The Federal Government is Open. (Mostly)

I know we’re all thrilled that the federal government is now longer partially shut down, and that there are positive, hopeful signs than it might not shut down again on February 15. But there’s one office that’s not functioning, and might as well be closed.

Newly-elected U.S. Representative Lucy McBath (D-GA) has admitted in writing to a constituent that she doesn’t know what she’s doing. A constituent named “Michael” (no relation) apparently wrote a letter to the congresswoman. On January 23, Rep. McBath sent a response saying, in part, “We thank for your patience as we develop our mail system to send substantive responses.” The full letter was obtained by Insider Advantage and can be read here.

The letter closes with “For immediate assistance with federal agencies or with an ongoing case, please contact the Atlanta office of Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson…” and gives a phone number. Protip for Rep. McBath: when admitting to “non-substantive” incompetence, it’s best not to put it in writing, and referring your constituents to the hardest-working Senator in Georgia is just bad form.

Republicans have taken note. NRCC spokesperson Camille Gallo said “It looks like no one told Lucy McBath that her bosses are the people of Georgia. McBath should stop kissing up to radical Democrat leaders and actually do her job.”  Well, she seems to think her job is fundraising and proposing anti-gun legislation, so maybe she should just keep doing nothing.

According to Insider Advantage, “McBath’s office refuses to comment on why some experienced staffers were not retained after she won the election, or why her present staffers are incapable of handling letters and coordinating with various federal agencies.”

There are lots of hard-working, experienced congressional staffers in Washington and Georgia who could help Rep. McBath set up a functioning and responsive office. Maybe she should call Johnny Isakson and ask for some help.


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