Author: Charlie

Good Police Work Requires Public Commitment

Courier Herald column for week of June 18th This story got my attention, as many news stories shared via social media are designed to do.  The headline was intriguing.  Some would call it click-bait, but if it works, it works. “Police say a man and his friends ran up a $100 tab, but he left

About Those Infrastructure Projects?  Hurry Up And Wait.

Courier Herald column for week of June 11th Last month officials announced federal approval for Georgia’s third “inland port” in Gainesville.  It is a major train to truck intermodal station designed to get containerized freight quickly and directly to and from the Port of Savannah utilizing an express rail network. In addition to making it

What Are You Going To Be When You Grow Up?

Courier Herald column for week of May 28th What are you going to be when you grow up?  That’s the question the high school class of 2023 has been asked since their youngest days.  Toddlers seem much more confident in their answers of fireman, astronaut, or ballerina than those in high school.  That’s quite understandable,