Author: Holly Croft

Morning Reads for Groundhog Day (February 2)

Good morning! The groundhogs had diverging opinions this morning, with General Beauregard Lee not seeing his shadow and Punxsutawney Phil seeing his. Staten Island Chuck and Woodstock Willie agree with our guy. So, three to one for an early spring… so far. Sir Walter Wally, however, isn’t making a prediction until noon, and he’s apparently

Morning Reads for Sesame Street Day (November 10)

Good morning! Happy Sesame Street Day! November 10th has been the day set aside to honor the educational program celebrating its 52nd birthday today. To commemorate the day, I’m sharing the best skit with the best muppet ever: Grover teaching “around,” “over,” “under,” “through,” “near,” and “far.” Yes, Grover is 100% my favorite. I’m going