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President Carter Earns Top Award From Georgia Conservancy

The Georgia Conservancy paid tribute to one of it’s charter members. That man is President Jimmy Carter who received The Distinguished Conservationist award. At the November 7 ecoBenefête event, President Carter was lauded for his “profound and lasting impact on the conservation and protection of Georgia’s natural resources.” Carter was unable to attend the event

Bipartisan Resolution Marking 40th Anniversary of Iran Hostage Crisis

Senators Johnny Isakson, Richard Blumenthal and Patrick Lahey introduced a resolution marking the 40th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis. The resolution was introduced on October 31 ahead of the 40th anniversary on November 4. The resolution (PDF) is currently in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Isakson said in a press release on Monday: “The

$135 Billion in Isakson-Backed Measures Approved by Senate

Senator Isakson is, shockingly, pleased with the passage of H.R. 3055. The resolution, passed on Halloween, includes the Senate’s 2020 fiscal year appropriation bills for six Cabinet-level agencies and science-related agencies. In total, the bill includes more than $135,000,000,000 in projects backed by Senator Isakson. “Key Georgia priorities including our military bases, the Centers for

Cong. Johnson to Urge DACA Recipients to Renew Status

On November 5, Congressman Hank Johnson and the Latin American Association and Informed Immigrant will host a press conference updating Atlanta on potential changes to DACA. From a press release: The press conference will take place at the Latin American Association Atlanta Outreach Center with the goal of educating DACA recipients and the Atlanta community on the

MSNBC Confirms Details for Atlanta Presidential Debate

Four moderators, all women, will keep the November 20 Democratic Presidential debate humming along. MSNBC, the broadcaster for the debate, tapped Atlanta as the host in early October. But it wasn’t until today that the network confirmed the details of the debate including the venue: Tyler Perry Studios. A mere nine candidates are likely to

3M More Atlantans By 2050 Would Push Us To The Brink. Oh Yeah, And Where’s The Water?

Prepare to get really, really, cozy in Metro Atlanta. The Atlanta Regional Commission predicts an addition 2.9 million people could move to Atlanta by 2050. That’s the equivalent population of Denver. We’ll also have a substantially less white metropolitan area (47.5% now down to 31% if the forecasts are correct) with a total population of