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I Think Stacey Evans Just Went Negative Using A Positive Endorsement

Stacey Evans may have neutralized a massive chunk of Stacey Abrams support. In a day of trading endorsements, Evans had the better one. Emmanuel Jones, the former chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus took great effort to show what he perceived was Abrams’ too-eager willingness to work with Republicans on signature Democratic issues. Here are

Transit And The Power Of Honest Brokers

This week’s Courier Herald column: The journey that culminated in this year’s Atlanta regional transit bill began years ago, and has been an ongoing effort since the 2015 bill that increased funding for Georgia’s road and bridge network. Included in that bill was a bond package split between transit providers across the state, urban and

Georgia Lawmakers Poised to Declare Porn a ‘Public Health Crisis’

Georgia lawmakers will vote on a resolution Wednesday that would declare pornography a public health crisis in the Peach State, if passed by the body. House Resolution 447, sponsored by Representatives Paulette Rakestraw, Dominic LaRiccia, Jan Jones, Scott Hilton, Jason Spencer, and Joyce Chandler, says pornography that “harms beyond the capability of the individual to address

GA House Education Chairman Brooks Coleman Retiring

With qualifying for elections set to begin next Monday, another round of retirement announcements is forthcoming.  Today, we spotlight that Rep Brooks Coleman (R-Duluth) will be ending his tenure in the Georgia House of Representatives at the end of his term.  Coleman is the Chairman of the House Education Committee.  In my experience, he’s been

Rep. Buddy Carter’s Tax Reform Tour

Congressman Buddy Carter conducted a tax reform tour last week with constituents across the 1st District of Georgia to discuss the benefits of federal tax reform, which was recently passed in Congress and signed into law. He had 15 events across the district with high school students, college students, small businesses, large businesses, chambers, and

Delta: We Don’t Need The NRA; Jeffares: Delta Doesn’t Need A Tax Break

Delta has a knack for poor political timing. I’m old enough to remember when former CEO Richard Anderson told a Chamber gathering that lawmakers need not be “chickens” when raising gas taxes, right before he insisted on a tax break for jet fuel. They’ve waded in heavily on RFRA legislation, strongly making the point that