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Sense Of Urgency Needed In Education

This week’s Courier Herald column: To understand the future, we first need to understand the past.  To change the future, we first must change the present. There was a time, not long ago at all, when good policy was good politics. Good policy wasn’t hyper partisan – quite the contrary.  Good policy was post-partisan.  Good

Georgia’s Skills Gap Affects Wages, Economic Growth

This week’s Courier Herald column: There’s a lot of wisdom behind the old saying “he couldn’t see the forest for the trees.”  Sometimes we get so focused on what is right in front of us that we can’t see the bigger picture, no matter how obvious it is. This phrase can also help us understand

Leaders Reveal Priorities For Legislative Session

This week’s Courier Herald column: Legislators from across the state reconvened in Atlanta this week for the 2020 session of the Georgia General Assembly. Tensions remain higher than average among Georgia’s leaders as tight budgets force competition among everyone’s priorities.  They’ll have to work harder than normal to present a unified front for the majority’s

Rep Stovall Supports Charter Schools

On the eve of the Democratic debate in Atlanta, State Representative Valencia Stovall, a Democrat from Forest Park (only a couple of miles down I-75 from Tyler Perry Studios), has sent over the following press release: ATLANTA – State Representative Valencia Stovall (D-Forest Park) today announced her support of charter schools by participating in the

Student Opportunity Vs Education Bureaucracy

This week’s Courier Herald column: Several years ago, I had the opportunity to tag along on a trip with a handful of Georgia legislators, education officials, and Governor Deal.  We visited New Orleans, and talked to a variety of educators and community leaders who were all stakeholders in re-creating the local school system in the