Author: Holly Croft

Tybee Island Doesn’t Want Ethics Complaints about Candidates During Elections

Have you noticed any shady goings-on by a candidate running for office on Tybee Island? City council members demand you keep that to yourself. According to the Savannah Morning News, Tybee’s city council has adopted a moratorium on filing ethics complaints against candidates for the council beginning 90 days before the qualifying period and extending

“Repeal and Replace” is Dead – What Does that Mean for Georgia?

Monday night at a dinner with select Senators, in his typical bombastic way, President Trump said they — presumably meaning Senate Republicans and not Republicans in general to include him — would look like “dopes,” and also “terrible” and “weak,” if they didn’t pass the Better Care Reconciliation Act. Almost simultaneously, two Senators not at the meeting,

The Return of Federal Earmarks?

Tamar Hallaman wrote an article over the weekend about how the federal earmark ban has come back to haunt us in the form of the Port of Savannah. For those who have known me a while, you know I’m straining really hard not to say the most obvious, childish thing on the planet. No, I’m