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Where are the Candidates for Secretary of State?

In the midst of the ongoing election for Georgia’s Governor, there is an ironic and interesting silence from two very important people – former Congressman John Barrow and his opponent State Representative Brad Raffensperger.  The two men headed to a December 4th run-off election for Secretary of State. Considering how up in arms both Republicans

Dealing With The Aftermath

This week’s Courier Herald column: Last Tuesday we had statewide elections. Republicans held most statewide seats, with two contests, Secretary of State and the Public Service Commission Seat held by Chuck Eaton, headed to runoffs. There was some evidence of party realignment according to geography, with Republicans losing seats across the northern metro Atlanta but

Karen Handel Concedes GA-6 Race

The following statement has been released by Karen Handel: After carefully reviewing all of the election results data, it is clear that I came up a bit short on Tuesday. Congratulations to Representative-Elect Lucy McBath and send her only good thoughts and much prayer for the journey that lies ahead for her. While Tuesday’s loss

Provisional Ballots

Stacey Abrams’ campaign has not conceded.   Kemp’s camp says it’s over. Cody Hall from Brian Kemp’s campaign said, “Kemp’s margin is so large that the number of provisional ballots and overseas ballots will not change his Election Day victory.”  He goes on to say, “it is mathematically impossible for Stacey Abrams to win or force

Sign Duty

My-repost of this has become a weird election-eve tradition. Hadn’t even had time to think about it with the duties of the day, until pinged. It’s that time again, with a lot on the line for a lot of folks. A lot of time tonight to think about tomorrow. And, the day after tomorrow. The

It’s the Economy, Stupid

This week’s Courier Herald column: The year was 1992. The economy had stalled following the economic uncertainty that had surrounded the Gulf War and the after effects of the savings & loan crisis. A President that had received a 90% job approval rating just a year earlier was struggling to remain competitive in his bid

Unsung Election Heroes

Shout out to the unsung heroes of every election – the poll workers.  Campaign volunteers who work on a candidate’s campaign are moved by dedication to an individual or the ideals they represent.  Yet the people, often seniors, year after year dedicate weeks during early voting and long days on each election day to ensure

Georgia Gun Owners HATE Open Carry!

During the Constitutional Carry legislation debate in the Georgia General Assembly, I wondered if this support to open carry big, scary, and unnecessary guns would be as popular if the majority of the open carriers were big black men from the metro area rather than rural Georgians.  The divide in the General Assembly was on

Secretary of State’s Office Launches Investigation Into DPG After Failed System Intrusion Attempt

We received this presser this morning about the Georgia Secretary of State’s office opening an investigation into the Democratic Party of Georgia after a failed intrusion attempt into Georgia’s Voter Registration system. ATLANTA – After a failed attempt to hack the state’s voter registration system, the Secretary of State’s office opened an investigation into the Democratic Party of