A Resolution Honoring Jon Richards

A resolution was placed in the Senate hopper on Friday in recognition of Jon Richards.

Senate Resolution 539

By: Senators Unterman of the 45th, Martin of the 9th, Shafer of the 48th, Butler of the 55th, Henson of the 41st and others


Recognizing Jon Richards; and for other purposes.

WHEREAS, Jon Richards became a Georgian by moving to Lawrenceville, Georgia, after graduating from Allegheny College and having been born in Cleveland, Ohio; and

WHEREAS, Jon Richards has been a great family man as son to his mother, Caroline, and his late father, Glenn; his sisters Amy and Anne; his brother-in-law Andrew; and his nephews, Cal, Matthew, and Stuart, for whom he is an experienced pumpkin carver and the official distributor of presents found under the tree on Christmas morning; and

WHEREAS, Jon Richards is an accomplished businessman, having sold several enterprises in the emerging tech world to allow for an early and comfortable retirement; and Continue reading “A Resolution Honoring Jon Richards”

Some Goodbyes Are Shorter Than Others

Jon Richards says hello, and goodbye

This is a post I would rather not write, had guessed I would probably have to write, but had also hoped it would be much longer down the road than today. But today is that day.

After a meeting with Jon’s family and Jon’s doctors, the decision has been made to move Jon into hospice care. No one ever wants to make this decision. The reality is that these kinds of decisions are well above our pay grade.

The goal at this time is to keep Jon comfortable and manage the pain that is forever enjoined with stage IV cancer. He’s mostly soothed at this time. It is our prayer that he will remain this way during the days he has left.

Please continue to keep Jon’s Mom Caroline and sisters Anne and Amy in your prayers. Say one for comfort and peace for Jon, as we prepare to say our goodbyes, and “til we meet again”.

Wishes Of A Speedy Recovery To Senator Isakson

Senator Johnny Isakson has issued the following statement, saying that he has undergone a second back surgery and is continuing on a program of physical therapy rehabilitation. Having more than reached my limit with our current healthcare “system”, I would like to extend my sincere wishes that his recovery goes smooth, steady, and quickly, and I offer an additional prayer for those in his family that get to deal with the paperwork and bureaucracy.

From a press release:

MARIETTA, Ga. – U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., is recovering at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, Ga., after undergoing surgery earlier today to address a sacral hairline stress fracture that developed in the last few days.

The hairline fracture developed as Isakson was recovering from his initial back surgery on Feb. 20 to address deterioration in his spine caused by severe arthritis. Dr. Keith D. Osborn of Resurgens Orthopaedics performed both surgeries. Continue reading “Wishes Of A Speedy Recovery To Senator Isakson”

Jason Pye: Local Boy Does Good

Stolen from Pye’s Facebook page

My political online writing experience began 10 years ago last month. It began with me making a late night comment on a political blog that I had been reading for months. Way back when, there was no Facebook for most of us. If you wanted to talk with people of common interests, you had to go where they were on the internet.

One of the contributors at the time was this strange kid named Jason Pye. He was a libertarian. At times, he was also a Libertarian. He was rigid and inflexible. He refused to ride MARTA because it was federally subsidized. He was emphatic that Government shouldn’t pick winners and losers, and opposed any policy or change in policy that he believed it did. He was difficult. He was unyielding. But he was also, and more importantly, consistent.

All of us have grown a lot since those wild west days of internet politics. Some had defined ideas of where they wanted to go and how they planned to get there. Others enjoyed the ride for a while as it lasted. Some of us became a dog that caught a car we didn’t even know we were chasing (i.e, me). And then there’s Pye. Continue reading “Jason Pye: Local Boy Does Good”