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Chris Riley Tries Subtlety

Chris Riley, Governor Nathan Deal’s Chief of Staff, doesn’t usually do “subtle”. He’s blunt. He’s direct. If you have to question what he just told you, you’re likely not paying attention. And his words have the full backing of the office of the Governor, and have for the past seven years. This tweet, however, has

African-American Prison Rate Dropped 30% Under Governor Deal

“Unless we provide the appropriate tools of supervision that facilitate a successful reentry into society, history has shown that offenders simply return to the prison population. Right now in Georgia, nearly one in three leaving our prisons are reconvicted within three years. We must shut this revolving door! This is something we can do and

State Of The State At 11am: Watch Live

Governor Nathan Deal will offer his final state of the state address this morning.  Expect a bit of a reflection – a well earned victory lap if you will.  This is not, however, a Governor who is ready to rest on his laurels.  There are things he still wishes to accomplish.  He previewed at least

Welcome To The 2018 Legislative Session

Monday starts the 2018 legislative session.  It’s a monumental session for multiple reasons, but the biggest one is that it’s Governor Nathan Deal’s final legislative session.  That means political posturing by Republicans in both chambers who look to aim for higher office as Governor Deal’s departure from the house in West Paces creates vacancies in

Abrams Proposes Earned Income Tax Credit for Georgia

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams says she wants an Earned Income Tax Credit in Georgia. Unveiling her sweeping “Economic Mobility Plan” on Thursday (PDF), Abrams said Georgia’s version would start with a refundable credit at 5% of the federal EITC. Eventually the state EITC would move to a 10% credit. The cost of the Georgia