Judge Ellington announces bid for Georgia Supreme Court

A fairly rare event -an open seat on the Supreme Court of Georgia- will likely be contested next spring. Here’s a press release from John Ellington:

Georgia Court of Appeals Presiding Judge John Ellington today announced his candidacy to succeed retiring Justice Carol Hunstein on the state Supreme Court. The nonpartisan election will appear on all ballots for the 2018 primary.

“I am running for the Georgia Supreme Court because I believe a top-notch Judiciary is essential to a high quality of life for Georgians,” Ellington said. “I have spent my entire career serving the people of Georgia in every type of court we have in this state. I want to take that experience to our state’s highest court. I will spend the next year talking with Georgia voters about my qualifications, listening to their thoughts on the Judiciary and asking for their support.” Continue reading “Judge Ellington announces bid for Georgia Supreme Court”

GA06 2017: The Twitter Rant

Guest post by Will Collier- originally posted at WillCollier.com

So it’s time for some post-runoff Gaming Theory, from an actual resident of GA06.

If you lived in the 6th, you were bombarded by fliers, signs, ads, door-knockers, and most of all, phone calls. At least once a day (and usually more than once), the phone would ring from an out-of-state area code.

First it was robocalls, then the last couple of weeks, call centers. They weren’t targeted. They were calling everybody, every day. And they wouldn’t take “Go to Hell” for an answer—trust me on this one.

Now, imagine for a moment that the roles in the ’16 election were reversed, and Hillary had nominated a Bay Area Democrat for her cabinet. California would have called a special election.

Imagine millions of dollars and tons of vicious social media rhetoric flowing out of Georgia to the Republican candidate for that race. How do you think Californians would have reacted to that?

Self-awareness not being a notable Leftie trait at the best of times, the Left coast is already declaring GA06 a mass Klan meeting.

That’ll go over just as well here in 18 months, dudes. You should definitely keep that up. Continue reading “GA06 2017: The Twitter Rant”

Ossoff: “I told y’all so” Edition

Anyone who starts a sentence with “I hate to say I told you so…” is lying. EVERYone loves to be proven right, and I am no exception. Way back on March 3rd of this year, I offered some free (and apparently worthless) advice to Republican candidates in the special election for Georgia’s 6th District. I pointed out that Jon Ossoff ain’t from around here, but it turns out wealthy liberals in California were the only ones who noticed.

Jon Ossoff has broken a lot of records –not just for the most expensive House race in history, but also for the most out-of-state money raised by any Congressional candidate, ever. According to his hometown newspaper, the Mercury News in San Jose, California: Ossoff “…reported receiving almost nine times as many individual donations from California than from Georgia, according to federal campaign finance data released last week.” The Atlanta media darling reported receiving $456,296.03 from California — and $220,532.10 from the San Francisco Bay area, but only $228,474.44 (total) from Georgia. 

A mere 3.5% of Ossoff’s contributors live in Georgia and the 30-year old trust fund millionaire should be commended for the remarkable job he’s done suckering west coast liberals into falling for his “Make Trump furious” fundraising pitch, a sample of which is obvious from the image of a fundraising email signed by Jon Ossoff sent to members of MoveOn.org:


Continue reading “Ossoff: “I told y’all so” Edition”

When “Fake News” Becomes Propaganda

If you believe that Jon Ossoff is ahead of Karen Handel by 7 points, you probably live in a reality where Jason Carter is a US Senator from Georgia and Michele Nunn is Governor. Wherever that reality is, I hope it’s pleasant, in addition to being fact-free.

Those of us who are not window-licking morons know different.

The “poll” from Abt Associates and published by the AJC, was conducted poorly and without any detectable professional rigor. As a subscriber to the AJC, I am offended they even published it, but I have only sympathy for Greg Bluestein, Aaron Gould Sheinin and Kristina Torres, who did their best to report on the steaming pile of debacle. It’s not easy to polish poo, but they did a fairly good job. Continue reading “When “Fake News” Becomes Propaganda”

Ossoff’s Gift From A Slobbering Media

The tsunami of commercials from Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff drowning television viewers in the metro Atlanta media market is distorting some basic facts about the contest, and the general tone of the media coverage isn’t helping inform anyone either. As a former reporter, political consultant and a news consumer in Atlanta for more than 40 years, I’ve never seen any candidate receive deeper, wetter kisses from the Atlanta press corps than the ones they’re giving Jon Ossoff every day. His fiancée ought to be worried, because every news director, assignment editor and reporter in this town wants to have Ossoff’s baby. It’s not incompetence as much as a character trait –Atlanta media is so deep in the tank for Ossoff they’ve become like the goldfish who don’t know that water is wet. Continue reading “Ossoff’s Gift From A Slobbering Media”

50 Shades of Bob Gray

Congressional candidate Bob Gray is a great actor. I’ve never seen a candidate slip from one character into another with such flexibility and apparent sincerity. He’s a successful businessman who champions the working class. He’s a wealthy MBA who disdains the “elites.” He’s a city councilman who’s also not a politician. He believes all these things at the same time, and hopes voters in the 6th will too.  Continue reading “50 Shades of Bob Gray”

New Entrant For Secretary Of State

With last weekend’s announcement from Brian Kemp that he would abandon his quest to become a competent Secretary of State and instead run for Governor in 2018, speculation swirled at Republican gatherings over who would compete with State Rep. Buzz Brockway for the SOS post. One of those rumors has proven true with the announcement today of Republican State Rep. Brad Raffensberger, (R-Johns Creek).

“As an engineer, a general contractor and as the owner of a manufacturing business, I’ve worked and built projects in more than 30 states across the country. I have seen first-hand just how easy some states make it to do business, while other states make it hard,” said Raffensperger.  “As Secretary of State, I will work to ensure Georgia is a friendly place to bring new business.”

There are now two state Reps. seeking the nerdiest statewide public office in Georgia. There are sure to be others.

Full release after the jump. Continue reading “New Entrant For Secretary Of State”

GDOT Announces Suburban Tourism Program, I-85 To Be Renamed

Publisher’s note: The following was published on April 1, 2017. Not coincidentally, this date is also commonly known as “April Fool’s Day”. The following piece is pure satire/fiction. No actual GDOT employees (or, more specifically their quotes) appear in this piece. We regret that we live in a world where this disclaimer is necessary, and as is our tradition, blame others.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has announced “Suburban Tourism For U,” a new local program for commuters in the Atlanta region effective immediately. GDOT spokesperson Natalie Dale, a former Auburn Cheerleader and Georgia’s reigning Brine Queen, gave details to reporters in front of a still smoldering section of I-85.

“Why try the same old freeways to go to and form work every single day?” Dale asked a gaggle of reporters in a presentation that was either spawned from a highly scripted, heavily focus-grouped campaign kickoff, or was something she and and GDOT Chief Engineer Meg Pickle made up on the fly to calm Atlanta’s panicking commuters after realizing that there really is no substitute for a 350′ span of elevated concrete used to support 250,000 cars per day. “We know that Atlanta commuters have a lot of questions about the highways they travel on, and we’re here to tell them about STFU!”

To jumpstart the marketing effort, GDOT will rename I-85 “The William T. Sherman Commemorative Highway,” with one section memorialized as “Winecoff Bridge.” GDOT’s plan will steer commuters away from their traditional routes to offices in Midtown and Buckhead, and instead guide them through different, more varied areas of the Atlanta region.

Dale, with a brave face similar to the one she donned during the 4th quarter of the 2008 Alabama-Auburn game, suggested motorists would enjoy new parts of often overlooked Georgia on their ways to and from work every day.

“GA 400 from Cumming to Midtown is really kind of monotonous when you think about it.” Dale said. “Why not just exit at Abernathy Road for a breakfast latte at Le Madeline on Perimeter Center West, then continue on down Ashford Dunwoody Road and begin that morning exercise program you’ve been meaning to take up at the Cowart YMCA. After a vigorous workout, head on down to Brookhaven for a tour of historic Oglethorpe College before arriving to your Buckhead office caffeinated, invigorated, and educated. And, maybe only 4-7 hours later than usual.

Learning about Atlanta’s history could make education a part of every metro Atlantan’s daily commute, Dale said. “The southern portion of DeKalb County has for too long been overlooked by Georgians who want to avoid pawn shops, weave stores and State Rep. Vernon Jones,” Dale said. “But DeKalb has changed so much and there’s lots and lots to see and learn about. Lots!” Continue reading “GDOT Announces Suburban Tourism Program, I-85 To Be Renamed”

Seen In the Sixth District

There are probably only four candidates running to fill the vacated Congressional seat in Georgia’s 6th District that you’ve heard of. Allow a fifth to introduce himself:

That’s a bus wrapped for Kurt Wilson, who’s running a campaign based on term limits.

That image was sent by a longtime reader who asked “Seriously?” Wrapping an entire bus with an ad can run you north of $10,000, so Wilson’s campaign is at least that serious.

Wilson’s working hard to break out of the undistinguished pack, and become one of the four you remember instead of one of the 14 you don’t. Whether or not this particular advertising method is the right vehicle to do that, I’ll leave to the wisdom of the commenters.

Politics Never Sleeps – Open Season on Jon Ossoff

A brief note: As sad I am about the passing of Editor in Chief Jon Richards, I couldn’t add anything worth reading to the eloquent and moving tributes written by so many others. He was a good man, one who I respected and admired, and I will miss him. I am pretty certain, though, that he would not want me or any of the other contributors to let up in covering Georgia’s special grade of political shenanigans. Politics never sleeps. May God keep him close while we carry on.

It’s Open Season on Jon Ossoff, and Judson Hill has fired the latest shot, accusing him of being an “Anti-Gun Liberal™” in a mailer.

There’s also a report out of the Washington Free Beacon that Ossoff may have padded his resume a wee bit:  Continue reading “Politics Never Sleeps – Open Season on Jon Ossoff”