Sonny Perdue Testifying In Front Of Senate Agriculture Committee’s favorite First Republican Governor of Georgia Since Reconstruction is in D.C. this morning starting the process to become America’s Secretary of Agriculture.

C-SPAN is livestreaming all the glory that is Sonny Perdue’s testimony and you can watch the feed here. Let us know what sticks out to you in the comments below.

Perdue seems likely to sail through the nomination process. 

Morning Reads on 3-22-17

I’m so glad I’m livin’ in the U.S.A. Anything you want, we got right here in the U.S.A.

“Back in the USA” by Chuck Berry. 

  1. Hall County teachers trying to re-create Breaking Bad but with cocaine, heroin. 
  2. Why isn’t Atlanta the Nashville of hip-hop?
  3. Because Atlanta is the Atlanta of hip-hop.
  4. Memorial Drive’s Greenway final plan unveiled and it should be awesome(And permanently price me out of the neighborhood).
  5. “Safe harbor” vs. “sanctuary” debate at Emory gets national attention. 
  6. Marketplace also reports on the dire future for Georgia’s rural hospitals and the even more dire future for the citizens they serve. 
  7. Eats: A true Atlanta treasure. 
  8. If you had to guess the one evening newscast experiencing growth you wouldn’t have guessed PBS’s “NewsHour.”
  9. PEN/Faulkner Award finalists announced. 
  10. Man Booker Prize longlist announced. 

Secretary Sonny Good For Pork Projects; Will Have Stricter Ethics Than Trump

Former Governor Sonny Perude is expected to sail through his nomination hearings which begin Thursday.

Perdue was nominated as Agriculture Secretary by President Trump but Perdue’s nomination was held up due to paperwork issues. It’s still unclear what caused said hold up but regardless, Perdue can book his plane tickets to DCA now.

When the hearings begin, Perude will have the backing of nearly 700 agriculture groups, Tom Vilsack who was AgSec under President Obama, the implied approval of the ranking Democrat on the Senate Agriculture Committee and perhaps best of all, the National Pork Producers Council (who also brought you today’s slightly misleading headline). 

Undoubtedly there’s opposition to Perdue but the strongest I can find comes from the Center for Biological Diversity (with whom then-Gov. Perdue sparred over rattlesnake legislation).

Another fun fact: Perdue will put his business assets in a blind trust as AgSec. That’s something President Trump has steadfastly refused to do, instead holding himself to an absurdly and pathetically lax ethical standard. Most notably, Perdue also refused to put his assets in a blind trust as governor.

Morning Reads for Halfway Through Women’s History Month

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“At Peace With Woman” by The Jones Girls. 

  1. Can it be a bloodbath if 6th CD Dems all bring letter openers to a knife fight? 
  2. Sonny Perdue’s special brand of patronage is headed to DC! 
  3. Washington Post is stunned to learn Southerners don’t like the KKK anymore. 
  4. GSP rescues puppies–cute photos inside! 
  5. East Lake development may not be all it’s cracked up to be. 
  6. UGA professor opines on Dutch election in Financial Times

The following bills will be on the Senate floor on WEDNESDAY,MARCH 15:


  • HB 39 – Real estate professionals; disciplinary actions and sanctions; change certain provisions (RI&U-49th) Powell-32nd
  • HB 44 – General appropriations; State Fiscal Year July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 (Substitute) (APPROP-4th) Ralston-7th
  • HB 83 – Firefighters’ Pension Fund; invest up to 10 percent in real estate; provide (Substitute) (RET-6th) Maxwell- 17th
  • HB 213 – Crimes and offenses; sale, manufacture, delivery, or possession of fentanyl within the prohibition of trafficking certain drugs; include (JUDY-6th) Golick-40th
  • HB 359 – Supporting and Strengthening Families Act; enact  (H&HS-45th) Fleming- 121st


Raphael Bostic Named New Atlanta Federal Reserve President, First Black Regional Fed Prez

The Atlanta Fed has a new leader.

On Monday, Raphael Bostic was named as the new president and CEO of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank.

An economist by training, Bostic was an assistant secretary at HUD before serving as a professor at USC.

Bostic is also the first African-American to serve as president of a regional Federal Reserve bank.

Tom Fanning, Chairman of the Atlanta Fed Board of Directors and Chairman, President and CEO of the Southern Company said of Bostic: “He is a seasoned and versatile leader, bringing with him a wealth of experience in public policy and academia. Raphael also has significant experience leading complex organizations and managing interdisciplinary teams. He is a perfect bridge between people and policy.”

Bostic’ joins the bank at an auspicious time. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is meeting and seems to be poised to announce an interest rate hike. 

Tom Price is Bungling the Obamacare Repeal Messaging

Sign Tom Price up as an adherent of alternative facts (heretofore known as lies).

The HHS Secretary took to NBC’s “Today” show this morning to defend the House GOP’s plan to repeal Obamacare.

When pressed on the fact that the CBO said eventually 24 million Americans could lose their healthcare coverage with the Republican legislation, Price attempted to weasel out, instead continuing to rail against Obamacare.

“The fact of the matter is Obamacare has failed,” Price said.

“The report only looked at one third of our plan,” he added saying “every American will have access to coverage.”

As Savannah and Matt said, “access to coverage” is a vastly different proposition than coverage.

I’m glad that Price can now speak authoritatively to the CBO report. Yesterday he “strenuously” disagreed with the report even though he admitted not to having read it. I don’t exactly expect a Cabinet-level secretary to have immediate reaction to a 37-page report, but then just say “we are continuing to review the report” before making sweeping statements on it’s merits. Or work for an administration that is not content just blithely making stuff up for the sake of making stuff up.

GAPol CollegeInsider.Com & NCAA Tournaments Challenge

Step right up and try your luck for our two post-season basketball challenges!

First, we will make single-game predictions for the Postseason Tournament starting with Georgia State’s first game and… well, only dealing with GSU’s championship run.

The secondary act is the NCAA Tournament. GAPol’s bracket group is here.  The password is “TrumpisGod” and the group name is Ron Hunter’s Acolytes. You may enter two brackets: one mascot based/homeristic and one actually predictive.

Do that and be sure to post your Final Four below. (Gonzaga, Villanova, Purdue and Butler).

Isakson’s High-Minded Pot Rescheduling Idea

From Allen Peake’s Twitter feed, we learned that Sen. Johnny Isakson says marijuana “ought to be rescheduled.”

Currently, marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug, meaning the DEA believes pot is more dangerous than oxycodone and cocaine (a patently risible position).

There was chatter about marijuana being rescheduled in 2016 but that obviously did not happen.

(Also, this was published at 11:04.20 AM)

David Scott: “We Got Smoke and Mirrors” with Trump/GOP/RyanCare

Speaking to WABE on Wednesday, Georgia Congressman David Scott lambasted “The World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017” (yes, that’s it actual name), saying a bi-partisan committee needs to formed to create a new bill.

“We got smoke and mirrors here”, Scott said adding that Obamacare is not perfect either. 

“This bill has to be removed from consideration,” Scott said.

Weve got to find a way here to find Democrats and Republicans to come together.”

Scott said his top priority to change with the new bill is medical liability insurance reform.

WABE’s website has a full 17-minute interview which I have not listened to yet but I’m curious to hear more of what Scott has to say.