Morning Reads WITH PEACE

Our CD-6-inflicted nightmare is finally over.

While it seems a bit late: happy Father’s Day! “Accidents Will Happen” by Elvis Costello.

  1. Related: Gunshots are the third leading killer of children in the U.S. 
  2. Good thing we don’t have a gun problem in this country.
  3. Today is the most important vote of the week. 
  4. From the FBI to Emory Law School: Atlanta Big Law is Takin’ Over!
  5. Murals are the next major legal fight in Atlanta. 
  6. Polk County inmates to deputy: we got you, fam.
  7. Like the rest of the Trump Administration, Chris Wray can’t go a week without a mini-scandal. 
  8. Inside F1’s Quest for World Domination. 


State Bar Will Reprimand Speaker Ralston

A reprimand for House Speaker David Ralston is expected today during the State Bar of Georgia’s annual meeting.

The Daily Report says:

The State Bar of Georgia’s Disciplinary Review Panel is slated to issue its reprimand of Georgia House of Representatives Speaker David Ralston on Friday as the bar meets for its annual convention at Jekyll Island through the weekend.

The panel’s action was ordered by the Georgia Supreme Court in December after it unanimously agreed that Ralston, a practicing attorney in Blue Ridge, had violated bar rules prohibiting a lawyer from loaning money to a client while a case was pending and of using money from his trust account to do so.

No details were immediately available and I am not a lawyer so I can’t say what it means or what will happen.

Help Find Dan Rosen’s Killer

Dan Rosen was a great guy. He knew me my whole life and was friends with my family for decades. And he died of an apparent hit-and-run early Tuesday morning. There were no witnesses which doesn’t instill much confidence that the culprit(s) will ever be caught.

The AJC continues to follow the story and I read earlier today that Chanel 2 is going to do a story on Dan to help spread the word about him and find the guilty parties. Hopefully this post can add even a little bit to the search.

I really have nothing to add that I haven’t said on Reddit and elsewhere. He was my first adult friend when I was a kid, he was a constant presence growing up and he was a pillar of many communities in Atlanta, not least of which the good beer drinkers. Back at the old site he would pop in occasionally and likely knew many readers of from his political activities. I will miss him tremendously and hope all of you get a chance to tell someone how important they are to you.

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requeiscat in pace. 

Atlanta Lawyer Nominated as FBI Director

Christopher Wray, an attorney with King & Spalding, was tapped by President Trump to lead the FBI. 

I’m sure the announcement’s timing is completely coincidental to James Comey’s testimony beginning on Thursday. Right?

Wray has an office in D.C. and Atlanta. CNN erroneously referred to King & Spalding as a D.C.-based law firm which would be news to the law firm’s HQ in Atlanta. Wray has strong credentials with the DoJ leading the criminal division under President George W. Bush.


Morning Reads 6/7/17

Wow, what a debate last night! Two inspiring intellectual heavyweights representing the best elements of their parties had an uplifting, level-headed discussion! Somewhere that happened but it was not in CD-6.

“Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison.

  1. RIP to the voice of Wallace of “Wallace and Grommit.” 
  2. We should all have a slice of cheese in his honor.
  3. Jimmy Carter gets Gerald Ford’s medal. 
  4. Gwinnett ethics board says county commissioner violated ethics rules when calling John Lewis “a racist pig”. 
  5. Sanford Bishop “disappointed” with Trump. 
  6. Hank Johnson introduced legislation to prevent hacking of U.S. election systems. 
  7. The Pride of Georgia (AKA: GSU’s Robert Davis) got a hero’s welcome after being drafted. 
  8. NY Times travel section hearts Cumberland Island. 



Ossoff: I Was For Debating Handel As Much As Possible Before I Was Against It

So is Jon Ossoff now afraid of debating Karen Handel as much as possible or just afraid of how he will look on CNN? 

That’s the question to ask now that he’s ducking a tete-a-tete with Handel. Ossoff won’t agree to participate in the Atlanta Press Club debate, scheduled to be broadcast on CNN. (Really, dude? EVERYONE does the Press Club debates…maybe you’ve forgotten that in D.C.)

You, dear reader, will recall that Ossoff proposed six debates with Handel. For some reason, the venerable APC series was deemed beneath Ossoff. (Spare me the tripe of wanting only debates moderated by “the metro Atlanta press corps”).

This also follows a barrage of attacks from Ossoff acolytes against Handel for not agreeing to the upstart Democrat’s first debate proposal.

At the end of the day, Ossoff now is afraid of debating Handel; plain and simple.

Atlanta, Possibly College Park, Will Defy Trump on Paris Accord

Kasim Reed is one of the 92 (and growing) mayors and governors who will continue to honor the Paris Climate Accord, even if the United States won’t. 

Using the conservative saw that local leaders know what’s better for their people than officials in D.C., this proves Trump’s decision was bad for Americans.

According to my count, 33 states and D.C. have officials that will honor the Paris Accord. Ipso facto, the majority of America knows Trump is wrong.

Mayor Reed published a statement on Thursday calling Trump’s decision “disappointing and isolates our country.”

Reed also signed the letter from the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda that denounced Trump’s decision. College Park is listed on the group’s website as a “Partner City”.

Morning Reads With Good Covfefe

Is it non-crazy to believe the POTUS is now just an act, a la Rush/Sean/Glenn etc to intentionally troll us? And just… why? Oh right. White Baby Boomers had their feelings hurt by liberals.

“The House I Live In (That’s America to Me)” live at Madison Square Garden by Frank Sinatra.

  1. Help Kayla Elizabeth find her beloved stuffed dog in a reindeer dress (last seen at Hartsfield).
  2. Legitimately bad ex-cops find employment in schools. That doesn’t seem wise. 
  3. Democrats begin worrying if Ossoff can be taken seriously. 
  4. Fewer Peaches? The South is Aghast!
  5. The latest, far-too-long, national profile of CD-6 in the New York Times. (At this point I want them to both lose).
  6. Hampton Civil War museum shuts down after proprietors invent claim of county commission meddling over Confederate Flag. Truly my heart weeps for the Nash Farm Battlefield Museum.

Albany BBQ First Part of Stacey Abrams’ Gubernatorial Bid

Let’s get the important details out of the way: the BBQ will come from Dunbar’s.

And on June 3 you can sample said que as Stacey Abrams holds the first public event in her nascent gubernatorial bid.

Starting in Albany is full of significance. Clinton secured 68.5% of the vote against Trump. Dougherty County is 67% African American and is way OTP. All important when running against a white, Atlanta Democrat in the primary.

In an email sent out on Tuesday, Abrams’ campaign said she “will speak with community members about their vision for a brighter Georgia…Attendees will be able to meet with Leader Abrams and discuss the critical issues facing Georgians in the community.”

The event in Chehaw Park starts at 3PM with speeches scheduled for 4PM.

There will also be Snow Cones.


George Will: “Militantly Vanilla” Ossoff’s Victory Could Spell Doom for GOP in 18

How to read George Will’s latest column on the CD-6 circus?

Will laments that politics is increasingly not local while flying down to Atlanta* to write what he knows will be an internationally-circulated piece that breaks no new ground on an “anodyne” candidate.

But he’s still able to turn a decent phrase about how both candidates are pretty bad and this race should be forgotten if it weren’t for the savant who partially lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And ultimately Will’s not wrong. 

Anyway y’all are dying to dissect the minutest of minutia of the race and I’m here to give you what you need want.

*Surely I’m not the only one who thinks he never left the Ritz-Carlton. So does he have any sense of Georgia’s political pulse?