Silence is LOUD!

The politics surrounding the current events including #BLM and the ongoing protest is national as much as it is personal.

Below is a blog post that touched me as it describes the writers first adult experience with race as an undergraduate. What it explores is the importance of self reflection and your personal experiences with race and racism.

I implore everyone to read and reflect on how your PERSONAL experiences may shape your views on today’s political hot button issues.

I also saw this tictok video of a woman sharing an experience she remembered as a child that shaped everything she thought about race UNTIL one day …

These are very personal experiences but feel free to share yours below. Sharing moments of enlightenment may help others have their own epiphany.

We need these discussions during today’s political times because it is nice to know we as humans are not alone. We are all still learning, even as adults. We all experience moments that we carry with us in life. We do not have to be defensive about it. But acknowledging, publicly or not, is very cathartic and like Deb said,

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*All content shared with permission of the creator.

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