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Shafer Elected To Head Republican Party At A Crossroads

This week’s Courier Herald column: Condolences to David Shafer. The Georgia Republican Party held its biennial convention for the election of state officers last weekend in Savannah.  Shafer, the former candidate for Lieutenant Governor and President Pro Tempore of the Georgia Senate prior to that, takes the helm of the party’s grassroots structure in advance

#GAGOP Round-Up: Over 80K Precinct Mass Meeting Edition

For all y’all who many not be accustom to the organizational proceedings of the Georgia Republican Party, yesterday was the first step in the process of the 2019 GAGOP convention cycle where counties with over 80,000 in population conducted precinct mass meetings across our state. It’s the first time I’ve actually lived in an over-80,000

Brian Robinson Says Perdue Can’t Replicate 2014 or Kemp Strategy for Re-Election

What will it take for Senator David Perdue to be reelected? Not being a Trump-like candidate in a fast-trending Democratic state says Brian Robinson. As part of his weekly appearance on WABE’s “Political Breakfast”, Robinson said last Friday the then-ongoing shutdown would give Senator Perdue the opportunity to present himself in a new light to

Isakson Proposes Legislation to Expand Ft. Frederica, Kennesaw Mt. and Ocmulgee Mounds Parks

Apparently, Thursday was “Expand Georgia’s National Parks Day” in Senator Isakson’s office. He reintroduced legislation to protect and expand the parks of Fort Frederica, Kennesaw Mountain and the Ocmulgee Mounds. The legislative effort included Senator David Perdue and a bi-partisan coterie of Georgia’s congressional delegation introducing the same legislation in the House of Representatives. The Fort

Republicans Need To Debate Policy, Not Personality

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14) is the current wunderkind in left-of-center circles it appears to me. She’s also *very* engaged with Twitter and social media. In fact, if there’s one thing Republicans need to do is to observe how she interacts online. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two to emulate. She’s an intelligent, witty,