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Former Congressman Mac Collins Has Died

Word is going around this afternoon that former Congressman Mac Collins has died. He served in Congress from 1993-2005, arriving in DC two years before Newt Gingrich (who had represented much of what became Collins’ district) became Speaker with the Contract With America. Mac was my Congressman when I began to dabble in “organized” politics,

Happy Birthday Teri

It’s Teri’s Birthday.  That’s Representative Anulewicz if you’re being formal and all.  And, she’s in Junior League, so we must start out with formalities, lest I get a “Bless your heart” added to the thank you note this post will generate on personalized, lilac-scented stationary. Since Teri started here, she’s gone from “non-partisan City Councilwoman

Happy (Belated) Birthday Irish Pat

I miss some of our contributors’ birthdays when they happen on weekends.  I try to minimize my social media usage and attempt to be a real person now in an effort to feign sanity.   And….it appears I missed Pat Malone’s birthday yesterday.  Y’all know him as “Irish Pat”. Pat is “retired”, and yet, not so

Happy Birthday Jessica

Today is Jessica’s birthday. Yes, that Jessica. She’s the one that at her first BBQ tour podcast refused to sit near the microphone for fear she would be recorded. She’s now a featured regular on Fox5 Atlanta. She’s the one that used to be the prototype for North Atlanta Suburban Millennial, but just upgraded her

Tom Crawford Has Died

Veteran Georgia Capitol reporter Tom Crawford has died. It was only six weeks ago that we learned he had cancer and was entering hospice care. Six weeks is merely a blip to those focused on the minute-by-minute news cycle during a political runoff. It can seem like an eternity in hospice world. Probably because at