Kemp Bungled Georgia’s Reopening

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m willing to grant tremendous latitude to any executive handling their respective Covid-19 response.

However, it seems increasingly clear that Governor Kemp is lurching from one decision to the next without a clear strategy. Or if he has one, it’s not a good strategy.

Let’s start with his decision to reopen businesses and not allowing local governments to set their own policy. Not only has Governor Kemp hemmed and hawed about the state’s overriding authority, giving increased control across the board to local governments was a key campaign promise.

And a mere seven weeks ago, Governor Kemp was saying “We believe in local control for all [school] systems when it comes to making the best decisions for their communities. They have flexibility, and regardless of whether they stay open or decide to close, we will support their decision.”

Senator Kerry couldn’t flip flop that much.

Not notifying his task force on handling Covid-19 response?

I suppose an argument could be made that he has “other things he should be doing” but it begs the question: what was the purpose of the task force to begin with?

And more importantly: why alienate large communities of Georgians with his decision-making process?

There’s certainly far more unknown unkowns for Governor Kemp to deal with right now. But it’s also imperative he devise well thought out, well communicated and well executed plans.

Currently he’s 0-for-3.


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