Author: LaDawn LBJ Jones

Unsung Election Heroes

Shout out to the unsung heroes of every election – the poll workers.  Campaign volunteers who work on a candidate’s campaign are moved by dedication to an individual or the ideals they represent.  Yet the people, often seniors, year after year dedicate weeks during early voting and long days on each election day to ensure

Georgia Gun Owners HATE Open Carry!

During the Constitutional Carry legislation debate in the Georgia General Assembly, I wondered if this support to open carry big, scary, and unnecessary guns would be as popular if the majority of the open carriers were big black men from the metro area rather than rural Georgians.  The divide in the General Assembly was on

#HBCULove Spelman, Tennessee State University, and Florida A & M University

Do you know what Spelman College, Tennessee State University, and Florida A & M have in common?  Each school is award winning.  Each school has graduated an esteemed cadre of graduates.  Each of these schools are a Historically Black College and University (HBCU)[i] whose alumni are pictured in this photo.  Stacey Abrams a Spelman graduate,

Abrams’ Blue Wave

It feels like 2012 in Georgia!  #YesWeCan!  There is #hope and #change in the atmosphere. The excitement and energy surrounding the possible historic election of Stacey Abrams is electric.   In 2012, new voters were energized, turn out among existing voters increased, and everyone did a little more to secure the President’s win.  Stacey Abrams is leading

Emory Law Professor’s Use of the “n-word” Shows Something Deeper

Recently, a professor at Emory Law School was accused of using the n-word during class while discussing a case.  The school did not fire the professor, but they did order-in some Starbucks-type unconscious bias training.  Pressure by students on this issue forced the school to deal with a deeper issue that using the n-word makes