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Morning Reads for Friday, January 19, 2018

Chateau Elan sold. The waiting game. A new chapter! Like chicken nuggets? Funny money go poof. Remember when people knew how to keep their mouths shut? A good sweat could be as good as exercise. Get more than books at Barnes and Noble. Situational ethics. Fans of vintage stores will have the sadz. Can a

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 16

Good morning! It’s cold. In 1946, a teenaged Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote what is thought to be his only letter to the editors of the Atlanta Constitution. At yesterday’s MLK Day service, Ebenezer Baptist Church’s Senior Pastor Rev. Raphael Warnock called on the president to “repent” his “volcanic eruption of hate speech spewing out

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 9

Oh. Well, then. Meanwhile, it’s Special Election Day! Georgians living in SD 17 and HD 111 vote today to determine who they’ll send to the General Assembly to fill the seats vacated by former Senator Rick Jeffares and former Representative Brian Strickland; Strickland is one of the candidates for SD 17. For your consideration: The

Monday Morning Reads — SESSION!

Happy Monday, everyone! Happy session! If you’re unwell (like I am) and are going to session, hit me up. News by the Numbers 40 Days – Will the upcoming legislative session be dominated with election year antics? Speaker Ralston doesn’t seem pleased with that idea. The senate, though, will be a circus. 1/10th of ice

Morning Reads for Friday, January 5, 2018

1917 – the second burning of Atlanta. We all have family stories like this. New start-ups in Atlanta. Preacher sues to preach. 2018 is off to a smashing start. Wt…? The lights are (not) on, but nobody’s home because they are all at the nuke testing pit. Not only is Alexa listening to you, she’s