Mid-Morning Reads for Tick Tock Day (December 29)

Good morning-ish! I’m on break, so it was a bit of a surprise that today is Wednesday. I really had no idea what day it was, which is the proper way to celebrate the last week of the year. However, our observance of the day is Tick Tock Day (not to be confused with TikTok, though I did make my second ever TikTok video this morning, and yes, it features one of my cats).

Tick Tock Day hopes to be the kick in the pants for some of us that we still have two days to accomplish goals before the new year. As for me, I’m spending time with my family and the animals, happily slacking off. If you’re being industrious today, more power to you, though!

Since this is my last Morning Reads of the year, I want to wish all of you health and happiness in the upcoming year!

Now let’s get to the news, shall we?

Pat Conroy

Alice Walker

  • Legendary NFL Coach John Madden has died.
  • So, too, has former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. (Alternate link.)
  • The CDC has recommended a shorter period for both COVID quarantine and isolation.
  • A federal court has denied a lawsuit from Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt that challenged the Biden Administration’s military vaccination requirement in regards to National Guard troops. (Alternate link.)
  • A federal judge has refused to dismiss an indictment charging four leaders of the Proud Boys with conspiring to attack the U.S. Capitol last January.
  • Investigating Members of Congress regarding ethics complaints is becoming harder because the members can simply refuse to cooperate with few (if any) repercussions. (Alternate link.)
  • A Russian court has shut down another human rights group amongst a crackdown on Russian rights groups, independent media, and opposition supporters.
  • In Hong Kong, another pro-democracy news organization has been raided by the police. (Alternate link.)
  • Libya’s postponement of its December 24th election has ominous implications for the stability of the country.
  • A South African court has temporarily halted Shell Oil Company’s exploration along its eastern coastline.
  • Some Canadian provinces are electing to let COVID-positive health workers remain on the job in order to keep health facilities running amid the Omicron surge.

Flannery O’Connor

  • If you’re bummed about the Peach Drop’s cancellation, there’s always Tallapoosa’s Possum Drop!

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