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NARAL to Karen Handel: You’ve Gone “Too Far”

When does the debate on abortion begin? Probably not with tax bills. Certainly not with tax bills if you are NARAL, which took issue over Karen Handel’s “pushing” the new GOP tax bill*. In other words: NARAL views Handel’s seat as vulnerable and on that we agree. In a statement released ahead of Thursday’s vote

Brockway Releases Another SOS Campaign Ad

Rep. Buzz Brockway, Republican candidate for Georgia Secretary of State, has released another campaign video. This video, like his first video, takes a detour from traditional political ads by using humor to communicate to voters. The campaign included the following statement to introduce the video: “This Thanksgiving we can all be grateful our state government isn’t

There’s Still Time For A Surprise Entrant Into GAGOP Gubernatorial Race

Kyle Wingfield penned an opinion piece Monday (warning: paywall) that pointed to an issue that Republicans don’t want to admit: the 2018 mid-terms will be a tough election.  The fact is that Democrats are galvanized by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s stinging loss in 2016.  They tried, and failed, to convince constituents of Georgia’s

Joseph Gullett To Seek Republican Nomination In HD-19

Former Paulding County Republican Party Chairman Joseph Gullett has tossed his hat into the ring to challenge incumbent Republican State Representative Paulette Rakestraw Braddock in Georgia House District 19.  Joseph has a video announcement of his candidacy: And a full presser: JOSEPH GULLETT ANNOUNCES FOR GEORGIA STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 19 “My obligation to the taxpayers

Williams condemns Hill for a record that’s mostly the same as his

Following the special elections on Tuesday, November 7, State Senator and candidate for Governor Michael Williams issued a press release condemning former Senator Hunter Hill, also running for Governor, for vacating his seat to seek higher office. His frustration stemmed from election results leading to two Democrats in a runoff for a seat formerly held

Current State Senator Blames Former State Senator For Seat Flip

It didn’t take long for one Republican gubernatorial candidate to blame his opponent for the Democratic gain in SD-6.  In a statement, State Senator Michael Williams (R-SD-27) laid blame squarely at the feet of his former colleague Senator Hunter Hill (R-SD-6), who resigned his seat to focus on his gubernatorial campaign: “Rather than following through

What Last Night Means for Georgia

Ralph Northam(D) won Virginia last night in overwhelming fashion over Ed Gillespie(R). Polls had the race close. Progressive groups like Democracy for America had pulled their support, saying he was too moderate. National pundits were talking about how he couldn’t motivate the voters Democrats need to win. And yet he won by 10%. It’s a