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Happy Birthday LaDawn

In addition to being Memorial Day, it’s also the birthday of one of our contributors, LaDawn Blackett Jones.  She’s a former State Representative, and is known to like to stir the pot “a bit”.  We like that, and so do our readers that understand what we’re about (hint, it’s not affirming everything you believe and

Happy Birthday Nathan

It’s Nathan Smith’s birthday today.  He’s among the first folks I met as “Icarus”, back when he was still mostly a kid attending Dalton State college.  Instead of getting him off my lawn, I’ve been able to watch him morph over a decade into a District GOP Chairman, husband, and father.  He’s always been mature

Happy Birthday Theresa

It’s Theresa Robertson’s birthday today. Not to be confused with the celebration of Brian Robinson’s birthday, even though they’re on the same day and both are alums of former Congressman Lynn Westmoreland. Theresa holds down our Columbus bureau when she’s not trying to get her husband, Randy Robertson (R-all around great guy) elected to the

SoS Candidate Buzz Brockway Goes Full “Nerd” in Campaign Video

Republican Secretary of State hopeful, and erstwhile GAPol/Peach Pundit contributor, Buzz Brockway wants to remind you that he’s a nerd. (That’s like needing a reminder that water is wet). Oh and he’s qualified to be Secretary of State. Brockway released his “Buzz Does” campaign video on Monday, which you can see below. In a statement,

Rest In Peace, Merri M Brantley

You wouldn’t know it from reading most press clippings, but the folks that work in and around the capitol are family. Partisan squabbles are for the outside. Inside, especially in state capitols, folks have to work together across party lines. They get to know each other. Relationships matter. Co-workers become friends. Friends become family. The