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A Belated Thank You Note To Speaker David Ralston

This week’s Courier Herald column: David Ralston became Speaker of Georgia’s House in 2010.  While most outsiders were secure in knowing that Georgia had spent the past 8 years flipping to a solidly Republican state, there were serious problems below the surface.  The GOP front runner to succeed Governor Sonny Perdue was mired in scandal,

At Georgia’s Capitol, The More Things Stay The Same, The More They Are Changing

This week’s Courier Herald column: The headlines this week were all about the elections.  The real news this week in Georgia politics is that Georgia House Speaker David Ralston is dealing with a significant health issue, and has set in motion the process for House members to select his successor. One would assume then that

Republicans On Verge Of Taking Control Of US House 

Last week’s Courier Herald column; It appears it didn’t post as scheduled. Still…enjoy some post election analysis before we’re actually post election – cbh There’s a bit of a conundrum when writing for both print and online publications with a filing deadline days before an election.  Some readers will get this before the final votes

The Hotel California Midterm Elections

This week’s Courier Herald column: “It’s the Economy Stupid.”  That was the simple and succinct internal slogan used by Democratic Strategist James Carville to keep Bill Clinton’s first campaign for President on track and on message, despite all the internal and external noise that constantly threatened to derail it.  As a former governor from a

Battery Recycling Now Part of Georgia’s EV Future

This week’s Courier Herald column: You’ve likely seen the meme shared on Facebook.  It purports to be an electric car graveyard in France.  There are variations on the text surrounding the photo, but the conclusion suggested is generally the same:  EV’s are bad because the expensive batteries soon go bad and the cars are junked,