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Morning Reads for December 6, 2017

I’ve listened to approximately 373 hours of Christmas music thus far….and I’m just getting warmed up (meaning I haven’t even played Mannheim Steamroller yet). “Last Christmas” by your girl and mine Taylor Swift. Georgia State legend (and some say greatest Georgia football player ever) Robert Davis added to Redskins active roster.  Coke’s $2.6 million grant

Jeffares “All In” For Quixotic Campaign

Sen. Rick Jeffares, riding the windfall of his major legislative accomplishments the…uh…we’ll get back to you on that… and presumably ready to reach a decision on how to avoid a massive conflict of interest as Lieutenant Governor is leaving the state senate so he can campaign full time for Lite Gov. Now, usually when you have

Morning Reads With Thanks

I’m thankful for all my loyal fans (IE: the entirety of GAPol’s readership). And to anyone who isn’t on board:    White House shares Sen. Perdue’s op-ed.  And the best junior senator from Georgia sends happy birthday wishes to the 3rd Infantry Division.  Kennesaw realizes it will have to readjust if it wants to survive. 

NARAL to Karen Handel: You’ve Gone “Too Far”

When does the debate on abortion begin? Probably not with tax bills. Certainly not with tax bills if you are NARAL, which took issue over Karen Handel’s “pushing” the new GOP tax bill*. In other words: NARAL views Handel’s seat as vulnerable and on that we agree. In a statement released ahead of Thursday’s vote

Morning Reads for November 15

Who else is waiting for Aug. 11 of next year? (That’s when my girl Tay-Tay plays at Mercedes-Benz Stadium). Buzz Brockaway to those living close to MARTA: Buzz off!  Almost assuredly Republicans will abandon their local-control-is-best ethos over ATL’s decision.  Suburbians don’t like Trump–will Georgia Democrats capitalize?  The NYTimes offers another perspective on the same theme.