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Morning Reads – Thursday, April 26, 2018

Peaches Whistleblower sparks investigation into Georgia film tax credits  Deal partners with local law enforcement for new phone app Cityhood of Eagles Landing could hurt Georgia’s bond rating  Georgia school district to allow teachers to carry guns What Georgia’s opportunity zones could do for small business Congratulations, Georgia New York Post coverage on white supremecist

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 24

Good morning! Today’s the deadline to register to vote in the May 22 primary. Several statewide candidates, including one named Stacey, attended the NAACP candidate’s forum in Savannah this past weekend. There was horror in Toronto yesterday. The City of Atlanta engaged two former Georgia AGs for open records cases. Public servants – teachers, first responders,

Monday Morning Reads — April 23

Happy Monday, everyone! Less than one month until the May 22 primary! News by the Numbers $456,000 contributions – Barilla, one of the world’s largest pasta companies, has a long history of funding research to prove pasta (and carbs) are good for your health. A recent study that showed pasta has many health benefits and

Morning Reads for Friday, April 20, 2018

Doubt they have decent chicken and waffles. Hope you weren’t planning on a shopping trip to Newnan on Saturday. Wish my dad was alive to see this. What could go wrong? So how do you plan a spontaneous… Never mind. At least it’s not Soylent Green. When doves cry. How to get that upgrade. A

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 10

Good morning! Here’s a delightful profile of Taqueria del Sol’s chef Eddie Hernandez (including the secret ingredient in the chain’s addictive and perfect cheese dip). Meanwhile, what has the south done to arroz con pollo? MADE IT EVEN MORE AWESOME, that’s what. Fun fact: we are a big chicken & rice family. Scott Peacock’s recipe,

Monday Morning Reads – April 9

Happy Monday, everyone! Grilling season has officially begun (if the weather cooperates) News by the Numbers 12 minutes – Georgia’s eavesdropping laws could be reshaped after Georgia Subsequent Injury Trust Director *takes deep breath* Mike Coan was charged with allegedly eavesdropping for 12 minutes on an employee’s butt-dial and subsequently firing him after hearing the