Author: Holly Croft

Midday Reads for Pink Cadillac Day

Happy Pink Cadillac Day to you all! Of course, this means some Natalie Cole is in order. Now that this particular ear worm is stuck in your head, let’s move on to the news. Pat Conroy Georgia set a new record for positive COVID tests in the state on Tuesday, thanks largely to the number

Herschel Walker is Running for Senate

I guess he’s in, folks. Long-time Texas resident Herschel Walker is banking on his fame from the 1980s to win him a Senate seat in Georgia. Will it work? It’s probably too early to tell. Walker is running as a Republican and, more specifically, as “Trump’s guy,” even though three current Georgia residents have lined

Cathy Cox Named Finalist for President of Georgia College

I’m typing this before the announcement has appeared on the USG’s page, but since they’ve emailed it out university-wide, I feel safe in announcing that Former Secretary of State Cathy Cox has been named the finalist for President of Georgia College in Milledgeville. From the release: Board of Regents Chairman Sachin Shailendra and University System

Morning Reads for National Son and Daughter Day

Good morning, and happy National Son and Daughter Day! Here are some ways to celebrate, but also call your parents. Now, on to the news! Pat Conroy This new, totally unnecessary COVID surge in Georgia has predictably overwhelmed our hospitals. (Alternate link.) Meanwhile, Georgia universities are headed back to class this fall without a vaccination