Lucy McBath’s Election Brings Hope and Strategy to the Dems

Congratulations to Representative-elect Lucy McBath of Georgia’s 6th District.  The 6th District garnered national attention during the special election between Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff.  The hotly contested battle was one of the first “test” to the Trump election.  Millions of dollars poured into the district as the massive campaign began.  Democrats around the Nation hoped that Ossoff’s election would be the beginning of the #BlueWave.  It was not.

However, Ossoff’s ground work set the tone for the district and Lucy McBath stepped into the relay race and took the district over the finish line.  McBath’s message was different from Ossoff.  Her message wasn’t anti-Trump.  Her message was heartfelt and personal.  She ran on her personal need for healthcare, the death of her son Jordan Davis, and issues common to everyone.  Unlike Ossoff she was not subject to the claims of being an imported Hollywood hack.

McBath represents the mirror image of what excited some Republican’s about Trump.  It seems America wants regular people and not seasoned politicians in these positions.  I can see the need for both institutional knowledge and fresh perspectives.  McBath’s election should excite “Joe the plumbers” all over the Nation who want to be a part of change but are intimidated by the process.

McBath’s election indicates you can start in Congress.  The idea one has to start their political career at the local level and work their way up to federal politics maybe as outdated as Louie Anderson’s character who started his career mopping the floors of McDowell’s only to be promoted to washing lettuce after several sad years. [i]

McBath’s ability to raise money and mobilize a campaign strategy – with the extra push brought on by Stacey Abrams’ campaign – was a winning combination.    What this means for Democrats is WATCH THE LONG GAME.  Strong candidates in every election with a good field strategy is the key to success.  Even when a candidate like Ossoff falls short, their contributions to the long game may ultimately bring success if you follow them up with the right candidate.  Ossoff can’t take credit for McBath’s win but he was one part of the perfect storm that led to her contribution to the National #BlueWave.  It may also be a sign that putting up the same repeated losing candidates is a bad strategy.

Chess not checkers!


[i] This is a reference to the classic American comedy, Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall.  If you have not seen this movie – put the kids to bed early and laugh a little.


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