Author: Mike Hassinger

Weekend Speculation: Tom Price’s Poll

Over at, Noah Pransky noticed an odd expenditure in former Congressman Tom Price’s FEC disclosures -a $19,500 payment to Public Opinion Strategies for polling. This single fact, coupled with the absence of any evidence or comments, led Pransky to speculate that Price, who briefly headed the Department of Health and Human Services, “may be

Commission, Committees Announced

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, the work of the Georgia Legislature doesn’t begin in January. Complex issues are given to study committees, where the issues get some pre-session consideration. House Speaker David Ralston’s office announced the appointed members of a joint commission, a House study committee and a joint study committee. From

Congressional Inaction, National Shame

There’s a $13.6 billion package of disaster relief money sitting on some shelf in a Congressional conference room, waiting to be passed. It includes hundreds of millions of aid money for farmers in south Georgia, as well as residents in north Florida, and Americans from Puerto Rico to Hawaii. But it’s been six months since

Ethical Journalism? Off to the Unicorn Races!

The list of silly things to come out of Georgia’s Legislature is long (see proposed “Constitutional Tender Act;” the 2001 edition of the State flag; Mitchell Kaye; etc.) but the silliest of 2019 has to be the idea of a “State Journalism Ethics Board.” Outgoing State Rep. Andy Welch, a Republican from McDonough, thinks the

There Are No Loopholes, Only Laws

David Ralston is getting another thrashing for being both an attorney and Georgia’s Speaker of the House. Under Georgia law, legislators who are also attorneys will notify Judges that their legislative duties take precedence over trials and other judicial proceedings. (Nota bene that phrase, ‘under Georgia law.’) It was noted in the original article in

Five (Really 15) Big Things from the Midterm Elections

The following is a guest post from my friend and colleague, Fredrick Hicks, a political consultant and founder of the non-partisan firm HEG, LLC. He is a frequent television and radio commentator and his work has been published in numerous outlets. Fredrick can be found on social media @hicksreport. The midterm elections delivered on everything—drama, the