Author: Charlie

Helping Our Neighbors In Plains

This week’s Courier Herald column: A couple of weeks ago I wrote a column suggesting that the best way we could deal with the great problems and challenges we’re facing was to adopt the 11th commandment and love thy neighbor.  It was quite figurative, complete with references to the parable of The Good Samaritan and

Finding America Starts At Home

This week’s Courier Herald column: A year ago about this time I wrote a column called “America The Beautiful”, in which I described an 8,000-mile road trip.  The overriding point of that piece was that the real beauty of our country is in its people.  This is best experienced and appreciated in person, and I

Budget Deal Reached: Furlough Days Averted

It’s a most unusual budget during a most unusual session of the Georgia General Assembly. The Conference Committee report on the FY 2021 Georgia state budget has been signed, and for state employees and local school systems, it’s better than expected. Given that much of the tax generating engines of the state were closed for

Tax Bill Aims To Unwind A Decade of Prosperity

This week’s Courier Herald column: When part of a governing majority, members of the political party in charge get both credit and blame for the state of current events.  Georgia’s Republicans have run for re-election several times sharing the success stories of economic transformation in the aftermath of the great recession.  Many that have taken

Covid Returns To GA Capitol

Email in-box reminds us that we’re still in session, but still also in a pandemic: While we’re all trying to work and re-establish normalcy as much as possible, it’s also time to remember that we each have some personal responsibility to keep Covid-19 from spreading.