Sen. Loeffler Finally Adopts Transparency, Divests From Stocks

It’s hard to not feel sympathy for Senator Loeffler after reading her woe-is-me op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. Still, it’s a good thing she’s finally doing what the honorable Senator should have done four months ago by divesting herself from her stock holdings. I mean, it isn’t as if elected officials should go above and beyond what is required to prove they aren’t acting to enrich themselves.

And after making a cool $18.7 million from selling stock in the company her husband runs (find me a Georgian who hasn’t) one thing I’ve learned from Sen. Loeffler: she’s the victim.

As of four days ago, Sen. Loeffler is still learning how to properly file required documents and deciding if she wants to disclose basic information about who is handling her money.

Hey, it’s a tough job being Senator!

Will this bring an end to the “media fixation” on Sen. Loeffler? Considering how poorly she and her staff have handled this, the answer is no.

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LaDawn LBJ Jones
LaDawn LBJ Jones
1 month ago

I guess she could have technically kept abusing her position to enrich herself. Good for her for quitting while she was only $18 million ahead (and before stocks tanked.). Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered. Not quite sure what $18M makes you.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse
1 month ago

There’s a distinct whiff about her trading, but $18.7M in trades isn’t the same as making “a cool $18.7M.”

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