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300 New Jobs Coming To Bainbridge

Rural Georgia is getting in on the Economic Development game. Yesterday, Taurus USA, a manufacturer of firearms, announced it was going to locate a $22.5 Million dollar manufacturing facility in Bainbridge, in deep Southwest Georgia. While the pursuit of Amazon has some thinking Georgia’s Economic Development efforts are focused only on one company or just

Fresh Tea Leaves Coming This Week From GA’s Capitol

This week’s Courier Herald column: Several questions will be answered this week in the Georgia General Assembly that will have an impact on Georgia’s long term future. These will bleed into upcoming campaigns and, with most statewide offices up for election, will thus send an early signal of how Georgia will be governed as well

Rep. Buddy Carter’s Tax Reform Tour

Congressman Buddy Carter conducted a tax reform tour last week with constituents across the 1st District of Georgia to discuss the benefits of federal tax reform, which was recently passed in Congress and signed into law. He had 15 events across the district with high school students, college students, small businesses, large businesses, chambers, and

Delta: We Don’t Need The NRA; Jeffares: Delta Doesn’t Need A Tax Break

Delta has a knack for poor political timing. I’m old enough to remember when former CEO Richard Anderson told a Chamber gathering that lawmakers need not be “chickens” when raising gas taxes, right before he insisted on a tax break for jet fuel. They’ve waded in heavily on RFRA legislation, strongly making the point that