Biden”Very Seriously” Vetting Bottoms, Abrams “Not A Priority”

In Sunday’s New York Times we moved to a new stage of uncertainty about the Veepstakes, but it appears Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is in the top tier of hopefuls.

The paper said 13 women are being vetted by Joe Biden and he hopes to make a decision by August 1.

It appears Mayor Bottoms’ steadfast support of Biden even when he seemed down and out is part of the reason she remains a leading pick.

Bottoms shortcoming: “her short time in high office could be an obstacle.” (I mean, she’s served more time than a failed-reality TV star conman but whatever).

Abrams’ lack of a relationship with Biden seems to be holding her back as Abrams’ resume.

Until we have a Veep selection I will continue my meaningless Monday Veepstakes updates!


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