No Cheating Occurred in Georgia!

I’m so disappointed at what happened in Washington D.C. yesterday.  Frustrated that part of it was due to the belief that cheating occurred during Georgia’s elections.  Anyone who believes cheating occurred …. you are the problem and fuel that led to yesterday’s fire.

For years we have been telling you Trump is bad for America and each time you ignored us.  Each time you ignored us it motivated us to work harder, organize better, and VOTE.  Joe Biden, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won Georgia but not because of cheating. 

We won because we were FED UP! We were fed up …

When he challenged President Barack Obamas citizenship …. and you cheered him on.

When he was caught on audio tape admitting to sexually assaulting women … and you brushed it off as locker room talk.

When he called some of our allies “shit hole countries” … while you said nothing about him supporting the likes of Putin and Kim Jong-un.

When we asked for help with excessive force by the police and he called our NFL players “sons of bitches”  … while you decided to boycott the NFL instead of boycotting his unpresidential language.

When Heather Heyer was brutally killed in Charlottesville, Virginia and he said “there are good people on both sides” …. while you downplayed that one of the sides he called good were white supremacist.

When we told you he interfered with his first election with the help of foreign governments … while you brushed off the evidence and claimed we were on a witch hunt. 

When he made fun of a disabled journalist by imitating his disability and then lied about it … while you watched him do it yet still screamed FAKE NEWS.

When he spent time lying and obsessing about things that were not important like inauguration crowd size … while you pretended like lying about unimportant things was not a sign that he would like about things such as a stolen election.

When he called COVID a hoax while Americans were dying every day …. while you saw him catch COVID yet still supported anti-masking because he made fun of masks.

When he was asked during both elections, “would he accept the results of the election?” … while you pretended like it was an unnecessary question.

When he tweeted insults to leaders of America and foreign countries, his own former staff members, and members of the press … while you simply retweeted it.

When he used nepotism to hire his entire family while also going back on his promise to divest from his corporations … you made excuses and ignored that he lied to you AGAIN.

When he was asked directly to denounce white supremacy and he simply told them to “stand by” … while you told us white supremacy didn’t exist and he can’t control who supports him.

The list could go on for days.  You do not have to agree with me that any of the above offenses were good or bad.  But what you DO have to acknowledge is that half of America disliked it so much that we were motivated to vote.  That is how we won, plain and simple.

A conservative said to me yesterday, “something just snapped and people finally got tired.”  NO, nothing JUST SNAPPED.  This has been an ongoing four year push culminating in yesterdays coup.  It is not okay for anyone to pretend like yesterday’s action were a sudden and unexpected event.

If you dislike the election results, you have no one to blame but yourselves for ignoring the harm this president has done to our country in the name of partisan politics.  It would behoove you to re-evaluate and reassess before you begin making plans to change the voting rules.  Because each time you try to change to rules to prevent us from exercising our right to vote, you will only make us more fed up. Instead you should focus on rebuilding the Republican Party and select candidates that truly stand for your values.    

We are not our ancestors of the 1800s.  We are not the sit in the back of the bus minorities of the 1960s.  WE STRATEGIZE! WE VOTE! AND WE FIGHT BACK!


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