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Time for the Torch Takers

The race for Atlanta city hall is extremely crowded.  Most of the seats including mayor, city council president, and most of the council seats are full of multiple candidates in each race. The mailboxes and voicemails of Atlanta residents are full of flyers and robocalls describing why each candidate is better than another.  In this

The City of Amazon, Georgia Could be a Thing

On April 1, 2015, the mayor of Bowman, Georgia, announced that the city had struck a deal for a new Coca-Cola bottling plant, and as part of the incentives package, the Elbert County town would be known as Coca-Cola City. Note the date. Yesterday, October 2, the Stonecrest City Council passed a resolution as part

Lust Wins!

In Powder Springs, Lust is triumphant. Longtime readers may recall that in December 2015, Wisdom conquered Lust. I’m referring, of course, to the runoff election in which Patricia Wisdom defeated Henry Lust in the race for an at-large council seat by a whisper of a margin. Last month, business owner Lust qualified to run for

Metro City Cancels November Election

At least one metro area city has cancelled its November election after no one qualified to run against four city council incumbents. The City of Douglasville announced Friday that council members LaShun Burr Danley, Sam Davis, Mike Miller and Terry Miller are declared winners. The Douglas County Sentinel also reported that there are no official