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August 16th’s Morning Reads

2017: When it became controversial for Republicans to denounce Nazis in America. Wither the Party of Reagan. “Bash the Fash” by Oi Polloi. Stacey Abrams: You know what is a totally practical idea that is in no way grandstanding? Removing the Stone Mountain carvings.  Decatur (the real one) wants in on that action, too! Maybe

Georgia’s Leading Conservative Newspapers Sold to GateHouse Media

Morris Publishing Group announced early this morning they sold their print and digital assets to GateHouse Media. The publishing group owned papers in Savannah, Athens, Augusta, Jacksonville (eh, close enough), Juneau (….not close enough) and other cities in Florida and Texas. Announcing the sale on the websites of its newspapers, the parent company of Morris

Morning Reads for August 9, 2017

Due to technical problems these will be like the slugfest that is the battle for second place in the NL East: embarrassing for anyone involved or watching. “Dreams of the Everyday Housewife” by Glen Campbell (rip big homie) Six straight record-setting years for GSU. Delta continues to separate itself from its American rivals. Cato Scholar:

Is Johnny Isakson Losing Faith in Donald Trump?

Johnny Isakson sat down with The Marietta Daily Journal recently and reading between the lines, he appears to have a growing unease with U.S. President Donald Trump. The most telling exchange came when Isakson was asked about Trump’s ban on transgender Americans serving in the military. Quote Isakson (emphasis added): “That came out of left field. We

Mayor Reed Shows President Trump How to Fight the Media

Top tips: Don’t just tweet Be coherent  Hit three targets with one shot Come at your enemies correct Those are the big takeaways from Mayor Reed’s masterclass in elected official whining fighting with the media, following Maria Saporta’s latest column. Unwilling to be content with hating on Saporta, Reed had to ensure Cathy Woolard and