Author: Jessica Szilagyi

Morning Reads – Thursday, April 26, 2018

Peaches Whistleblower sparks investigation into Georgia film tax credits  Deal partners with local law enforcement for new phone app Cityhood of Eagles Landing could hurt Georgia’s bond rating  Georgia school district to allow teachers to carry guns What Georgia’s opportunity zones could do for small business Congratulations, Georgia New York Post coverage on white supremecist

Kemp Announces Diverse ‘Voting System Review’ Commission

Secretary of State Brian Kemp has announced his list of appointees for the newly created SAFE Commission on Georgia’s voting system. The acronym ‘SAFE’ stands for Secure, Accessible & Fair Elections. The Commission is charged with conducting ‘thorough discussions on all options – including the feasibility of using all hand-marked paper ballots to all electronic machines with

Morning Reads – Thursday, April 5, 2018

Note: Reads didn’t post due to a technical issue this morning. Apologies for them being late. -CBH On this date in 1792, President George Washington cast the first presidential veto. The measure was for apportioning representatives among the states. Peaches  Georgia and Confederate History month. And a lesson in history Obamacare dips in Georgia Georgia’s new version

Morning Reads – March 22, 2018

On this date in 1946, the first U.S. built rocket to leave the earth’s atmosphere reached a height of 50-miles. Georgia Make satire Facebook pages great again. Cobb County cracking the whip on student walkout participants Ex-Hawks employee claims discrimination against whites  Study: Horseracing would bring in billions for Georgia Alzheimer’s deaths on the rise in Georgia

Georgia Lawmakers Poised to Declare Porn a ‘Public Health Crisis’

Georgia lawmakers will vote on a resolution Wednesday that would declare pornography a public health crisis in the Peach State, if passed by the body. House Resolution 447, sponsored by Representatives Paulette Rakestraw, Dominic LaRiccia, Jan Jones, Scott Hilton, Jason Spencer, and Joyce Chandler, says pornography that “harms beyond the capability of the individual to address