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Governor Deal Appoints Brian Robinson To Georgia World Congress Center Board

Governor Nathan Deal announced today that he will be appointing his former deputy chief of staff of communications Brian Robinson to the board that oversees the Georgia World Congress Center.  You can read the announcement for yourself: Robinson is the owner of Robinson Republic, a communications consulting firm. He previously served as the deputy chief

There’s Still Time For A Surprise Entrant Into GAGOP Gubernatorial Race

Kyle Wingfield penned an opinion piece Monday (warning: paywall) that pointed to an issue that Republicans don’t want to admit: the 2018 mid-terms will be a tough election.  The fact is that Democrats are galvanized by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s stinging loss in 2016.  They tried, and failed, to convince constituents of Georgia’s

What Last Night Means for Georgia

Ralph Northam(D) won Virginia last night in overwhelming fashion over Ed Gillespie(R). Polls had the race close. Progressive groups like Democracy for America had pulled their support, saying he was too moderate. National pundits were talking about how he couldn’t motivate the voters Democrats need to win. And yet he won by 10%. It’s a

Preparing For A New Era In Georgia

This week’s Courier Herald column: Eight years ago the state of Georgia was reeling from a total collapse in the US housing and financial markets. Banks were failing here at the highest rate in the nation. Even the soundest real estate transactions were viewed as speculative investments. Our unemployment rate soared well above the national

AFL-CIO Endorses Abrams’ Gubernatorial Bid

Perhaps the most important institution in Georgia Democratic Party politics, the Georgia AFL-CIO, endorsed Stacey Abrams as Georgia’s next governor. Most importantly for now, Abrams rival in the primary, Stacey Evans, has far fewer paths to victory. GA AFL-CIO president Charlie Fleming said of the Abrams’ endorsement: “I have already seen Stacey Abrams’ leadership in