Abrams “Should Be” A Top Veep Pick

A massive study of Democratic primary voters from Monmouth University finds decent support for Stacey Abrams as Veep nominee.

The study was a follow-up to more than 14,000 interviews of likely Democratic primary voters, with 2,240 of those participants taking a second round of online interviews giving a primary post-mortem. But, this is the real kicker, Monmouth says that this is not a representative sample of the national Democratic party or voters nationally.

When it comes to Abrams here are a few key things to point out:

  • 63% say they would be very satisfied if Biden chose a black woman as the party’s nominee for vice president
  • Respondents seemed to gravitate toward women who were on the ticket when selecting their preferred nominee
  • Sen. Kamala Harris leads with 28% support
  • But! The other noteworthy picks are all around 10% and Abrams is the top non-former-presidential-candidate pick at 10%.
  • Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has support of 2% of the interviewees.

In a statement releasing the findings, Monmouth said Abrams and Congresswoman Val Demings, the other leading non-POTUS hopeful, “should be top contenders according to Democratic primary voters.”

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