Author: Holly Croft

Morning Reads for Sesame Street Day (November 10)

Good morning! Happy Sesame Street Day! November 10th has been the day set aside to honor the educational program celebrating its 52nd birthday today. To commemorate the day, I’m sharing the best skit with the best muppet ever: Grover teaching “around,” “over,” “under,” “through,” “near,” and “far.” Yes, Grover is 100% my favorite. I’m going

Former Senator Max Cleland Has Died

To grow up as a kid of the 1980s and 1990s in Georgia was to know the name Max Cleland. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative, but always Georgia-centered, whatever the news was about him. Much of Cleland’s service came before I was out of college, but I always knew Georgia and her people mattered to him