Author: Charlie

Doctors & pharmacists seek to block Medicaid merger

This week’s Courier Herald column: Georgia makes few apologies about being a “business friendly” state.  In fact, it promotes the concept as the “number one state to do business” as publicly as possible.  Thus, when powerful organizations popular with Georgia’s governing majority party announce opposition to a proposed merger, it is worth some time understanding

Governor Orders Evacuation From Coastal Counties; Others Add Encouragement To Heed Warnings

We interrupt your holiday because a hurricane wants to do so as well. This morning, Governor Brian Kemp has ordered the mandatory evacuation of six Georgia coastal counties. To aid the evacuation, I-16 will have “contra-flow” beginning tomorrow, with eastbound lanes converted to additional westbound lanes in order to expedite traffic away from the coast.

Joint State Budget Hearings Set For September

First the old business: Governor Brian Kemp has asked for state agencies to prepare for across the board budget cuts of 4% to 6%. In order to ensure time and planning to analyze, prioritize, and implement possible spending reductions, Speaker David Ralston announced earlier this month that the House would commence budget hearings early this

Today Was Senator Isakson’s Day

This morning we were greeted with a bit of a surprise from Senator Isakson, with the now well covered news of his early retirement. He’s made no secret of his health challenges, and a recent fall with broken ribs combined with a newly discovered issue with his kidneys have led him to decide that it

Former Clerk Of Georgia House Robbie Rivers Has Died

ATLANTA – Today, Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) announced the passing of former Clerk of the House Robert E. Rivers Jr.: “No one loved serving others as much as Robbie Rivers. He loved this state and he loved the Georgia House of Representatives. Robbie was never too busy to help a new representative who sincerely

On the great chicken wars of 2019

This week’s Courier Herald column: We’re in the middle of a fight that wasn’t expected.  Fueled by media that caters to click-bait stories, social media warriors were quick to choose sides and take up arms.  The physical battleground was well represented at high noon Sunday in Cobb County on Windy Hill Road, just down from