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Atlanta, Possibly College Park, Will Defy Trump on Paris Accord

Kasim Reed is one of the 92 (and growing) mayors and governors who will continue to honor the Paris Climate Accord, even if the United States won’t.  Using the conservative saw that local leaders know what’s better for their people than officials in D.C., this proves Trump’s decision was bad for Americans. According to my count, 33

Backyard Chickens Lose Again in Cobb County

Poultry enthusiasts and property rights advocates thought things would be different with the election of Commission Chairman Mike Boyce, but it seems they thought wrong. Cobb County Commissioners voted Tuesday evening to reject a zoning variance which would have allowed a family to keep three chickens on their family property in a Cobb subdivision. Natallia Vilchenko presented her

The Two Georgias Are Now Five Georgias

This week’s Courier Herald column: This is the second in a series. The introductory column can be found here. During the 1980’s, the Director of Georgia’s Cooperative Extension Service Tal DuVall published a study on “Two Georgias”, highlighting the growing disparity between a prosperous and growing metro Atlanta, and a mostly rural “other Georgia”. It

Gabe Sterling Enters Race For Fulton County Chairman

Sandy Springs City Councilman Gabriel Sterling has entered the race to become Fulton County Commission Chairman. The current Chairman, John Eaves, is running for Mayor of Atlanta. Sterling joins longtime Fulton/Atlanta politico Robb Pitts in the quest to replace Eaves. Yep… I'm in the race for Fulton Commission Chairman. #gapol — Gabriel Sterling (@GabrielSterling)