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Happy Birthday, Charlie

It’s our gracious host and publisher’s birthday.  He’ll be celebrating in DC today as he watches the lady from Georgia’s 6th district take the oath of office to become Congresswoman Karen Handel (R-GA-06). It’s been an eventful year for him, and I don’t think anyone deserves a celebratory birthday pint than Charlie Harper.  For our

Jon Richards Was My Friend

I didn’t get to spend much time with Jon in person outside of politics, but we built a friendship through what we do starting out at the old homestead and now over here at GeorgiaPol.  Living in the northwest corner of the state makes it a little difficult to make all of the events in

Remembering What Matters

I didn’t know Jon Richards as well as others here. But I do know people who cared deeply for him. And I care deeply for them. Death is weird. It is a show-stopping, non-discrimitory, perspective changing, stop-you-in-your-tracks, and the absolute one thing in life you can count on happening to everybody. It can bring out

A Resolution Honoring Jon Richards

A resolution was placed in the Senate hopper on Friday in recognition of Jon Richards. Senate Resolution 539 By: Senators Unterman of the 45th, Martin of the 9th, Shafer of the 48th, Butler of the 55th, Henson of the 41st and others A RESOLUTION Recognizing Jon Richards; and for other purposes. WHEREAS, Jon Richards became