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Democrats Criticize Kemp for Too Few Words About Healthcare on Website in Newest Ad

The Democratic Party of Georgia has unveiled yet another television ad targeting Republican candidate for Governor Brian Kemp The latest ad, released Tuesday, criticizes Kemp’s campaign website for the lack of expansive policy on healthcare issues. This is the fourth ad released by the DPG since Kemp won the nomination on July 24th. The Democratic

New Abrams Ad Touts Partnerships Across Aisle in Legislature

Democratic candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams has released a new television ad and it touts her work on both sides of the aisle when she served in the Georgia legislature. The ad “All  Sides Agree” spotlights Abrams’ “pragmatic, bipartisan record”, a release from the Democratic candidate’s campaign said Monday. “As Minority Leader, Abrams routinely worked across

Has Any Georgia Race Earned this Much Presidential Attention?

Listening to WABE this morning they mentioned three Presidents and a Vice President have all weighed in on the 2018 gubernatorial election in Georgia. (Donald Trump and Mike Pence for Brian Kemp and Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama for Stacey Abrams who also was endorsed by Hillary Clinton). Which got me to thinking: has there

Campaigns And Hurricanes

This week’s Courier Herald column: It was Monday September 10th and Florence already had my attention. Much of social media was already populated with remembrances of September 11th, calling September 10th the last day we would know as normal. It was a fitting juxtaposition for the forecast. Despite still being almost a week away, the

Perdue Says Pence, Trump Will Visit Georgia Again Before Election

Vice President Mike Pence will visit Georgia again ahead of the November election, according to two high-ranking Georgia politicains – Sonny and David Perdue. The news broke over the weekend when WMAZ reported from the Georgia Republican Party’s 8th District Fish Fry in Macon. The Perdue cousins said Pence is planning another campaign stop. Junior

Kemp releases new campaign ad “Ahead”

Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp has released his first television advertisement of the general election – an ad the campaign titled “Ahead.” The commercial touches on education, job creation, local control, and what Kemp refers to as “legal behavior.” The Kemp campaign said in a press release Friday that the ad “highlights Kemp’s bold vision

Congresswoman Karen Handel Kicks Off Campaign In Roswell

Congresswoman Karen Handel (R-GA-06) kicked off her general election campaign yesterday in Roswell. Speaking to a packed house, the Congresswoman highlighted some of the accomplishments that have come from the Republican Congress: largest military pay increase in a decade, tax cuts that are putting more dollars in the pockets of Americans, roaring economic growth with