Author: Charlie

Do Georgia’s Senators Side With Unions Or Georgia’s Workers?

This week’s Courier Herald column: A few months ago I wrote a column suggesting that it was time to accept electric vehicles as mainstream.  Too many, mostly from conservative political circles, associate the advancement in technology with overreaching political agendas. The two concepts can and should be treated separately.  Adapting to new technologies and incorporating

A Few Words About Educators In Their Communities

Last week’s Courier Herald column: I’ve spent much of the summer outside of Metro Atlanta.  “Work From Home” is now more fully understood as “Work From Anywhere” and I’ve been long overdue to connect with the other Georgia. “Other Georgia” is where I grew up, before Atlanta grew to the point of encompassing my rural

Legislators To Meet In November To Draw New Maps

Last week’s Courier Herald Column: Georgia lawmakers will return to the Georgia capitol on Wednesday, November 3rd in order to reset district lines for themselves, members of Congress, and local elected officials.  You’ll read a lot about this process between now and then.  Consider this a primer to help sort out what will be news