Silence is LOUD!

I am honored to be a part of this small team of GeorgiaPol contributors.  I also accept it as a privilege to have a platform for my thoughts and musings on politics.  Whether people agree or disagree, I hoped to bring another point of view for readers of GeorgiaPol to consider.

These days however, I feel a sense of guilt.  With the turmoil we are facing from COVID to PROTEST to RIOTS throughout our state and city, I have had a hard time putting the words together to present my point of view.  

My career in criminal justice and in the legislature further compels me to provide thoughtful and educational post related to excessive force or government overreach.  But with this I have struggled to calm my mind enough to share anything.

It is in part because many of my views are conflicting and hard to put into words, harder during this time of heightened sensitivity.  However, not saying anything says a whole lot as well. I wanted to at least acknowledge that my silence is not apathy.

There have been multiple other issues in which I’ve stayed silent on this forum but usually due to my responsibilities as a mother, wife, attorney, and business owner.  But in this case my silence is directly due to the pain caused by current events.  

While I work to figure out my own words, I’ve found words worth sharing to express thoughts or conversation points which I hope will spark HELPFUL and HONEST discussion on these difficult to discuss issues. 

The first from State Representative Buzz Brockway who I believe said this very well. What do you think?

God Bless America!

*All post are being shared with permission.

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