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Secretary of State Raffensperger Backs Bill To Codify Special Election Practice

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger issued a press release a few days ago saying that he backs HB 757. The bill would codify the process of setting special election qualifying dates–a process that has been followed by state officials for about four decades now–into state law. The bill that’s being carried by House Judiciary Chairman

Eggs & Issues Recap

This morning some of us had to be dressed up and downtown for a program that started at 7:30am. I’m not bitter, just tired. To be honest, not a lot of news and fewer than normal tea leaves were provided with the now traditional Chick Fil A chicken biscuits. Governor Kemp mostly recapped successes of

“The Calendar”

Teri was kind enough to post the “adjournment resolution” agreed upon by the House and Senate yesterday in the Morning Reads. For those new to the Georgia General Assembly or those that haven’t delved deep into the sausage making process, let’s take a few minutes to explain what it means, and what tea leaves we

Leaders Reveal Priorities For Legislative Session

This week’s Courier Herald column: Legislators from across the state reconvened in Atlanta this week for the 2020 session of the Georgia General Assembly. Tensions remain higher than average among Georgia’s leaders as tight budgets force competition among everyone’s priorities.  They’ll have to work harder than normal to present a unified front for the majority’s

Duncan Adds McFall To LG Staff

From a press release: Today, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan announced a new addition to his senior staff.  Macy McFall will join the Office of Lt. Governor as Director of Legislative Affairs and will oversee legislative and government relations on behalf of the Lieutenant Governor.  “As we move into the 2020 Legislative Session, I will continue

Bet On A Short Legislative Session

This week’s Courier Herald column: The Georgia General Assembly will convene next week for the 2020 regular session in Atlanta.  The legislature may meet for up to 40 days, but they get to decide which days count toward their limit.  It’s usually safe to assume they’ll finish their business before Easter week and The Masters,