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Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 19

Good morning! Shoutout to N’Chris (regular readers may recall that he is my spouse, and he’s sent me several primo links this week). But first, Smyrna news. In a state where some cities have cancelled their municipal elections because there’s only one candidate for each seat, three candidates qualified to run for Smyrna’s Ward 3

Morning Reads For Monday 18 September

In today’s “OK, I guess I’ll do them” edition: Georgia: A couple of weeks ago, notable Georgian Tal Duvall passed away. He was a pillar of Georgia’s Agriculture and Education community, with the Agriculture community also losing Tommy Irvin last week. But Duvall’s influence on Georgia politics culminated with his report which coined the term

Morning Reads – Thursday, September 14, 2017

On this date inĀ Francis Scott Key wrote the “Star-Spangled Banner,” a poem originally known as “Defense of Fort McHenry,” after witnessing the British bombardment of Fort McHenry, MD, during the War of 1812. The song became the official U.S. national anthem on March 3, 1931. Peaches “Ramblin’ Wrecktification” bill boosts Georgia STEM majors’ GPA Georgia

Morning Reads for Friday, September 8, 2017

Pay attention. Weather info will change quickly. First and foremost – all our readers stay safe! Who’s watching the credit-watchers? Extensive data breach at Equifax. Save the trees! Atlanta trailblazer laid to rest. Who wants an Amazon sub-HQ that will probably look like something out of Alien in their backyard? Another twist in the Wasserman

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 5

Good morning! It’s (more or less) two months until (Special) Election Day. Atlanta Public Schools needs to borrow $100 million against future tax revenue because of cash flow problems – and this isn’t the first time. They had to do this last year, too, and assert that each time this action has been necessary, it’s