Weekend Speculation: Tom Price’s Poll

Over at FloridaPolitics.com, Noah Pransky noticed an odd expenditure in former Congressman Tom Price’s FEC disclosures -a $19,500 payment to Public Opinion Strategies for polling.

This single fact, coupled with the absence of any evidence or comments, led Pransky to speculate that Price, who briefly headed the Department of Health and Human Services, “may be plotting a comeback.”

FEC guidelines limit what lawmakers are allowed to do with campaign funds when they aren’t actively campaigning; the polling expenditure suggests Price is conducting campaign activities on behalf of himself.”

Maybe. Or maybe not, since Price has already endorsed Karen Handel in next year’s contest for the 6th District, he’s probably not “plotting” to come back to represent that district. Could Price be eyeing a different office? Or could he have commissioned a poll on behalf of another Price, who lost her seat in the Georgia Legislature by a whisker last fall?

Feel free to offer your own speculation in the comments.


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