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3M More Atlantans By 2050 Would Push Us To The Brink. Oh Yeah, And Where’s The Water?

Prepare to get really, really, cozy in Metro Atlanta. The Atlanta Regional Commission predicts an addition 2.9 million people could move to Atlanta by 2050. That’s the equivalent population of Denver. We’ll also have a substantially less white metropolitan area (47.5% now down to 31% if the forecasts are correct) with a total population of

Dekalb Gets Confederate History Right

What’s the proper context for Lost Cause storytelling? That it’s an erroneous re-casting of history. Earlier this week, the Dekalb County properly placed the Decatur Confederate memorial in history. The obelisk, heavy in Lost Cause tripe, deserves no official and unchecked memorialization in front of a seat of government. However, to remove this monument, and

Sarah Riggs Amico Calls for Kavanaugh Impeachment

We finally have a bold move in the 2020 Senate race. Sarah Riggs Amico who is challenging Perdue/Possibly the Other Republican said she thinks SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached. Riggs Amico made the announcement following a New York Times report expanding the morass around Kavanaugh, his time as a student at Yale and

Beth Beskin Running for SCOGA

Former State Rep. Beth Beskin entered the fray for soon-to-be-vacant Supreme Court of Georgia seat. Beskin joins former Congressman John Barrow and Judge Sara Doyle who are already running to replace Justice Robert Benham. From her campaign: Conservative Beth Beskin Launches Campaign for Georgia Supreme Court Today, experienced attorney Beth Beskin announced her campaign for

Atlanta School Board Wins Proxy War

Call it chutzpah or moxie or whatever you like, but the Atlanta Board of Education just rebuked seemingly the entirety of Atlanta’s business and political leaders. In a closed-door session, the Board declined to renew the contract of Superintendent Meria Carstarphen. Or, in the words of AJC education reporter Maureen Downey: “Yikes.” To fully contextualize

Oct 1 Runoff for HD-71 Election

Republicans Philip Singleton and Marcy Westmoreland Sakrison were the top vote-getters in last night’s election for the HD-71 seat in southwest metro Atlanta. They will face off again in the October 1 runoff. The AJC details the results and how the two remaining candidates represent The Establishment(TM) and Anti-Establishment(TM) wings of the GOP.

GA Dems Leader Right to See Golden Opportunity

Georgia Democratic Party chair Nikema Williams is right to say we’re the battleground, and not just because we’re electing 1/50th of the Senate. Getting lost as Republicans begin their coronation process is there may be little, if any, advantage to being a Republican in Georgia next year. Charlie semi-alluded to it that, yes, both parties