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House Majority Whip Trey Kelley Announces Whip Team

Georgia House Majority Whip Trey Kelley has announced the team of folks that will count (and sometimes secure) votes for Republicans in the House over the next two years. Kelley said in a press release, “Our Whip team consists of military veterans, practicing physicians, and small business owners. Having the ability to draw from such

Morning Reads For Friday, January 18th

Howdy. Filling in today, so the format will be…whatever it is. Also, M.L.K Day is Monday. Get your banking and postal errands done today. Georgia: Governor Kemp proposed a $27.5 Billion budget yesterday for FY 2020, a $1.3 Billion increase from FY 2019. Teachers are proposed to get $3,000, other state employees 2%, $1 Million

Georgia Agriculture Gets More Clout in D.C.

While most issues in Washington remain hyper-partisan, there are often other divisions which often determine terms of battle – and who has the upper hand on final decisions. Agriculture is one such industry/political arena. There are a lot of folks in the mid-west that think Agriculture is their pet area. Iowa, home of the first

Senate Names Chairmen For New Session

New Year, New Lieutenant Governor, New Senate Committee Assignments. Some notable changes from last year: Senator P.K. Martin is now the Chair of the Senate Education and Youth Committee, replacing Senator Lindsey Tippins who now chairs Senate Higher Ed. Health and Human Services is now chaired by Senator Ben Watson, with Renee Unterman moving to

Georgia General Assembly, Live!

So, you want to keep up with the General Assembly, but you don’t want to drive to Atlanta, fight parking, and/or you have an aversion to metal detectors? The General Assembly has your back. Legislators convene this morning at 10am. They’ll do a bit of pageantry, swear in new members, officially elect leaders and rules,

President Bud Peterson Retiring From GA Tech

Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson has told Georgia Institute of Technology faculty and staff via campus wide email that he will be stepping down this Summer: From: …On Behalf Of GT PresidentSent: Monday, January 7, 2019 11:27 AM Subject: Looking Ahead: Plans for the Future To the Georgia Tech campus community: I have indicated to

New Year, New You, New Politics?

This week’s Courier Herald column: It’s a new year.  Gyms are packed this week.  Sales of diet plans and related foods are peaking.  It’s going to be different this year, we all tell ourselves.  We’re going to do better.  Resolutions.  I’m sure the root word has some meaning of “lies we tell ourselves to make