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Georgia: Record Number Of Jobs; Unemployment Rate Matches All Time Low

Some good news this morning, via a press release from Governor Brian Kemp: Atlanta, GA – This week, Georgia Department of Labor Commissioner Mark Butler announced Georgia’s unemployment rate fell to 3.4%, matching the lowest percentage since 1976. Additionally, Georgia set a record number for total jobs in the state at 4.64 million. Since 2010, Georgia has added

What are we cheering for?

This week’s Courier Herald column: Sometimes it takes a swift kick in the gut to assess where we are, why we do what we do, and what we should be doing going forward.  For sports fans in Georgia, we’ve been provided ample opportunity.  It was a week that began and ended with embarrassing losses by

Georgia moving to the next level

This week’s Courier Herald column: Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium had a bit of a coming out party Saturday night.  A record capacity crowd greeted Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish and kept the stadium rocking until almost midnight.  A national TV audience was able to witness Georgia grind out a victory.  It was a great night

Georgia Ports: Here we grow again

This week’s Courier Herald column: I’ve covered the “State of the Port” address in Savannah about six or seven times now.  The meeting hosted by the Georgia Ports Authority and the Savannah chapter of the Propeller Club of the United States fills the Savannah Convention Center ballroom to capacity every year.  It’s a room where

On the great chicken wars of 2019

This week’s Courier Herald column: We’re in the middle of a fight that wasn’t expected.  Fueled by media that caters to click-bait stories, social media warriors were quick to choose sides and take up arms.  The physical battleground was well represented at high noon Sunday in Cobb County on Windy Hill Road, just down from

Let’s Talk About Trucks

This week’s Courier Herald column: Whenever a public discussion begins about needed improvements for Georgia’s infrastructure, camps quickly form and divide into a battle of transit versus roads.  The debate devolves into whether people want to ride together in transit, or whether we can build enough roads for everyone to be able to drive in

McKnight Takes Helm Of Georgia Ports Authority As Growth Continues

The Georgia Ports Authority today elected William D. McKnight to chair their board of directors. McKnight, formerly Vice-Chairman, replaces Jimmy Allgood in a planned succession. Also elected were Patrick “Kelly” Farr Jr. as Vice-Chairman and Joel O. Wooten as treasurer. Background on all of these gentlemen is below in the press release issued by G.P.A.