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Prayers For Ginny

Our friend Ginny Ray suffered an accident at her home on Sunday. She fell backwards and hit her head on concrete and is currently hospitalized with a skull fracture, three brain bleeds, and pressure on her brain. She is in serious condition in ICU, but it she is progressing in a positive direction. Please keep

Farewell to Uncle Bob

This week’s Courier Herald column: I got the sad news that Uncle Bob passed away last week, at the age of 90.  Robert Poydasheff wasn’t really my uncle, but that’s what everyone in Columbus Georgia called him.  In addition to the honorary title of Uncle, he accumulated other titles of significance during his life. He

Herman Cain Has Died

Herman Cain seemed to come out of nowhere to make a competitive run for U.S. Senate here in Georgia. He spent time as a front runner during the 2012 Presidential contest. (9-9-9 should get another look). He beat stage IV cancer. He spent a good bit of time behind a radio mic and donating his

Helping Our Neighbors In Plains

This week’s Courier Herald column: A couple of weeks ago I wrote a column suggesting that the best way we could deal with the great problems and challenges we’re facing was to adopt the 11th commandment and love thy neighbor.  It was quite figurative, complete with references to the parable of The Good Samaritan and