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Speaker David Ralston Announces North Georgia Office of the Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation

We got this press release from Speaker David Ralston’s office announcing the opening of the North Georgia Office of the Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation that will be opening up in Ellijay. The headquarters of the Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation is located at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College which was proposed by the

David Ralston on Local Education Control: Disingenuous, A Hypocrite, Or….

Figuring out Speaker David Ralston’s political philosophy is like putting together a puzzle but the pieces don’t match the picture on the box. Case in point on education.In May “the way it should be” done is by having  local school boards sort out their allotment of money. After all, the decent Speaker from Blue Ridge

UPDATED: Speaker Ralston Calls For Representative Spencer’s Resignation

Sunday night, Showtime aired the episode of Sasha Baron Cohen’s (Borat) new program that duped Representative Jason Spencer into…embarrassing himself. The New York Times and the AJC have some background. The NYT’s Sopan Deb has a recent statement from Rep Spencer regarding his appearance. This is QUITE a statement from Jason Spencer, a state rep

Ralston: A Call to Action for “Building a Stronger America”

Guest Op-Ed By Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) From the world’s busiest airport to the fastest growing container port in America, Georgia leads the nation in moving people and goods. That didn’t happen by accident. On the contrary, for generations, Georgians have invested in the infrastructure necessary to facilitate our forward momentum. Recently, we have

Ralston: Explore State Mass Transit Funding, Strengthen Harassment Protocols in Upcoming Session

A new legislative session is set to dawn and once again, the 40-day legislature will attempt to solve all Georgia’s problems. House Speaker David Ralston told WABE on Monday that some of the new challenges for the body in 2018 will be to prevent sexual misconduct under the Gold Dome, “beefing up” enforcement on opioids,

Legislative Sexual Harassment Ethics Committee

There are reports that Speaker Ralston and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle are creating a subcommittee to re-evaluate how any claims of sexual harassment in the Georgia legislature are handled. As a starting point, the leadership should be commended for taking some action in this current climate when they could easily sit quiet and do nothing.