Municipal Elections!

City elections happen in odd-numbered years, and because most peoples’ political awareness funnel is inverted, (with the least important things taking up the most attention) we often overlook them. But the people who sit on the City Councils, (and local school boards) have more power over your day-to-day life than any of the yahoos in Washington.

In that spirit of paying attention to the seemingly small things, I’m posting a release from Nell Wilkins, a native of Manchester, Georgia, seeking to unseat incumbent Mayor Mike Brening.

(NOTE: To get to Manchester, Georgia, you have to go to Pine Mountain, and then go back the way you came for about 35 minutes.)

If she wins, Ms. Wilkins, (who is campaigning on the theme “that none of Manchester is beautiful unless all of Manchester is beautiful,”) would be the first African American, and the first woman, elected Mayor of Manchester.

“Yes, I will be the first if I win but this win will be for all of Manchester,” Wilkins said in a release. “We must create opportunities. We deserve transparency in our government and we must revitalize our communities.  These are not black or white, male or female issues, these are Manchester issues and I will be the mayor to get it done.”

Cities are where the incremental changes happen. Feel free to post any municipal elections you’re keeping your eyes on in the comments.

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