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GA State Representative Gambill Joins 5 State Senators Having Covid-19

From the Georgia House of Representatives: State Representative Matthew Gambill (R-Cartersville) has tested positive for the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19).  He began a period of self-quarantine over the weekend of Friday, March 13, after learning he had been exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus. On Monday, March 16, Rep. Gambill was tested for

Governor Kemp Signs FY20 Amended Budget With Covid-19 Funding

From a press release: Atlanta, GA – Today Governor Brian P. Kemp signed House Bill 792 – Georgia’s amended fiscal year 2020 budget – with $100 million in emergency funding to address the spread of novel coronavirus and COVID-19. “Over several months, I have worked closely with lawmakers to develop an amended fiscal year 2020 budget that reflects

Legislators Seek To Remove Georgia’s Pole Tax

Georgia’s is currently committing broadband suppression via a virtual pole tax.  Separate bills working their way through the House and Senate are aimed at removing barriers that would reduce the cost to deploy high speed internet services.  Supporters of the legislation say it would pave the way to more broadband coverage in rural areas.  Opponents

Legislative Priorities Becoming Clear; Economic Outlook Cloudy

This week’s Courier Herald column: It’s been an unusual session of the Georgia General Assembly, even for a gathering where the first rule is to expect the unexpected.  It’s been a long time since fissures within the governing majority in Georgia were as public, and with policy proposals and priorities as disparate. Much of the

Recess Bill Back Again After Kemp Veto Last Year

State representative Demetrius Douglas is one persistent legislator. The lawmaker from Stockbridge has once again filed his recess legislation. The measure, HB 83, passed through both chambers in 2019 after three years of trying but was vetoed by Governor Kemp. House Bill 843 is co-sponsored by Minority Leader Bob Trammell, Reps. Spencer Frye, Mike Wilensky,

Local Control? Or, To the People…

This week’s Courier Herald column: Much of what is done and not done in government has a common root or theme.  It’s difficult to educate the public and keep a couple hundred citizen legislators on message on every technical matter considered for law or policy.  Slogans are easier to remember than white papers. One of