Pres. Trump to Karen Handel: Oh–You’re Welcome.

President Trump is claiming credit for ensuring no Republican won in last night’s CD-6 race.

I suppose it’s a badge of honor that you can cause a ten-point swing in an election. But usually, only, you know, if your party benefits from said change.

Or maybe a loss is a win if you have the right alternative facts.

April 28. That’s When Trump Will MAGA.

MAGA of course meaning: Making Atlanta Greaterthanitalreadyiswhichisalreadyperfect At last.

April 28 is also the date President Trump will address the NRA Annual Meetings, taking place at the Georgia World Congress Center. The NRA tweeted the news on Friday. It will be the first time Trump qua President will visit the Peach State.

President Trump will also be the first sitting president to address an NRA Annual Meetings in 39 years when he speaks as part of the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum. A whole host of other speakers are on the line up including our own David Perdue.

Pres. Trump Makes Articulate, Fact-Based Analysis of CD-6 Race

Just kidding, we all know that’s impossible.

Instead, President Trump relied on his usual bombastic and semi-conspiratorial scolding (AKA: his most presidential sounding voice) to predict Republicans will win on Tuesday. Anyone want to hazard a guess if he even knows who the Republicans are? Methinks he has no clue.

By Robocalling Cell Phones, Tea Party Patriots Violates the Law

Shortly before 8:00 on Wednesday evening, I received a robocall on my cell phone from Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund urging me to call my congressman first thing in the morning and tell him what to do. Based on what I saw on social media, I wasn’t the only one who was called on a cell phone either.

My issue isn’t so much with the message sent bu Martin and the Tea Party. It’s the fact that the call itself was potentially illegal. Congress passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in order to protect consumers from unwanted auto dialed calls. From the Act:


(1) PROHIBITIONS.—It shall be unlawful for any person within the United States, or any person outside the United States if the recipient is within the United States—

(A) to make any call (other than a call made for emergency purposes or made with the prior express consent of the called party) using any automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice—

(i) to any emergency telephone line (including any “911” line and any emergency line of a hospital, medical physician or service office, health care facility, poison control center, or fire protection or law enforcement agency);

(ii) to the telephone line of any guest room or patient room of a hospital, health care facility, elderly home, or similar establishment; or

(iii) to any telephone number assigned to a paging service, cellular telephone service, specialized mobile radio service, or other radio common carrier service, or any service for which the called party is charged for the call;

Prior express consent has a legal definition that pretty much means what you think it does — it requires some sort of written or electronic signature that the person agrees to receive calls (or texts) on their cell phone. Failure to follow the FCC’s rules can result in a fine of up to $16,000 per call. For the record, I never gave Tea Party Patriots express written consent to call my cell phone. In reality, I regard the Tea Party Patriots as a scam PAC that doesn’t deserve my time or money. Continue reading “By Robocalling Cell Phones, Tea Party Patriots Violates the Law”

Wallace Trumped Cruz

George Wallace & Lyndon Johnson, 1965
George Wallace & Lyndon Johnson, 1965

For anyone familiar with Dan Carter’s The Politics of Rage, this election cycle, while rife with randomness, the tenor of this election cycle has been far from unpredictable.

Starting in the early 1960s and arguably reaching into the late 70s, George Wallace and his horde of out of control, states’ rights social warriors were a necessary part of building any coalition for Democrats.

Continue reading “Wallace Trumped Cruz”

WGST GeorgiaPol Radio for Friday April 22

It’s Friday, and we’re back in our regular slot for WGST GeorgiaPol radio at noon on 640AM.

It’s been a rather eventful week as we’ve transitioned fully into campaign season. So what are we going to talk about today? Let’s see.

We have prophet for profit Debbie Dooley discovering that threatening to sue isn’t the best way to get yourself elected as a delegate to the national convention.

Seems like that would be a natural to transition into a discussion about “angry mobs”, of which contributor Jessica writes a piece on her personal blog that is worthy of elevation and discussion.

We have new job numbers out that show the Atlanta region continues to add new jobs. Might be a good time to compare and contrast that with our “Number one State to do Business” tag in light of trying to navigate through the RFRA potential boycotts.

We’ll give Stefan equal time to declare that Hillary has won her coronation, and ask if Jim Barksdale has found the campaign trail yet.

I was on a debate panel this week in Cobb County for 2 House races and two local commission races. I found one common trait among the challengers in each of the races.

And somewhere in here, we’ll likely analyze the Trump vote vs the Trump delegates and then entertain the whining question of “Who is being unfair.”

That’s the plan. We’ll see if it holds for two hours until noon. 640 on your AM dial, or listen live at this link right here.

Mike Crane: False Prophet For Profit

FullSizeRenderOn Monday, Governor Nathan Deal vetoed HB 757.  Just now, I’ve received my third email from Mike Crane’s congressional campaign on the matter.  Two of the three were direct fundraising emails.  This latest one puts Senator Crane directly into the “ScamPAC” territory.

In the email, Crane threatens a false deadline of 48 hours “to choose”.  And what exactly are we choosing?  Well, per usual tactics of the professional anti-establishment wing, we have the ill defined but ever present boogeyman of “the establishment”.  Regardless, Crane needs to to give him $500, $250, $100, $50, or $25 to “show that we will not back down”.

But here’s the thing.  Like most professional grifters that prey on the fears of an unsettled electorate, Crane doesn’t actually link how these donations will help the actual fight or problem at hand.  Because they won’t.

Crane ran for Congress before he won his Senate seat.  He’s now abandoning the fight in the Senate in order to try and move up to a $174,000 per year salary so he can assume his rightful place in the “Vote against everything; Do nothing” caucus.  But a congressional district offers a much wider net for empty pontification.  And a much larger stage for ScamPAC fundraising. This “Constitutional Conservative” is raising money for a fight that remains within the State of Georgia, in order to fund a campaign for federal office. Bait, meet switch. Continue reading “Mike Crane: False Prophet For Profit”

Judging Paul Broun By His Fruits: Part 2

Last week, we started peeling back the layers of the self-propelled myth that Paul Broun is in politics because he is in selfless pursuit of a constitutional nation.  We’re using Matthew 7 to Judge career politician Broun on the fruits his political career has harvested.

Thus far, the bushel basket contains the fact that he significantly overspent his office budget carpet bombing his constituents with taxpayer funded mail leading up to his first re-election.  That’s not exactly the record of someone that is a taxpayer champion.  I’m sure going hat in hand to John Boehner to get a bailout and figure out who was going to pay his office staff during the last months of the year fits in Broun’s four part test somehow.

As we said last week that was unseemly, and maybe even unethical. But what happens next in this story was illegal. There’s a guilty plea to prove it.  Or at least, some of it.  Continue reading “Judging Paul Broun By His Fruits: Part 2”

Judging Paul Broun By His Fruits: Part 1

Paul Broun announced yesterday that he misses the $174,000 he used to make in a taxpayer funded salary.  After shopping various districts he’s decided to run against Congressman Doug Collins of Gainesville in Georgia’s 9th district.  Broun, a Congressman from Athens in the 10th Congressional district, now claims Clarkesville as home.  But no matter.  He’s legally allowed to serve wherever the voters elect him.  As such, the people that Broun has decided to offer himself to will need to know how to choose between uber-Conservative Collins and interloper Broun.  I’m here to help. Buckle up. And pace yourself.  This one is going to take more than one sitting.  Or you can read the Cliff’s Notes from an ad where Congressman Collins “welcomes” Broun into the race.

Let’s start with Matthew 7, 15-20:

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

So what fruit has the political career of Paul Broun borne?  Let’s take a look. Continue reading “Judging Paul Broun By His Fruits: Part 1”

Michael Graham Tries To Follow Debbie Dooley’s Money. Hilarity Ensues

Michael Graham is a Tea Party activist and radio talk show host on Atlanta’s 106.7. He’s on from 9-noon daily. And yesterday was quite the banner day for him. He had noted Tea Party face and friend of Al Gore Debbie Dooley on his show to give her endorsement of Donald Trump. Those of you that are familiar with Ms. Dooley probably know how the script went.

You can listen to the entire program here. I started at the 40:00 minute mark.

Note at the beginning Dooley asserts her credentials as a conservative activist as having been involved since 1976. She goes so far as to claim credit for the Reagan insurgency and Reagan Revolution with “We found Ronald Reagan. He was able to do that (take on the establishment and win).” This is humorous both for what she later says about Reagan, and that it just followed the beginning of an attack on Ted Cruz, whom Dooley now wishes to classify as establishment and the choice of Wall Street. Got that? Because Graham didn’t. An exchange a bit later in their conversation:

Graham: Now Debbie, Debbie, you and I have been in the ditches with the Tea Party from the beginning, There’s no way you can compare Ted Cruz’s record on small government conservatism, to pro-eminent domain, pro-socialized medicine, pro-tax hikes, pro-government regulation, Donald Trump. You can support him any way you like but you can’t pretend that there’s any connection between movement conservative Ted Cruz and life long New York Republican (not sure if Graham had air quotes around “Republican – it is radio after all) Donald Trump. Continue reading “Michael Graham Tries To Follow Debbie Dooley’s Money. Hilarity Ensues”