Atlanta Braves, We See You!

For the last couple of weeks the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians have discussed or decided to retire the “Redskin” and “Indian” mascots and logos. One of the many changes commercial and private entities are doing to show their support for the amplified movements against racism in the United States.

Dave Schiller the Braves President and CEO said “When we have to consider (the issue), we have a much wider group to sort of spread that consideration over. And it is taking a little longer. But be assured we are spending a lot of time thinking about it.” 

Which group is Dave bending to … people who enjoy denigrating an entire group of people? The people who still believe in the re-written history of Native Americans as savages who cut the scalps off of the innocent visitors from Spanish and England who “discovered” the land they were already living on?

Oh maybe he is bending to the people that somehow feel the NAME of the team is more important than the athleticism of the players on the field and skill of the coaching team. This is all sarcasm.

I’m disappointed in the Braves. They had it much easier than the Redskins or Chiefs. The name “Braves” could be kept with a clear change in the mascot, the tomahawk, and a public acknowledgement that they agree CULTURES ARE NOT MASCOTS. Change the mascot to a New England Patriots type of American Brave – a firefighter, a nurse, or any of our other BRAVE American symbols that don’t depict people who were raped, murdered, and abused as a part of the foundations of our Country.

Unfortunately, people are still choosing to be ignorant about our American history. People are choosing to depict America’s first people as savages. Companies are still choosing to side with the worst racist fans and consumers. And people of color are tired of having to choose racism or entertainment.

If there was anytime in our country where the Braves could confidentially make a change and avoid too much criticism – it is while everyone else is making this important change. But go ahead. Be the ONE racist team left. At least you will have a niche.


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