Author: LaDawn LBJ Jones

College Park Election Marks a Milestone

College Park, Georgia was incorporated as a city in 1891.  One hundred and twenty nine years later it will swear in the first woman and first minority mayor in its entire history.  Bianca Motley Broom was elected overwhelmingly in the municipal run-off election last night.   Beating out longtime incumbent Mayor Jack Longino.  Longino faced a

Be BRAVE this Indigenous Peoples Day!

I never even heard of Ryan Helsley before last week.   The Cardinals pitcher apparently caused an upset in the athletic world after he boldly forced people to acknowledge something they already knew.  The Brave’s tomahawk chop is offensive and reinforces a stereotype created centuries ago.  Per usual, sports fans were more upset that their team

Why We Care About Hair

It may be time for the Dekalb School Board or the Georgia Legislature to tighten the reigns on the freedom of their schools to create rules.  The freedom given to a Dekalb County elementary school,  Narvie J. Harris Theme School, has caused a problem at the start of this school year.   During this year’s

Top Twenty of 2020 Democratic Primary

The road to the White House runs straight through Georgia. The chair of the Georgia Democratic Party, Senator Nikema Williams has a new mantra.  She is right. Tonight, begins a two night debate with the top twenty Democratic 2020 candidates.  Partly thanks to the national groundwork laid by Stacey Abrams’s gubernatorial campaign and her potential

The Reason Does Not Change the Treason

This session the Georgia Legislature passed Senate Bill 77, which expands protection of confederate monuments in Georgia.  The bill now gives private groups the right to sue any government or person for removing a monument that “recounts the military service of any past or present military personnel of this state; the United States of America

THE Lesson of Black History Month 2019

It is amazing, that even as adults we continue to learn.  Last week, two Cobb County parents, Diane and Peter Richey made a great choice.  When the Richey’s Clarksdale Elementary School second grader received her black history project, they used their adult brains to yield before they did something that may have been disrespectful. The

Will Georgians Get to Vote on Legislative Term Limits?

State Representative Michael Caldwell (R – Woodstock) pre-filed legislation for the 2019 session that would allow citizens to vote for or against legislative term limits.  HB6 would limit members of the General Assembly to eight consecutive years of service by allowing four separate two-year terms.  Under the legislation, General Assembly members must take off one

Should Anyone Profit from Prisons?

James Salzer of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported on a debate about Georgia’s private and state prisons.  The article details an audit conducted by a study committee in the Georgia General Assembly.   House Appropriations Committee Chairman Terry England’s study committee will explore the impact of Governor Deal’s criminal justice reform policies on Georgia.  This