Special Thanks to Kemp and the Georgia Capitol Police

Yesterday was an injustice on top of an injustice.  Republicans passed a law that Governor Kemp describes as “fair, secure & transparent” when they are completely the opposite.  Most legislation is signed on a date in the future, not minutes after it is passed.  So much for transparency. 

To add insult to the injury, State Representative Park Cannon was arrested and charged with FELONY obstruction for … wait for it, knocking on the Governor’s door.  If the law is so fair and transparent why would they not want an elected official to be there to witness it?  You would think Rep. Cannon broke through glass windows, beat law enforcement to death, and stormed into the capitol with an AR-15 in an attempt to stop a legislative process. 

The arrest warrant taken out by Georgia Capitol Police says Representative Cannon used threats of violence.  I’m having a hard time figuring out which part was the threat and which part was violence.  Was it the “knock” or the “knock.”  Allegedly, while the 120lb woman was being dragged from her place of work she “stomped on [the officer’s] foot three times during the apprehension.”  While there is a ton of video footage of her arrest, I’ve yet to see this severe act of violence that would subject the elected official to up to five years in jail. 

Let’s just be honest.  Representative Park Cannon has been a loud and vocal opponent to these retaliatory voting laws.  She stood up against the Capitol Police earlier in the session when they attempted to disperse a lawful protest. Ever since that moment, which was also caught on camera, they could not wait to put her in handcuffs.  The Capitol police are attempting to send the message, “How dare a law maker challenge law enforcement – does she not know her place?”

I am mentally preparing myself to listen to Republicans pontificate about why the protest in January at the U.S. Capitol was warranted yet also find an excuse why Rep. Park Cannon should not have knocked on the door of an office in a building where she works. #JustComply   

Here is the good news, Republicans think it was voting drop boxes, free bottled water in voting lines, and absentee ballots that lost them the election.  Which is hilarious.  What lost the election was ridiculous laws aimed at making voting harder and not easier, the continuous and ongoing hypocrisy in the retorts of “just comply” from the same people who protested wearing a cloth mask, and the arrest of some people who exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and not others.  It is the ongoing death of unarmed black and brown people at the hands of people who are supposed to protect and serve while murderers killing people with AR-15s are peacefully taken into custody.  And of course – Trump! This is why we voted in mass – it had nothing to do with the changes this bill made.  

Thank you Republicans you have given us an entire year to create new mechanisms to get our voters out.  You have created photos, rallying points, and lots and lots of litigation. 

We see you! 

We will see you at the polls! (With or without free water).

We will see you in court!  

We will see you lose, again.


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