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Cagle Would Campaign for ATL World Cup Hosting, Abrams and Kemp Have Reservations

GeorgiaPol likes to break hard news for our readers and we’re doing so here. I asked all three candidates for Governor the following questions: “The Unified bid won the right to stage the 2026 World Cup. As governor, would [s/he] back Atlanta’s effort to be one of the host cities? Does [s/he] have any plans

Republican SoS Candidates Don’t Support Gambling/Boxing in Georgia

If the Republican Secretary of State hopefuls defeat John Barrow, there will be no heavyweight title fights in Georgia. One of the may facets of the SoS office, and unfortunately the most forgotten one, is that s/he is the boxing commissioner for the state of Georgia. Georgian boxing aficionados were intrigued by the Chris Christie

Rosetta Stone Poll: Cagle, Shafer, Raffensperger Lead In GOP Runoffs

Rosetta Stone Communications has released a poll for your viewing and discussion pleasure leading into the weekend. The poll was conducted yesterday, while some significant news was breaking on the Governor’s race side. The results show: CAGLE – 47.8% KEMP – 40.7% SHAFER – 46% DUNCAN – 18.9% RAFFENSPERGER – 41.5% BELLE ISLE – 24.4%

Cong. Ferguson Inadvertently Honors Nazi “Heroes”

In a since-deleted tweet, Congressman Ferguson’s social media team screwed up royally. (And likely lost at least one team member). Those are Nazi soldiers in Congressman @RepDrewFerguson's #DDay tweet. #GA03 — Shripal Shah (@shripal734) June 6, 2018 What’s also an indictment on the good congressman’s office is that in five-and-a-half hours since the

UPDATED — Abrams Leads Both Republicans in First General Election Poll

The Stacey Abrams campaign’s first internal poll has Abrams winning over both Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp. (The full memo is below) Her numbers are: 48-43 over Cagle and 49-40 over Kemp. Fred Yang with Hart Research, the Abrams’ campaign pollster, said the poll was conducted statewide with 601 likely voters last week. He said their

The Democratic Ballot Will Look Like Georgia. The Republican Ballot….Not So Much.

Even with four positions without an anticipated nominee, it’s safe to say the Democratic ticket will be more representative of Georgia than the Republicans. By quite a margin. I’m not making a judgement in any way about this, just providing the information. Every Republican nominee will be white and nine will be men. Democrats will

Georgia Tax Burden Lowest In Nation

This week’s Courier Herald column: With Tuesday’s primary set to select partisan nominees or send candidates to two-person runoffs, it’s time to note that the Republican nomination for Governor is ending for some where it began. There remain emphatic pledges to eliminate Georgia’s income tax. It’s easy to understand why these pledges are made. Voters