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Morning Reads for Friday, September 21, 2018

Fascinating interview. Inside the Waffle House Storm Command Center. First they came for UGA. Now they are after balloons. Self-awareness fail. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water. Faster, please. I thought RUMOURS was a Fleetwood Mac album. The history of chowder (it will get cold sooner or later).

Morning Reads – Thusday, September 20, 2018

Good morning and Happy Thursday. We’re almost to the end of the week — and thank Heavens for that! Peaches “School safety has nothing to do with guns“ Unopposed lawmakers raking in campaign donations  Georgia’s high school graduation rate climbs  3 cities with the highest migration rates Educators endorse Abrams Jimmy Carter  Hunting on the

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 18

Good morning! Several Georgia candidates are benefiting from millions of dollars of “dark money” from outside the state. Georgia’s coastal history is threatened by rising sea levels. Some are concerned that Civil War naval artifacts in Columbus aren’t being properly stored and preserved. “Reading The New South.” Click here for excellent links. The billionaire who

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 11

Good morning. Here is one veteran’s reflection on September 11. In the 17 years since the attack, here is an overview of what’s been built at the WTC site. Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Agnes Scott, and Spelman are among the most innovative colleges and universities in the country. If you want to vote in Georgia

Morning Reads for Friday, September 7, 2018

Faster, please. Yes, it’s a real problem. Pretty colors. And interactive stuff. And The Bandit flies away in a blaze of smoke and gravel. I could use this guy’s mad skillz daily in meetings that could have been handled by emails. Poor Economy. So embarrassing. Eeeeeewwwww. Oh, that little window crack? No problemo, man. Yearning

Morning Reads — Thursday, September 6, 2018

It’s already Thursday and it still feels like Wednesday, but it’s almost Friday, so for that we can rejoice. Peaches Report: Georgia voters watch their ballots mysteriously switch Another local official resigns over racial comments Georgia Tech lands research grant on competition and business hurt by imports  Lawmakers waste time studying issue that should be

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 3

Good morning! The more you know: half-mast and half-staff are not the same thing. Two Reuters journalists in Myanmar were sentenced to 7 years in prison for, essentially, being journalists. Incalculable, catastrophic loss: Brazil’s national museum burned to ashes, and an estimated 20 million items were destroyed. Stacey Abrams visited Augusta this weekend. Mayor Bottoms