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It’s Time For Georgia Republicans To Look Forward Instead Of Backwards

I have a few thoughts about Tuesday’s runoff. First, congratulations to our US Senator Raphael Warnock on his victory on Tuesday. I hope he has former President Donald Trump and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA-14) on his Christmas card list. He wouldn’t be our Senator without their help in 2020. Now on with my thoughts…

Thoughts About Yesterday’s Results

I have thoughts about last night, but first: 1.) Congratulations to Stacey Abrams on her reelection as President of United Earth.2.) Congratulations to Beto O’Rourke on winning the Triple Crown of losing a bid for President, losing to Ted Cruz, and losing to Greg Abbott. Alright, now, with that out of my system. A Red

Republicans On Verge Of Taking Control Of US House 

Last week’s Courier Herald column; It appears it didn’t post as scheduled. Still…enjoy some post election analysis before we’re actually post election – cbh There’s a bit of a conundrum when writing for both print and online publications with a filing deadline days before an election.  Some readers will get this before the final votes

The Hotel California Midterm Elections

This week’s Courier Herald column: “It’s the Economy Stupid.”  That was the simple and succinct internal slogan used by Democratic Strategist James Carville to keep Bill Clinton’s first campaign for President on track and on message, despite all the internal and external noise that constantly threatened to derail it.  As a former governor from a

Individual Voters Will Decide If We’re In A Recession Or Not

This week’s Courier Herald column: The United States Economy shrank .9% for the second quarter of this year, according to the Commerce Department.  This follows a contraction of 1.6% in the first quarter.  Economists generally consider two consecutive quarters of decline as the definition of recession. Officially, the National Bureau of Economic Research declares whether

Bias In Catoosa County & GAGOP Disconnected From Voters

It is encouraging to see conservatives criticizing Georgia Republican officials for their lack of impartiality in the recent primary. For casual voters, it wasn’t obvious, but for anyone paying attention, it was clear some party officers were biased. Among those who have spoken out on the issue is Erick Erickson, who called for the resignation