Author: Nathan

Questions And Answers Regarding The Primary Election From The Secretary of State’s Office

I’m posting this Q&A I received from the Secretary of State’s office as a way to hopefully clarify some questions and concerns about the upcoming primary in May and the impact of COVID-19. As coronavirus has upended our daily lives, pushed many into quarantine, and caused chaos in the economy, elections in Georgia have changed

Chief Justice of Georgia Supreme Court Issues Declaration of Statewide Judicial Emergency

Yesterday, Chief Justice Harold D. Melton issued an order declaring a Statewide Judicial Emergency effective immediately due to the spread of COVID-19 in Georgia. The order is in effect through April 13th unless it is extended. From a presser posted on the Georgia Supreme Court’s website: The order states that courts “should remain open to

Hall County Sees Three Republicans Qualify For Commission Chair

Incumbent Hall County Commission Chairman Richard Higgins has drawn two challengers in the Republican primary this May. Hall County family law attorney Judy Sartain announced her intent to run in June of last year and issued the following presser when she qualified earlier this week: (Gainesville)-Republican attorney Judy Sartain formally qualified this week to run

Making Georgia The Epicenter of Digital Health Innovation

Information Technology is a large field, and Georgia is quickly becoming the home to a range of tech companies from small startups to large Fortune 50 companies (or their IT divisions). It’s a field that has major impact to Georgia’s economy. Financial Technology (or Fintech, for short) has visibility when discussing policy that affects technology