Sen. Loeffler: The Anti Midas

I will admit I’ve been pretty harsh on Senator Kelly Loeffler. Although, let’s be honest, she’s suffered from self-inflicted damage.

And her latest stupid controversy is yet another example that qua Senator, Kelly Loeffler is the anti-Midas (everything she touches turns to s).

Loeffler’s comments only make sense when taken into consideration that she fundamentally misjudged what her appointment meant. She had no constituency and never really sought to build one and now she has to out-Collins Doug Collins.

In an attempt to be something she’s not, she’s also facing a revolt from her employees.

What makes this even worse: there’s simply no way she could not have known this would make her a pariah in a vain attempt to save her other job. So if she loses her election what does she come back to? Being a minority owner of a team that doesn’t want to play for her?

There’s plenty of time until November, yes. But she’s shown plenty of aptitude at saying incredibly stupid stuff. Such as making up some stat that Black Lives Matter (a non-centralized organization) wants to defund the police in five years.

Even as a weird incumbent in yet a weirder race, you don’t want to be trailing your challengers as Sen. Loeffler is. I suppose her strategy is to make sure no one gets 50%+1 because she’s not getting any crossover support.

Kelly Loeffler wants people to think that being a Senator means you can still be an outsider. As a betting man, I’m betting she’ll be an actual outsider in 2021.


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