Former Senator David Perdue Opts Out of 2022 Run–Who Could Run?

As Lawton posted earlier, former US Senator David Perdue sent out an email message this morning to supporters letting them know his and Bonnie’s decision to not run for Senator Raphael Warnock’s seat in 2022.

With Senator Perdue bowing out of a run, this leaves the 2022 GOP nomination wide open. Former Congressman Doug Collins’ name has already been floated as a possibility (as well as a primary challenge to Governor Brian Kemp). There will certainly be a flurry of Republicans, but I’m interested to see how much President Donald Trump will put his fingers in the Georgia Republican Party pie.

Y’all can start the speculating machine in the comments, but I’ll prime the pump with two names: Georgia GOP Chairman David Shafer and SOS Chief Operating Officer Gabriel Sterling. I can see Shafer courting Trump voters–even if Collins gets the Trump seal–by pointing to his voracious defense of the President’s rhetoric of voter fraud. I can also see Sterling being the counter-balance to that–and being able to leverage his center stage performance after Georgia’s elections to discuss claims made by President Trump and Chairman Shafer–offering a more traditional conservative Republican candidacy.

I will also note, I have not spoken to either man about this. It’s purely speculative and doesn’t mean that they are entertaining the idea of running for this or any other office. Opine who you believe which Republicans will (or who you would like to see) qualify in 2022 for US Senate.


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