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Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 27

Good morning! The holidays are here – and so is early voting. 2,200 troops with the Georgia National Guard are heading to Afghanistan. While many people prefer fake trees (and also daily vacuuming, apparently) I am an unrepentant fake tree person. Whether fake or real trees are better for the environment, however, is up for

Morning Reads – Thursday, November 22, 2018

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! This is my 6th Thanksigivng doing morning reads and I couldn’t be more thankful…for more of you. Peaches Bordeaux concedes, Woodall wins by 433 Georgia Set To Remain A Battleground For Voting Rights Ahead Of 2020 Lawmakers tackle transit problems in rural Georgia Woman sues Georgia county alleging drug test falsely labeled cotton

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 20

“The eagle’s a scavenger, a thief, and a coward! A symbol of over ten centuries of European mischief! The turkey is the truly noble bird. Native American. Source of sustenance of our original settlers. An incredibly brave fellow who will not flinch at attacking a regiment of Englishmen! Singlehandedly! Therefore, the national bird of America