investigation Into Coffee County’s Recount Process

The Secretary of State’s office issued a press release last night on the procedures of Coffee County in their recount process after they refused to recertify their recount. (ATLANTA)-The Secretary of State’s office has opened an investigation into the Coffee County Board Of Elections and Registration regarding their handling of the November 2020 presidential election

Georgia Auditing Elections Is A Good Way To Reinforce Confidence In System

Georgia has certified the 2020 General Election. Former Vice President Joe Biden has won Georgia–the first time a Democrat presidential nominee has won the state since 1992. Georgia Republicans are understandably shell-shocked by the results, and I’m sure a lot of this questioning of the integrity of the election comes denial. I inherently trust the

US Senators Perdue And Loeffler Support President Trump’s Recount Request

Georgia’s election was certified on Friday. Not long after that, the Trump campaign made it known that they were planning to request a recount. Both of Georgia’s US Senators have expressed support of the Trump campaign’s request. From Senator David Perdue’s office: “I support President Trump’s request for a recount in Georgia, one in which signatures