Author: Mike Hassinger

Stupid Federal Marijuana Law Challenged

Over in the Saporta Report, the great Maggie Lee describes a lawsuit filed by a DeKalb County family to change the federal classification of marijuana. “We have proof after proof that it shouldn’t be a Schedule I substance,” said Sebastien Cotte, a Stone Mountain dad who gives his son Jagger, 6, a liquid made from cannabis to alleviate the pain of Leigh’s

Taxation is not theft. Civil Asset Forfeiture is.

There’s a slogan popular with some Libertarians that claims “Taxation is theft.” It’s a cute saying but really only provocative hyperbole and nearly pure nonsense. When the government wants to steal something from you, it uses a process with the called Civil Asset Forfeiture. The anodyne named procedure allows governments to seize the assets of

Williams: “Casey Cagle Likes Nickelback!”

The most charitable description of State Senator Michael Williams’ “press conference” this afternoon would point out that it was thin on substance. More accurate accounts might use analogies like “goat rodeo” or “clown car pileup.” Even the currently overused “nothingburger” is appropriate. After promising to expose some “reprehensible” acts by the Lt. Governor, and urging

Seven winning lessons for Republicans for 2018

By Mike Shield and Rob Simms – Originally posted at There is an idiom in politics that “special elections are special” because a lot of the “normal” rules of campaigns do not apply to them. As the strategists on Karen Handel’s victory in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, we can attest that this phrase still

The Coming Battle for Atlanta

Now that the spectacle of the special election runoff for Georgia’s 6th District is over, prognosticators and pundits are turning their eyes to the next big thing: Atlanta’s Mayor’s race. They’ve been mostly silent during the the two-month tsunami of advertising on TV and radio -although Peter Aman has been making some smart moves, namely