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Monday Morning Reads – Feb 12

Happy Monday, everyone! Last weekend was dominated by the American media drooling over North Korea. Weird. News by the Numbers 21 cheerleaders – In 2006, North Korea sent 21 cheerleaders to prison camps after they spoke about life in South Korea. But you need to get past the AJC drooling over North Korea before you

Morning Reads for Friday, February 8, 2018

Go see these cool Atlanta spots before some developer tears them down! Enjoy the sunny Georgia weather (Warning – audio starts immediately). Evidently, Deadspin is running low on material. Winston, why are you hiding in the corner? The dishwasher told me you were there. Nothing to see here, move along. Father-daughter dance canceled for… you

Morning Reads – Thursday, February 8, 2018

  Peaches Forbers: Georgia will soon decide controversial ‘lawsuit lending’ topic ‘Black Panther’ generates $89.3 million for Georgia economy  Good news from the Peach State: A famous Georgia baby Sickest State… in more ways than one Tippins wants to exempt schools for Vogtle project construction tariff In my neck of the woods, local governments are

Morning Reads for Tuesday, February 6

Good morning! It’s one week until Mardi Gras! Applause. It’s swung from “Please clap,” to the notion that to not clap is akin to treason. Well. Today is Girl Scout Day at the Capitol. A couple of things: more than 300 Girl Scouts will be at the Capitol today, and they are serious about naming

Morning Reads – Thursday, February 1, 2018

  Peaches Carr touts “open government” Cagle talks charter schools out-performing traditional districts. Keeping track of ICE custody deaths in Georgia Police chief tosses citizen trying to file complaint against police Savannah Democrat wants museum just for African American history #SouthGeorgiaProblems Atlanta Young Republicans featured in the New Yorker “Is luring Amazon to Georgia the best

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 30

Good morning! It’s Legislative Day 12. Governor Deal announced today that his wife, Sandra Deal, will undergo treatment for breast cancer. It was, thankfully, detected in its early stages during the First Lady’s annual mammogram. (Ladies of a Certain Age: get a mammogram!) Somewhere in West Point, there’s a millionaire who either doesn’t know he’s