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“Repeal and Replace” is Dead – What Does that Mean for Georgia?

Monday night at a dinner with select Senators, in his typical bombastic way, President Trump said they — presumably meaning Senate Republicans and not Republicans in general to include him — would look like “dopes,” and also “terrible” and “weak,” if they didn’t pass the Better Care Reconciliation Act. Almost simultaneously, two Senators not at the meeting,

Five Georgias: Health Care

This week’s Courier Herald column. You can read the rest of this series by following this link. As we continue this series on the five geographic and economic regions that define the governing coalitions that control Georgia politics, it’s time that we consider the politics of health care delivery in the state. The Affordable Care

“Same Liberal Tactics” from Frontiers of Freedom Group

Political Insider reported this morning that Congressman Buddy Carter is taking some heat for having his name on a bill with Elizabeth Warren. Apparently, a group called Frontiers of Freedom based in Virginia is running this ad: Some facts that might be worth mentioning. Joseph Kennedy sponsored the bill in the House. There are 12 Co-Sponsors,