Author: Mike Hassinger

I’m sorry your power is out.

As a kid growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, the thing that my family worried about was ice storms. Snow was just a part of life, no matter how high the drifts got, but when the rain froze on tree limbs and power lines, it was time to hunker down and prepare for power outages. My

Fiveash Seeking Senate District 6

Describing himself as an “outsider,” (With all these outsiders one has to wonder if there’s anybody doing anything on the inside these days!) Charlie Fiveash announced his intent to run for the State Senate seat being vacated by Hunter Hill, who’s resigning to focus on his gubernatorial bid. Fiveash, a well-known and respected commercial real

A disagreeable agreement

Disclosure: State Rep. Jason Spencer is my firm’s client and former State Rep. LaDawn Blackett Jones and I have appeared on TV together, usually doing a back-and-forth on election nights. I’m familiar enough with both to know that I shouldn’t try to change the mind of either. But when Spencer and Jones got into a